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Obama on Pace for Record Golf Year!

The economy still barely growing, the world is in chaos, and the sequester is hampering government functioning, but one thing is rolling along more smoothly than ever: President Obama is on track this year to play a record number of rounds of golf.

Safely reelected, Obama is golfing like never before. He’s played in Hawaii with his buddies and in Florida with Tiger Woods. He roars out of the White House every weekend with a motorcade in tow to play at either Andrews Air Force Base or Fort Belvoir. Apologies, of course, to any service members who were planning a round.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 9.06.18 AMThere’s no money for Secret Service agents to staff the White House tours, but there’s plenty to send them out to the links with Obama, week after week. As of the six-month point of the year on June 30, Obama had shot 18 rounds of golf, putting him on pace to play 36 times this year, which would be a new annual record.

The president’s standing mark is 34 outings, which he achieved in 2011. This was followed by a dismal 19 rounds last year, when Obama was consumed with something even more important than governing – getting reelected. Not only was time short for playing, but the campaign theme of a president who champions the struggling middle clase probably didn’t mesh well with the optics of a president constantly on the golf course.

Obama played 28 rounds in 2009 and 30 in 2010.

And the president this year shows no sign of letting up. After playing nine weeks in a row, Obama was forced to break his streak the last weekend in June when his trip to Africa edged inconveniently into the weekend. But Friday, he was right back at it, hitting the links with a couple of friends who had flown into Washington to spend the Fourth of July holiday with their buddy the president.

July is high golf season for Obama, and he’s unlikely to miss a weekend. But August is coming, and then things will pick up even further. The, the customary Obama Martha’s Vineyard Golf Extravaganza will get underway, featuring presidential tee times about every other day of a vacation that could stretch for two weeks.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked Monday if Obama had spoken with any of Egypt’s leaders since the coup.

“I don’t have any calls or communications that involve the President to read out to you,” he said.

40 thoughts on “Obama on Pace for Record Golf Year!”

  1. Is golf really the attraction that entices the Prez to motor out to military bases every chance he gets, or is it the opportunity to escape the WhiteHouse itself, the constant pressure to “do something”, or a chance to be outdoors with the knowlege that no one is monitoring his every move with a camera?

    MrsObama’s poorly received opinion that life in the WhiteHouse is “prison-like” has a lot of truth; the Obamas are told where they can and can’t go, they’re never without a guard, and common every-day things like an unplanned trip to a restaurant or street fair are off-limits to them. She knows that all the prison-like restrictions are for the protection and safety of their family, but it’s still confining.
    MrO’s excursions to a safe environment such as a military base to walk freely about has to be partly outdoor excercise and partly the freedom he misses from his non-Presidential days.

    1. Obama’s non-Presidential days should have given us a clue about what kind of President he would be.

      I do believe Eisenhower is the all time golfing President, 2x a week or more for 8 years ? But, he was a workaholic spending long hours in the WH, his wife and staff figured it was the only way he’d get some relaxing in. Ike was passionate about golf long before he was elected. Obama, not so much.

      1. And don’t forget that Ike left us the Interstate system, so you can’t exactly call him a slacker.

        What’s Sir Golfsalot going to leave us? $6 gas? $20 trillion in new debt? A health care system that’s going to take decades, if not generations, to fix? A several-decade setback in race relations? A once-proud economy in ruins? A culture so polluted it practically begs for Divine retribution?

        There are days when I tremble to think what manner of Divine correction must soon befall this Nation. I truly fear that we are living in the sunset of the United States of America.

        1. he’s leaving more people able to get health care, if the Republican Party would quit trying to stop it.

          he’s leaving wars ended in Iraq and Afghanistan (not soon enough in either case, to my mind), started by but not paid for by the last administration.

          he’s leaving financial reform that was significantly watered down by the loyal opposition.

          he’s leaving greater attention to slowing the rate of global warming, which is, of course, in no way related to the changes in weather and related disasters (drought, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes). And which the loyal opposition consistently denies affects anything.

          he’s leaving an economy that is doing better than it would have under his opponent in the last election, and that even his predecessor finally realized needed help (the only President with an MBA) with bailouts of the auto companies. It would be doing better except that the loyal opposition has consistently tried to thwart his efforts to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment. And to ask those of us better off to increase their contribution to reducing the national debt.

