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Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Starts August 10

Umm, that’s early.

The Boston Globe is reporting that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will land on Martha’s Vineyard August 10 and stay there until August 18. The girls are expected to be with them.

That’s not a lot of vacation by Obama standards. Traditional vacation time for Washingtonians is the last two weeks of August, through Labor Day. And the Obamas must certainly think they’re owed some vaca time since they had to skip the Vineyard last year because it would look bad to take a swank vacation while you’re criticizing your opponent for being down with the One Percent.

I would expect if they’re leaving the island August 18, it’s not to end their vacation, but to begin the second leg of it.

I mean, sheesh – eight days on Martha’s Vineyard? The whole thing will be over before you can say “clam chowder.”

45 Responses to Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Starts August 10

  1. No doubt all expenses coming out of the Obama’s own pockets for this opulent vacation will be paid for in cold, hard cash skimmed off the top of all the proceeds garnered from those non-stop shake down fundraisers these two grifters have held since January around the country. The rest of the vacation costs will, no doubt, be picked up by the taxpayers (natch), crony capitalists eager to curry favor, and moonbat hollyood actors, i.e. the 1% wealthiest people in the country that the Obamas pretend to loathe so much. It is amazing how these two parasites have elevated the practice of free loading to a work of art. No doubt their SNAP cards have an unlimited credit amount!

    Hope it rains buckets every day.

  2. Well, every day is a luxurious vacation for the single mom now that she has her YOLO going for her. It might only be a week on the Vineyard, but what has she been doing every day since the family globe-trotting vacay to Ireland, Berlin and Africa? Do we have a GPS monitor on AF2? No way is she staying home with the kids over summer vacation – they’re on the move. Only question is…where???

  3. What difference does it make anyway? Let them all leave tomorrow and
    stay gone till November 8 2016 so he can vote and have his peeps start
    removing all the swag and bling they’ve ‘acquired’ since being on the
    throne. He doesn’t govern except by fiat in absentia and as Sparky says
    he can govern no matter where he is as long as he’s got his Playstation.
    I’m sick of the sight of them all of them so go they will do nothing but spend the American taxpayer dry till they leave and we have no idea
    what Michelle gets up to as she is no longer functioning as FLOTUS. She’s been out of sight since the election she had no intention of pretending to give a s–t this time part of their deal. Hey have the deluded followers buy the mega million dollar place in Hawaii and start
    living large on our dime that’s what they’re going to do not much different
    than what they do already. Aloha and wiki wiki. Sorry I’ve hit my limit
    and lost my sence of humor. Although I was gone for 10 days room service TV WiFi remote control blinds. I was in the hospital.

  4. It would REALLY look bad after all the people that had to take a cut in pay because of the sequester that he unleashed on them.

  5. He and his wife didn’t take off all over the place in separate planes, as Michelle has done several times. Nor did Laura fly to Aspen on our dime.

  6. If you didn’t “see” it, then you must not have been looking for it.
    Every man sitting in the Oval Office spent untold millions of dollars, years of politickin’, and probably sold his soul for the privilege.
    We, the taxpayers, provide every comfort, every convienence for him and his family to live for four years in the WhiteHouse. In return, we expect him to stay there and look out for our country’s best interests.
    We don’t mind an occasional trip out of town, and his family is free to go wherever they please (as long as we’re not paying for it), but modern Presidents have used AF1 as their personal taxi to indulge in frivolous events.

    So, yes, we do mind that the POTUS (whoever that might be) can’t seem to be content to stay in the place he tried so hard to secure for himself.

  7. Check out DeniseVB’s post at 8:44 last night. How many times has she flown to one of Beyonce’s concerts? How many times did Laura fly around the country to catch her favorite recording stars live?

  8. What happened to the month long vacation they were planning to the vineyard? Maybe the new million dollar mansion we are renting for them is only available for eight days?

  9. The only reason for maintaining a residence in Chicago was to be elected and then reelected. The gullibility of the majority of American voters and taxpayers must be maintained.

  10. Just had a glimpse of Obama speaking in Florida to the terribly backlogged disabled veterans and I noticed something! While Obama was speaking to them he kept biting his bottom lip? My intuition tells me that he was imitating Bill Clinton who was a famous lip biter while speaking. I have seen this speech pattern before by Obama — he is such a phony that I truly believe he was copying Clinton, hoping that some of Bill’s charisma will rub off — never happen smelly Obama — you have the worst annoying speaking habits, you almost sound like a guy on drugs with the crackling and halting monotone, while trying to convey a casualness or a calmness ?which annoys me to the hilt.I can’t bear it, it almost hurts my ears.