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Hillary, At a Certain Point, You’ve Made Enough Money

An article that appeared on the Washington Post website today got me wondering,


I mean, really, Bill has been jetting around the world for years culling millions of dollars addressing the National Association of Undertakers or whatever. Everyone wants to be a Friend of Bill and they’ll pay top dollar for the honor.

Well, now we find out that Hillary is greedily grabbing at the green from the same places as Bill. But, lacking Bill’s charm and, alas, not having yet achieved the presidency, she can’t charge them quite as much. Only like $200,000 plus a pop. Bill can pull down like half a mil and may have made in the range of $90 million since leaving office. And believe me, no divorce court judge ain’t gonna give her half after all he’s been up to.

Which makes one wonder if Hillary missed the sage advice of financial guru Barack Obama.

No, now stop that, I don’t begrudge anybody their money. I don’t agree with Obama at all. This was just one more example of Obama’s Socialist mojo peering our from behind the facade.

I think everyone ought to make as much of it as they possibly can. That’s the point of freedom, of dreams, of capitalism. This country wasn’t built by people who thought, “Hey, I’d like to make just enough money.” On the other hand, many of them also gave plenty of it back to charity. That’s also the American Way.

The problem with Hillary, see, is that she’s taking significant sums of money from groups that WANT SOMETHING FROM HER should she become president. Groups like private equity managers, travel agents, real-estate brokers, clinical pathologists and car dealers.

Normally politicians wait until they’re retired to cash in, and for good reason – they don’t want people reminding them while they’re in office about who paid for the swimming pool and the tennis court. It’s unseemly for politicians to be taking massive sums of money from people who might affect their conduct in office.

But then again, it’s about as hard to separate “unseemly” from the Clintons as it is to get you-know-what off your shoe, isn’t it?

25 thoughts on “Hillary, At a Certain Point, You’ve Made Enough Money”

  1. Taking money from people who WANT SOMETHING FROM YOU…

    Would that be like Teamsters, SEIU, Hollywood, activists, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, ACORN, George Soros, maybe Google, who helped build your campaign and now has an app to detect “dangerous guns” in the neighborhood?

    Let’s see. Google reports 40 million suspected unsafe guns. Time for an Executive Order rounding up all the guns. “If it can save the life of just one child, it will surely be worth it.”

    If only “common sense” were really common.

    1. We certainly see that “gimmick” from Obama’s perpetual campaigning, why shouldn’t it work for Hillary ? Or Bill? Or Spitzer? Or Weiner? Who knows, the charming John Edwards might even be back on deck now ?

      I denounce myself for ever having claimed to be a Democrat.

          1. “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

            Winston Churchill

          2. I voted Dem all my life until I could not for the life of me find out who Obama was, how he got the nomination, what this was all about. Now, I will probably not vote Dem again in this lifetime.

    2. Taking money from people who want something from you is simply the reality of politics today. Bribery is the name of the game played by all politicians and is how the entire federal government operates.

  2. Somehow the old response:”We’ve already established what you are. Now we are just haggling about your price” seems apropos.

  3. If MrsClinton decides to run for the Presidency in 2016, she’ll be 69 years old, and it’s going to take a lot of money to transform an old lady wearing polyester pants suits into someone that young people won’t think of as Grandma. Youngsters might love Grandma, but they don’t want to party with her.

    The first Repub candidate that rushes to MrsClinton to “help” her across the stage to the podium will be the one to end her quest for the WhiteHouse.

    1. If Hill tries to launch a campaign in ’16, she’s a fool.
      She needs closet the size of a house just to hold the skeletons.

  4. My problem with Hillary is that, because of her actions or inaction, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were murdered by radical islamists. Worse than that, she lied about the nature of their deaths to the grieving family members. No matter how much money she shakes the crony capitalists down for, she will always have the blood of those four men on her hands.

    1. maybe for Hillary, somewhat…but it’s also about money. remember, Bill grew up poor.

      and let’s face it, it’s also about love. Bill Clinton looooooved the crowds in a way that Obama doesn’t. he was just one of those people who connects. he could (and would) talk forever; Obama can’t wait to get out of there. (probably to go have a cigarette away from Michelle.)

    2. As far as I’m concerned, the same thing. This is a republic, not a banana republic. We don’t need any stinkin’ dynasties.

  5. “It’s about as hard to separate “unseemly” from the Clintons as it is to get you-know-what off your shoe, isn’t it?”

    I just started a blog recently, and it is lines like this one that put whitehousedossier first on my blogroll.

  6. The New York Times just did a puff piece about this subject of Hillary on the rich speech circuit. Not one mention of Benghazi. Amazing. Amazing how quick people forget that she was responsible for this catastrophe.

  7. “Unseemly”? Isn’t unseemly an outdated word such as criminal, adulterous, abusive, exploitative, wicked or evil which are also outdated words when referring to a liberal or Progressive?

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