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Obama Raised About $800K From Fat Cats Thursday

President Obama Thursday evening was at Washington’s Jefferson Hotel chairing a cozy gathering of about two dozen really rich Democrats who paid $32,400 apiece for this special moment.

Proceeds go to the Democratic National Committee and thus the Campaign to Make Congress Democratic in 2014 and Allow Obama to Rule by Fiat. At least, more by fiat than he is already ruling by fiat.

Obama raising nearly $1 million in an evening from just a few people is okay, of course, because it’s for Democrats and therefore will help save the planet and so forth.


Because this is the openness administration, you know.

The White House policy is that if Obama doesn’t make remarks, the press doesn’t get in. Which seems kind of arbitrary – why can’t we see who is exerting this influence? – but there you go.

And I suppose it all depends on the meaning of the word “remarks.” Is Obama going to say nothing to the group? Not even, “Thanks for your money, Michelle and I cherish every damn dollar of it”? Or maybe he will just let them read the teleprompter and sit quietly by himself poking away at his crabmeat cocktail.

18 Responses to Obama Raised About $800K From Fat Cats Thursday

  1. $800,000 and he’s attending. That’s chump change to the Campaigner in Chief.
    There is getting to be a lot of rotten bananas in this Republic for sure.

  2. Just wondering what these RichieRiches get in return for their generous donation to the Dems. Are they expecting a bump-up in the food stamp program, a chance to pay higher taxes, or is it just an expectation of being in the front of the line when the gravy boat of taxpayer’s money starts pouring out.

    • Man if had 32 grand I wouldn’t throw at his most Arrogance. But then I would be a racist. But my creditors sure would be thrilled.

    • I’m thinking the “RichieRiches” probably get first dibs on government contracts or funding for their phony non-profits in return for their donations, srdem. No doubt the more generous the donation, the higher up the list they go.

  3. Will he be able to be “poking away at his crabmeat cocktail” if his food tasters are not there? Oops – my mistake. This is a DNC function, not a Republican senator serving Maine lobster and blueberry pie with ice cream. No food taster needed.

  4. I don’t get the attraction–they are rich, they hobnob with movie stars and captains of industry, when he walks in, what do they say–gosh he looks like he does on TV? I didn’t know he was that tall? What? Can meeting a president–a do-nothing one–be that big a thrill? Or does he say, sotto voce, thanks for the dough, that regulation is yours? I don’t get it.

  5. How much could $32,000 buy for one of the poor folks the Democrats claim they and only they care about? Or how about each of them donating $32,000 to help reduce the deficit? Or pool their $32,000 and start a company to provide jobs for people? I know, all are ridiculous questions.