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GOP Should Pay for Obama Immigration Tour

President Obama is threatening to barnstorm the country on behalf of the Senate-passed immigration bill, because the legislation is going nowhere in the House.

That’s a good idea.

For Republicans. They should pay for his trip.

Polls show support for the Senate bill is already declining – from 60 percent who backed it in June to 50 percent who support it now, according to Rasmussen.

Obama busOne thing that could convince fewer Americans to embrace the legislation – other than reading it, since support drops to 39 percent when people find out the legislation would only cut illegal immigration in half – would be if Obama ends his immigration vanishing act and takes his show on the road.

In 2010, when one such carnival went from town to town, it was panned by audiences everywhere and the chief showman failed to sell a single vial of snake oil.

That, you may remember, was the Grand Obamacare Tour of 2010, when the president nearly lost his quest for health reform by getting personally and vocally behind it.

And then here was the campaign in 2011 on behalf of something called The American Jobs Act, which never found its way out of the Senate.

So if Republicans want to make sure immigration reform is dead and buried, they should roll those presidential black buses out of the garage, fill ’em with diesel, and offer to drive him around, because at 47 percent approval in the latest Gallup survey – and 47 percent disapproval – Obama is the worst thing that can happen to the bill.

24 Responses to GOP Should Pay for Obama Immigration Tour

  1. Keith,
    Great suggestion! The GOP has missed several opportunities to block the DC insanity, so, hopefully, somebody will give them a CLUE! jb

  2. The whole foundation of a representative government is lost on those in power when they find themselves having to “sell” their latest program, law, or action.
    Every poll taken by every pollster shows the American public does not, did not want anything like Obamacare to ever be enacted. That didn’t matter or be of any concern to those who enacted the law and now they find themselves in a sticky mess trying to explain why the program isn’t working.

    Every argument anyone who is pro-immigration reform puts forth doesn’t convice Americans that illegal aliens who broke the law sneaking across our national border should be rewarded with even a distant path to citizenship.
    The pro-reformers make the case that the border will be more secure than today. Our borders aren’t secure at all. Not in any sense does a fence, or thousands of border agents make our borders impenterable from those who would risk death to live in the US.
    Our streets are paved with gold; their children will never be hungry again, the sick will be tended by competent doctors, education is free to all, running water and electricity to run modern appliances or TVs are at their disposal, and Americans don’t kill their police and each other for the sake of selling their drugs.

    We will never stop the illegal breaching of our border until we deny the offenders the right to what Americans take for granted.

  3. Just because Reagan did it doesn’t make it right.

    As far as raising taxes, doesn’t the California Assembly control the purse strings?

    • We basically have amnesty now. People just live–whether they are “in the shadows,” I don’t know. Out here they drive, come to your house, ask for work, etc. I think we may just end up being one land mass–with people on it–when the whole less blows up or goes broke, we all will.

      • There’s a revealing book called, “The World of Mexican Migrants: The Rock and the Hard Place,” by Judith Adler, who boasts in the foreward that she helped some illegals get better illegal jobs.

        It’s supposed to be a valentine to Mexican illegals, but has some revealing information, among which are that illegals are not worried about being arrested and deported, many female Mexicans are here because here they can have more independence from their mother-in-law’s household, many legal immigrants are happy to hire illegals, and so forth. I recommend this book to anyone who is curious about the real world of illegals. Buy it secondhand — why give money to an author that assists illegals to steal better jobs?

  4. Here’s a reality check for you, Mark. Ronald Reagan was not a perfect man; none of us are. He made his share of mistakes, but he was man enough to admit it when he did.

    One of Reagan’s greatest regrets was signing the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Why? Because Congress lied about securing the borders before amnesty. Congress also failed to fund many of the border control measures in the law. Sound familiar? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • My ancestors, and most likely yours as well, immigrated to America legally. They didn’t sneak across the border, overstay their visa, or abuse the generosity of the American people.

      Speaking of hypocrisy. Kind of funny how OFA and the GOP are simpatico with each other on amnesty for illegal aliens isn’t it? Who in the world will Preezy Revenge demonize on his amnesty road trip when the GOP is on his side?

    • I do not know how Reagan felt about this, but there were estimated to be 1 million illegals in the shadows, and THREE million appeared to claim citizenship.

      Dems and Repubs are tossing about the eleven million figure — what will we do when the eleven millionth and first steps up for the amnesty card? Arrest him and deport him? Or just keep handing out cards as long as illegals come from those shadows?

  5. Surely you can’t blame Reagan for this situation in the ’80s.
    Congress didn’t follow through then, and they probably won’t this time either. All Congress does is talk, talk, talk. How do I know these things? Because I am an ancient one. Voice of experience.

  6. So if Republicans want to make sure immigration reform is dead and buried, they should roll those– Canadian Made– presidential black buses out of the garage…

    There, fixed it for Ya.

  7. I read earlier today that the bill passed in the senate is unconstitutional because it includes revenue increases and only the house can raise revenue and Harry Reid has even admitted the bill was unconstitutional. So what the heck is barry running around the country supporting an unconstitutional bill for? One that was a complete waste of everybody’s time? Oh, that’s right – we’re talking about barry. Never mind.

      • Uncle Ben just gave the stock market another fix by promising not take away their $85 billion per month in funny money. Really saddens me to see how far removed from our founding principles we are when one unelected bureaucrat has that much power and control over America’s economy.

  8. If we must have 20+ million instant new legal residents, why don’t we choose them from among the people who have applied properly to live in the U.S.

    Why is it that because illegals have avoided the law for years they have somehow become legal residents whose presence in this nation is something that only nasty mean (racist) people find unacceptable?

    If I were latino, I’d be ashamed that so many of “my people” have broken the border and residency laws that illegal immigration is consider to be our very own issue.