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Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 11, 2013

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:15 am || Meets with Sens. McCain and Schumer on immigration reform
12:10 pm || Meets with the 1963 Loyola University of Chicago Ramblers championship basketball team
3:45 pm || Meets with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and State Councilor Yang Jiechi on the margins of the U.S. – China Strategic and Economic Dialogue
5:30 pm || Attends a DNC fundraiser

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

45 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 11, 2013”

  1. Routine business. Move the fund raiser to the top of the list. Would you expect god to walk around DC without a pocket full of cash?

  2. Obama, McCain and Schumer get together to see how quickly they can give amnesty to every illegal in America or coming across the open borders. This will work out as well as Obamacare.

    John McCain is giving Barack Obama a run for his money in the self aggrandizement category.

    1. What, no Lindsey Graham? I guess the Gang of 8 immigration bill hasn’t played out too well with the base. McCain doesn’t have to worry about reelection but Graham does. I wish Trey Gowdy would primary challenge him. Looks like Rubio is trying to tippy-toe away from it now too.

    1. Thanks for the link.
      There seems to be a general consenus that MrZimmerman will be found “not guilty”, but the jury hasn’t spoken yet. If we’ve learned anything about high-profile trials, it’s that nothing should be taken for granted.
      re: the DOJ’s involvement in the riots/marches/ general protests;
      nothing surprising there.

      1. Attorney West just questioned the court’s journey into the Twilight Zone. Buried in court instructions sent to the defense at 7:30 this morning is a lesser charge of 3rd degree murder based on child abuse, with some two dozen cited cases that the prosecution has apparently been sandbagging until the last minute. The defense has no time or staff to research and prepare a defense, and West is losing his restraint over this ambush. How desperate is the state to get a conviction?

        1. Just heard that they will not consider the third degree charge. I think this judge is the bitch of all time. After the Casey Anthony fiasco, anything can be expected out of the Florida swamps.

          1. Listened to the bald prosecutor at lunchtime–sort of a screechy voice. Irritating. Of course, Trayvon was just an innocent consumer of Skittles ambling through a neighborhood and heading to watch basketball and Zimmerman was out for blood because of past burglaries in his area. He kept saying, Zimmerman decided he was a criminal so he followed him…if I thought someone in the rainy gloom, taller, was a criminal, I would probably not follow. Ah! But Zimmerman had a gun so that was the difference. Almost any slant can be put on this…I am glad I am not on the jury.

  3. 50 years ago while these men were having the time of their lives in college shooting hoops and even winning a championship, my family and friends who couldn’t afford to go to college were overseas fighting a war that ended badly for them and for the US.

    It’s difficult for my generation to see the men who were exempt from the military draft because they were in college being honored for having fun playing a game.

        1. oops. and oops again, didn’t see your spot on Susan. :)

          I can’t even think about Obama and the military in the same thought so repulsed and saddened am I. The cancellation of fireworks on military bases, including Ft. Bragg I think, was over the top small, petty and in your face. And this is just one small example of the many cheap shots this Administration takes at our fine military men and women who volunteer to defend this country with their lives. They do not deserve this.

          1. Saw a great segment on Greta VS with Sen. Rand Paul tonight, enumerating all the blown money by the DoD and State on their boondoggles which could have gone to the nation’s wounded warriors.

          2. Highest numbers deaths and casualties in Afghanistan under His Arrogance rule.

            Speaking of rule, I saw a snippet of Cantor (not my fav’) commenting on Obama “delaying” employer mandate part of Obama. Questioning whether it was legal. Ended by saying something to the effect that Obama not a President. He is a Ruler. We have a Ruler.

            Glad someone, even if it was Cantor, said it aloud. Hope to see more of it.

  4. Just saw an ad for the movie Red2 — interspersed with clips of Obama speaking? WTF? No way would I even consider watching that.

    Question. Doesn’t WH have to sign off on using clips of His Arrogance spouting off to promote a movie? And, if so, guess it was done with His Arrogance’s approval.

    1. Doesn’t WH have to sign off on using clips of His Arrogance spouting off to promote a movie? And, if so, guess it was done with His Arrogance’s approval.


      Why should this be necessary? His speeches are not copyrighted, and are part of the public record.

      1. Also–I thought it was against the WH–he was saying how professional the security services (we wouldn’t use your emails against you) and the clips were of the fictional CIA being being crazy and unprofessional. Maybe it’s me, but I loved it.

        1. Star, you and other people I know, have said the same thing. Guess I knee jerked saw it differently. But heck, I am all for your interpretation that it pokes at His Arrogance and, therefore, respectfully withdraw my suspicion of needing WH consent.

  5. Just a late-night rant about everything;

    After watching news videos of women shouting obscenities because the State of Texas will only allow them 5 months from conception to decide if they want to kill their own children, it seems that the pro-abortion crowd has slipped into dementia.

    How did the Democrat political party and it’s supporters in the MSM become godless haters of children, Christians, and Jews? If there was an incident or a series of events that caused millions of people to become so depraved, it isn’t apparent or even remembered.

    The government has now become the decider of what a certain private business owes to it’s employees without any consideration of the company’s stockholders or owner’s rights to determine what it can afford to stay profitable.

    Government employees lie under oath with impunity and suffer no consequence, our President decides not to enforce a law that he calls his “legacy” and the national press shrugs. Congress does nothing.

    1. There is a very simple response to the 20+ weeks abortion debate.

      Simply show them a picture of a baby at that gestation. It is SO OBVIOUSLY a fully formed baby.

      Let them say it’s ok to kill that. They are monsters.

      1. There is an out with a hand holding a fetus that age–a little “baby.” It twas deemed too “controversial.” I have seen it in the WSJ, I think it was.

    2. Increasingly elected officials who take an oath to uphold the constitution discard the law as they see fit. From an AOS piece this morning —

      The parade of lawlessness continues across the country.

      Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane will not defend the state in a federal lawsuit filed this week challenging the constitutionality of the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, lawyers involved in the case said.

    1. McCain has yet to come to grips with his loss. In his mind’s eye, he is the President. So technically, I guess, he might say the “other side” has joined him.

    2. McCain has been holding hands with leftist for decades. Before Schumer he was holding hands with Teddy Kennedy. Betcha Goober Grahamnesty is spittin’ mad he didn’t get an invite.

      1. Yes, exactly. And we see what happened. Promises were made, and were not followed. So instead of using it as a “THEY DID IT TOO” idiotic line, we LEARN from our mistakes. Admit them. Embrace them as ours. Reagan thought it would solve the problem, but the provisions were never enforced.

        Why don’t you learn something before you comment?

  6. That you would cheer on a woman who has repeatedly lied to the American public, and was in a leadership position during four years of HORRIBLE foreign policy …

    Speaks volumes.

      1. Leave Hal alone. He has to check the mail for his welfare check and cash in his food stamps. Obviously does not have a job or a life.

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