As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 11, 2013

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7 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 11, 2013

  1. Listening to the closing argument from the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial:
    The prosecutor sounds like an hysterical crazy man; shouting and screeching.
    The women on the jury are probably feeling like they’re about to be attacked by this horrible man yelling at them.
    What are they thinking, that women will behave and do the right thing if they’re intimidated?

    • The only thing left to do for this country is pray. The courts no longer are concerned with justice or the rule of law.

      Apparently through the miracle of Obamacare Lady Justice is no longer blind or impartial — she can see in color and listens to MSM 24/7.

    • Why send a gay Ambassador to a country that doesn’t approve of the gay lifestyle, or send a woman Ambassador to a Islamic country that places women behind the rights of goats? Because this Administration doesn’t care what other countries find permissible if it doesn’t mesh with their liberal progressive agenda.

      OT: I am fortunate to have some Samoan-Americans as part of my family and their approach to the LBGT’s is so sensible.
      The refer to the gays as “fa’afafine”, a third gender.
      No hiding in the closet, no special laws needed to prosper, just a third gender. The only requirement is that a butch lesbian must dress and act like a man, and a queen gay guy must dress and act like a woman.

  2. Mr. Arrogance who rules this country without regard for the rule of law or the constitution cannot be bothered with the cultural sensitivities of lesser men in lesser countries.

    That said, your Samoan-American might have something there. Perhaps if Mr. Brewster were to present his credentials in heels and some feminine finery all will be well.

  3. Heard on CNN by one of the commentators?(spell) “We can’t live in a country where if a 17 year old goes to a store, he gets killed”. This comment keeps running around in my head and my heart for Travon Martin. I keep thinking about this and admiring the commentator for saying this. There have been times that I have felt angry about certain groups of people for the things that they do and have done, like murder, robbery, shootings, etc., but ever since I heard about Trayvon being gunned down by a nut and a creep, I hope that I will be more tolerant now. Trayvon was just 17, a baby, no matter what the defense attorneys have pontificated about him to win their case. No matter what I am sure he was innocent the night he was profiled and murdered by that screwball Zimmerman. He should be locked up for a good long time. Cowards should not have guns, only brave and intelligent people should carry guns. Trayvon deserved a chance at life just like all of us.