          He propped up Wall Street, which has been biting the hand that fed it for the last 3 years. That is not necessarily an accomplishment, except that, if he hadn’t, we’d not have had a recession, we would have had another depression, and I’m sure we would all have been much better off. Right?

          and he’s extended civil rights to gays and lesbians (LGBTs), who have always been around, but in the shadows. you know some, I’m sure. And they are just as nice as anyone else.

          So what have YOU done, big guy? Keep trembling.

          1. Really?

            Watch this little video, and then you’d better start trembling yourself, bub.

            Because historically, it’s the useful idiots like you that they tend to shoot first when it all goes down. Good night.

          2. It’s always interesting to hear from the bozos. He managed the government takeover of the largest single segment of the American business economy. The problem with which wasn’t and isn’t who pays, which will now be the taxpayer, the problem is the ridiculously high price of care and supplies, I recently purchased a fiberglass cup for a prosthetic leg, $20.00 worth of fiberglass and possibly $100 worth of labor (if the labor is ridiculously high priced, government favored, union labor), This simple little leg cup cost me $7000.00. The oBumaholy didn’t make one speck of difference in making health care available, he just took over the health care business making sure the ridiculously high prices will be paid, by the taxpayer. He has indeed paid a great deal of attention to global warming. Kind of like paying attention to the coming ice age back in the 70’s. Before neigh, forcing the better off, and everyone else who produces an income, to share the cost of paying the national debt, He increased that national debt by more than did the entire span of administrations from Washington through Reagan. He is indeed the most effective pRESIDENT in history, unfortunately his goal is the destruction of independence and completely snuffing out what used to be the American principle of freedom/independence.

            I will grant you, he is a clown, a magnificently tragic clown.

    2. Lady Obama’s prison comments were made in Africa, and I wonder if that wasn’t somehow meant to draw a comparison between Obama and Nelson Mandela’s very long time in captivity. It may seem farfetched, but politicians do use the most subliminal and devious means of suggestion on the witless public.

      1. Well, not that this is analagous–I am just a humble citizen–but I never get to go anywhere, we can’t afford a car, AZ is too hot to waltz around in on foot for very long, I don’t play golf anyway…so I am a prisoner. All I have to do all day besides my comical afforts to get good-paying assignments and cope with Google as they screw up the blogging environment is observe the minutiae of our present bad govt. So maybe the admin should send over one of their chefs to shut me up. Oh–and my newspaper sub almost doubled so now I get the paper only Sat and Sun. It was a pro-admin rag anyhow, and mostly AP or WaPo.

        1. uh, so where do you think the Secret Service would let him golf? somewhere they couldn’t control access?

          Should the prez, whomever he/she is, give up golf during the presidency because 1. course security could not be maintained or 2. service members couldn’t play in front or behind him? it ain’t like the whole course is closed when he plays, is it?

          And exactly who is playing on these golf courses? Is it all service members, or are military golf courses open to civilian play (and even civilian members: contractor civilians. DoD civilians, and civilian civilians).

          give him a break, guys/gals. he ain’t doing anything any other president who golfs has done. And I wonder how his numbers (of rounds) compare with other presidential golfers?


          1. He can golf anywhere he wants to, and has, esp when he travels. Congressional Golf Club just outside of DC is one course that the SS is well acquainted with and have stood up for a visit on short notice.

            As far as Andrews and Ft Belvoir, yes, they are preferred locations for him to play as the entire course can be (and is) locked down, or for that mater the entire base (Andrews get locked down whenever he sets foot on the base even to fly in or out, sometimes the lockdown lasting for hours) However he always picks times and days when it’s a weekend that most off duty active duty personnel, retirees and DOD civilian workers, including their FAMILIES & guests can use the courses. These courses are morale facilities.

