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The Obama Morning News || July 12, 2013

Michelle Obama’s YOLO moment . . . Politico
U.S. pressing Latin America on Snowden
. . . New York Times
Reid prepares the “nuclear option”
. . . Washington Times
WH bid? Rick Perry headed to Israel
. . . Washington Times
McDonnell: From VP list to S&*% list . . . Politico
Obama nominee grilled over Benghazi . . . Fox News
Obama criticizes China on Snowden . . . The Hill
Bill Clinton forgives Bieber . . . Washington Times

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 12, 2013

  1. Politico’s YOLO article is the puffiest puff piece I’ve ever read about Michelle, so I will agree with the commenters who feel she’s wasted her time and education (she’s NOT a nutritionist or military family expert !) on non-issues well covered by other gov. depts. Her time and energies could have helped raise urban families out of blight on off assistance. Imagine if she tried to empower them rather than enable them !

    • Back in the day, the MSM tried in every way to hold up MrsO as the next JackieKennedy and failed, simply because it wasn’t JackieO she was trying to emulate, but PrincessDiana.
      Instead of the smooth, sophisticated Kennedy, she wanted to be seen as the warm, hugging, and caring for others persona instead of the strident angry Black woman role she played in the 2008 campaign.

      The PR campaign almost worked until she couldn’t help herself and revealed the woman who loved high-end fashion and ritzy vacations. Her outburst at the heckler who interrupted her speech at a fund-raiser also revealed that the real Michelle isn’t buried yet.

  2. A newspiece with the headline “BillClinton Forgives Bieber” in the WashingtonTimes is really a sad commentary on the state of political reporting.

    The more interesting opinion piece published at Politico was NAACP’s BenJealous’ take on why the “racial wealth gap” is growing and what he thinks should be done about it. He thinks if banks would stop their predatory lending practices and corporations would be more diverse in their hiring then Blacks wouldn’t be at the bottom of the pile.
    MrJealous obviously doesn’t see the avalanche heading toward the Black community that will hit them when 20million illegals are granted amnesty and citizenship.

    • We do seem to be bumping along the bottom, don’t we, RP? That stupid Zimmerman thing on and on, Justin Bieber peeing in a mop bucket and Bill Clinton calling him, Honey Boo-Boo’s scratch and sniff special. Anyone watching BELOW DECK, the show on working on a luxury yacht–youngsters with no work ethic? Tweets as news items…eek, the world is going to heck in a handbasket and as Dennis Miller once equipped–China makes the handbasket.