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Obama Golfing with Sports Journalists

Updated 12:24 pm ET

President Obama today is playing golf with two longtime Washington-area sports journalists, Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. They’re at the Fort Belvoir course in Northern Virginia.

Here’s some video of these two applauding Washington Capitals fans for mocking Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas for declining to appear at a White House event because he opposes Obama. I guess POTUS had tuned in.

It’s Obama’s 20th time playing in what is shaping up to be a record year for presidential golf, and the 131st time he has played since becoming president.

47 thoughts on “Obama Golfing with Sports Journalists”

  1. A person might think one would become good at something if one tries it regularly. This does seem to be the case with the president. His golf is not improving, either.

  2. yucking it up with sports reporters. I hope he isn’t setting them up for his NBA debut… Because like being the commander in chief he sucks at that too…

  3. Just wonderin’ here;
    The Preezy has someone call you and ask if you’d like to golf with him on Saturday. After you determine it’s not a prank call from one of your co-workers, you say, “yes, of course, I’d be honored”.

    Do you buy new clubs, a new bag, new shoes for the occasion?

    You’re on the golfcourse with the Preezy and he’s a terrible golfer, one of the worst you’ve seen. Do you play your best, or do you pace your game to the Preezy’s? It would be like playing on a mine field.

    When the day’s over, how do you claim your new status to your friends and enemies; do you just brag about it, or do you have someone “leak” the information out. Boasting that you golfed with the Preezy will not make you any friends, nor will acting like it’s no big deal either.

    Like playing golf on a minefield. One wrong move and boom!

        1. I would join in what used to be good ole fun so nicely set up by you both, but Shirley, my NSA minder, just sent me an email
          inquiring about the health of my cat.

          1. Good question. We don’t get to see or hear the man he is, only the wary, self-contained President. The first-hand accounts of MrO always seem to portray him as a pompous know-it-all.
            As a young man, he seemed to be popular with his peer group and the photos show him in what appears to be friendly social events.
            But, now?…..don’t know.

            In contrast, both BillClinton and GWBush always seemed comfortable in public, and revealed a lot of who they were outside the offical persona.

    1. These two are steadfast Obot worshipers, srdem. No matter how bad Preezy golfs or how much he cheats, they’ll only have words of praise for his prowess and skills as a golfer. They’ll also be boasting about the experience on their ESPN show that we no longer watch.

      1. You know I have often wondered if the president is interesting–does he make good small talk, know any jokes (he is not funny himself, but he might know some jokes), how about quips (besides the Trayvon sally), does the group burst out laughing or do the obligatory “heh-heh boss made a funny” thing. I am curious. Is he witty or quick?

  4. Today, July 13, 2013, marks the end of the 27th week of the year 2013. Looks like OBUMMER is trying to make up for the time he lost when he was “forced” to travel to Ireland and Africa.

    It’s such a shame this jerkwater P.O.S. can’t stay out on the links 24/7!

    1. IMO, they’re not on the mainland USA. The pole to the right is holding electric wires and it looks like an old palm tree. There is a sea bird of some species sitting on the roof to the left.
      They are in a 3rd world country. IMO.

      1. I agree it looks like a 3rd world country, srdem. Another clue is metal water tower, the tin roofs, and the license plate number on one of the cars. Also interesting is the jewelry on Mooch, but no wedding ring. Preezy’s wearing a wedding ring though. Things that make you go hmmm….

      2. I’ve seen it before. What if it’s Chicago, guys, from his community organizer days? Her jacket looks too heavy for the islands.

  5. Not every Capitals fan jeered Thomas’s decision. I know quite a few that applauded it. They just had enough class not to make a scene about it.

    Part of the sour grapes may stem from the Capitals getting flat-out out-coached by the Tampa Bay Lightning, and getting swept out of the second round that year as a result. Tampa Bay ultimately lost to Boston, which went on to win the Cup in 7 games (and that set off riots in Vancouver, but that’s another story.)

    As for Mr. Thomas, he’s still on the board in free agency, if any team wants to take him. Taking a one-year sabbatical may not have been the smartest career move, however.

    As for the golf–shows you how much Sir Golfsalot REALLY cares about the Zimmerman trial, doesn’t it? If he actually DID give a rat’s ass about it, he’d be standing by in the White House, awaiting the verdict, with a statement at the ready for whichever verdict comes in.

    But nooooooooo. He’s got an important golf game to play, don’t you know.

    Hope the acquittal drops while he’s on the links, and if there must be rioting, then by God, let it start while he’s on the greens. It would be a fitting testament to what he thinks of the duties of his office.

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  7. Wonder if all of these smug, condescending, media morons like these two sportscasters, will ever realize that in the end, by sucking up to Dictator Obama and his democrat communist comerades will lead straight to the unemployment line. By the way keep in mind these jerks are playing a round of golf on we, the taxpayers dime.

    1. So true, Junius. Not only are they playing a round of golf on US, they are also causing a considerable loss of revenue to the military bases that operate these courses. The golf courses have to be cleared for Preezy Revenge for the entire day. That’s a whole lot of green fees and concession sales lost to the military’s pocketbook every time he goes golfing. No doubt that puts a smile on his face. He loves punishing America for perceived sins of our past.

      1. I think I’d be okay with this if he chose to play with the troops on the military bases. Wouldn’t that be special ?

        I really don’t think he’d be comfortable with regular people. Not even sure why he’s playing with local sportscasters ?

        1. Dictators do not play with people who may be honest, who might challenge them with uncomfortable questions, or make them feel inferior as a man and as a person who is totally bereft of honor or integrity. That’s why he will not play with any active duty Military or a Veteran. Dictator Obama will only surround himself with fawning, lickspittle communist lackeys who will endlessly plant octopi like kisses on his half white, one quarter Kenyan arab, and one quarter “African” american bum. Gotta say it, this dude is a mutt.

  8. I normally watch “PTI”…I have lost alot of respect for Kornheiser.
    But I always knew Wilbon was an uppity Obama sycophant.

  9. I wonder if he’ll vent his narcissistic spleen about the Zimmerman verdict to us tomorrow when he has time to get before the cameras.

      1. Dagnabit, Not Nabob the Knothead! Now I have that song from Vanilla Ice running through my mind!

        Curse you!!1!!111!!ELVENTY

    1. Without the journalists, there would be no sports.

      Spectator sports exist, I believe, to fill the human need for narrative. How many young children have ever said, “tell me a story”? What percentage of big-screen films are fictional narratives? And aren’t “regular” journalists simply providing a narrative of the events of the day?

      Sports provide a playful narrative that can be discussed without all the seriousness inherent in hard news. (Until athletes themselves end up in the hard news; cf. Cruz, Victor.)

    2. They do exist. Well, maybe not on ESPN or at other media outlets that are all about the celebrity angle.

      I’m talking about the men and women who follow a particular team, or sport, and who can either quote statistics off the top of their heads, or find them very easily.

      I’ve worked at papers with some mighty-fine sports reporters. They lived, breathed and reported the most basic and incontrovertible facts of all: official statistics. They delivered those numbers with panache and flair, giving their readers a view onto the field that, even if they had been there themselves, they still would have missed.

      Journalists in the field have their place, too. Well, they once did. Maybe they still do.

    1. Agree with you both. State run media and the race pimps are in a tailspin over this verdict. They and their cohort in the White House worked so hard to railroad this man into a murder conviction…

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