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Rubio Tries to Regain His Conservative Creds

Here he is saying he won’t vote for a continuing resolution to fund the government unless the measure also defunds Obamacare.

Whatever. He sounds kind of pissy rather than forceful. Since his role in the immigration debate, his star has fallen so far with conservatives that it will take a lot more than this to revive it. In a recent White House Dossier poll of it readers on their 2016 presidential preferences, Rubio received the support of a stunning 3 percent.

19 thoughts on “Rubio Tries to Regain His Conservative Creds”

  1. Poor Marco….he just doesn’t know which side of his mouth to speak from. From shooting star to falling star….tsk tsk.

  2. He obviously wasn’t really paying attention to what happens when you embrace Obama. Oh well. Hopefully Allen West decides he wants to clean this mealy-mouthed so-and-so’s clock in the primary.

  3. Good on Marco for taking a stand on defunding Obamacare. Doesn’t change the fact that he betrayed the cause and then lied about enforcing the border before granting amnesty. I won’t send him a dime or cast a vote for him in a national election.

    1. Precisement.

      The takers will just keep voting for mo’ money, mo’ money, until our country is left with no money, no money.

      Once that happens, we’re going to see cities burning all over the US and a body count with multiple commas, because those people have no idea how to survive without gubmint help.

  4. I still listen To Rubio. On this site, almost all possible opponents are being trashed, you are doing the opposition’s work for them. We can’t beat someone with no one. I am a broken record on these bash-a-thons, so just imagine my comment when this comes up, OK?

  5. I don’t care what you say now Rubio. Your actions with the Immigration bill have sealed your fate with me. Trust once lost is hard to regain. You will not be getting a vote from me ever again.

    1. At the Huffington Post they used to call them concern trolls. I just finished reading another one, David Brooks, on the NYT predicting that the Republican Party is committing political suicide by not backing the immensely unpopular Senate bill on immigration. They have our interests so at heart. NOT!

    2. TEABAGGER???? did someone put you in suspended animation back in 2009? nobody says ‘teabagger’ anymore, not even the LIVs.

  6. When are these politicians going to learn to say what they mean and STICK TO IT! Changing direction in mid stream means DISASTER for them. OH WELL…on to the next one.

  7. IF there is any justice in the world–and there may not be–Hillary will be held accountable for the Benghazi cluster-f**k, and she won’t even be running in 2016.

    don’t count your mules until they’re hatched, Mark. the next presidential election is years away, and people may be thoroughly sick of the Dems by then. after all, the sheeple are only now starting to understand how bad Obamacare is going to be; I imagine by about 2015 even Rand Paul might be sounding good!

  8. Rubio’s finished. he partly did it to himself, but he was also a victim of timing and circumstances. Romney should have picked him for VP–it was a TERRIBLE mistake to choose Ryan (who also doesn’t have any presidential chances). but sometimes the wheel of fortune just doesn’t spin for someone, and Rubio’s star has really set. (ok, how many cliches in a row was that?)

    you’ll know he’s really done when they start saying nice things about him on MSNBC. remember how much they adored Jon Huntsman?

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