            BO can not snap his fingers and say lets go golfing and play at any private course on short notice. But as CinC he can scoot over to any military facility at a moments notice and disrupt 6 hours of payed playing time for others so he can putt around with just 3 other players. These bumped players get a “rain check” (big whoop).

            And a final note – President Eisenhower has the most golf outings of any previous serving president since 1945. BO is # 2 on the list.

  2. The boy King rewards himself with ample golfing and vacations, despite the fact that his presidency has been a huge fail. If he had a modicum of humility, he’d realize that and tone it back.

    But he ran as a “power to the people” kind of socialist/proggie, but has heaped every presidential benefit on himself at his disposal.

    1. I agree completely.

      he needs to forgo any pleasures in life and stay in the White House 24 hours a day to work on the issues of the day, because surely they cannot be resolved unless he is in the Oval Office tending to them.

      I would only ask that this work ethic be extended to all the other elected officials in Congress, as well as to the Supreme Court.

      and woe to anyone who compares his vacations to 43, because as anyone knows, W only took working vacations, doing the business of the people even as he was clearing brush (or whatever) on his ranch.

      1. take a look sometime at the number of official functions and visitors from all over the world who visited GW at the ranch. He conducted business daily, and the ranch was a secured facility with staffed SS personnel. Easier to maintain the families security at a fixed location that never had to change for 8 years, and then into his retirement, unlike BO who never stays at the same place twice when they have vacationed in the past 5 years.

        President Regan also had the same setup as GW at the Western WH in Cali. So did Bush Senior in ME. The Clintons did the same as BO and family. Can you tell us which was more cost effective and easier to maintain?.

  3. Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked Monday if Obama had spoken with any of Egypt’s leaders since the coup.

    “I don’t have any calls or communications that involve the President to read out to you,” he said.

    That doesn’t mean that FCMABBHO didn’t talk with anyone.

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  5. HEY!

    …I wonder why?

  6. Everyone deserves a break but great leaders put their people’s welfare before their own. It seems like the human mind can justify almost anything. It’s as if all the problems in the nation and the world can be solved with a hole-in-one.

    1. it seems that great leaders are the guys we like, who can do no wrong, and if we don’t like them, they can do no right.

      So Woodrow Wilson played 1200 rounds while President, and Eisenhower played 800, according to Good Morning America.

      Obama is at 100 during his 5th year. what’s the problem? And why would it matter what he does to relax and get exercise?

  7. What’s the most dangerous place in the DC area?

    It’s not the Anacostia Metro station, considered by locals to be the most dangerous stop in the entire Metro.

    It’s not the area around St. Elizabeth’s, despite the 8 recent shootings there.

    It’s not the business end of an Alexander Ovechkin slap shot.

    It’s not even the batter’s box at Nationals Park, even when Strasburg has the ball. He leads the Nats with 9 plunks, and did I mention his fastball can get over 100 MPH? Ouch!

    The most dangerous place in Washington isn’t even the area between football fans’ wallets and Dan Snyder’s pockets.

    No…the most dangerous place in all of Washington, is anywhere between Obama’s motorcade, and a golf course.

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  10. Why shouldn’t he celebrate? He’d been the most effective president in American history. Unfortunately what he’s winning is the war do demolish independence and the American sense of freedom/responsibility. He’s done it. Why not go golfing? Why not go on vacation? Spending more money to contribute to the cause of uncontrollable US debt.

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  15. This person does not even try’s to hide that he is only a front man for George Soros. It can’t be more obvious that BathHouse is oblivious to the United States needs in addition to the world. The dimocraps are so proud of what they have put in the White House!

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  17. He leido Obama on Pace for Record Golf Year! | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier con mucho interes y me ha parecido didactico ademas de bien redactado. No dejeis de cuidar este blog es buena.

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