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Carney Declines to Say We’ll Leave Forces in Afghanistan

Am I dreaming? I mean am am I freaking dreaming? We’re potentially going to leave no forces at all in Afghanistan once we draw down military operations in 2014? And just leave the place to the Taliban and the terrorists so they can pick up where they left off in 2001?

Asked Tuesday about a report in the New York Times that Obama is thinking of pulling everyone out after 2014, at least in part because he is “frustrated by his dealings with President Hamid Karzai,” Carney failed to say the reporting was mistaken.

Said Carney:

When it comes to a potential residual force in Afghanistan after 2014, we have long been clear that this is something that we will discuss and negotiate with the Afghan government.  Going all the way back to January, when my colleague discussed this with you, we have made clear that the options that are available include the zero option, the so-called zero option.

Mr. President, this is not about whether Karzai is rude to you!

I had thought when Obama was a candidate in 2008 he at least believed we should win the war in Afghanistan. But, Vietnam style, we apparently ain’t about winning, just about trying to prop up the locals and then retreat. But now it appears – also Vietnam style – in the end we ain’t even going to try to prop up the locals!

We at least need some forces there to exert influence and conduct some operations to keep al Qaeda off kilter. If we leave no troops at all in Afghanistan, WE ARE CRAPPING RIGHT ON THE GRAVES OF THE AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN WHO DIED THERE.

Americans signed up in droves after 9/11 to fight to defend this nation. They went to Afganistan to avenge the deaths of our citizens and make sure it never happens again. If Obama withdraws completely from Afghanistan he is setting the stage – even more than he already has – for another major terrorist attack.

At least those brave American fighters helped keep the animals mostly at bay for twelve years. God bless them, and God give Obama the wisdom to at least try to preserve their noble work.

Hopefully the suggestion that we’ll take all our forces out is a negotiating tactic and not a serious proposal.

Here’s some good discussion about the issue from Brett Baeir’s show Tuesday night.

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  1. After 9-11, even the peaceniks wanted GWB to bomb Afghanistan into a parking lot, especially since the Russians spent 14 years there prior, to no success, dealing with those radical haters.

    With hopes, Obama will be credited with the failure of this war, along with everything else he touches. Ugh.

    • I don’t care about Obama or his legacy.
      What I do care about are the troops that are waiting in limbo while this moron determines how this and that will affect his future.
      You either fight a war or you don’t.
      Don’t let the troops hang in the balance.

      • um, peaceniks wanted to bomb Osama Bin Laden and his friends. not Afghanistan.

        Afghanistan is filled with a lot of people who just want to get through the day like you and me, who have families they love, and who want the best for them.

        we didn’t invade AF to destroy the Taliban, we invaded them to destroy Al Qaeda. And we did that. Now we need to get out, and let the Taliban and the rest of AF fight it out for control of their country.

        where did this mission creep come from?

  2. Obama is so thin-skinned…Karzai, who undoubtably is less than stable, hurt Bam’s little feelings in a video exchange.
    The future needs to be considered beyond Bam and Karzai.

    • The U.S. military has erected a 64,000-square-foot headquarters building on the dusty moonscape of southwestern Afghanistan that comes with all the tools to wage a modern war. A vast operations center with tiered seating. A briefing theater. Spacious offices. Fancy chairs. Powerful air conditioning.

      Everything, that is, except troops.

      The windowless, two-story structure, which is larger than a football field, was completed this year at a cost of $34 million. But the military has no plans to ever use it. Commanders in the area, who insisted three years ago that they did not need the building, now are in the process of withdrawing forces and see no reason to move into the new facility.

      For many senior officers, the unused headquarters has come to symbolize the staggering cost of Pentagon mismanagement: As American troops pack up to return home, U.S.-funded contractors are placing the finishing touches on projects that are no longer required or pulling the plug after investing millions of dollars.

      The headquarters has its origin in 2009, when President Obama decided to surge more troops to southern Afghanistan to beat back Taliban insurgents. Army planners in South Carolina and at the Pentagon determined that Camp Leatherneck, which had been selected as the headquarters for Marine forces in the south, required a sophisticated command-and-control facility.

      When Marine officers in Helmand heard of the plans, they objected. The commander at the time, then-Maj. Gen. Richard P. Mills, believed his plywood-walled headquarters was sufficient and made that clear to his superiors in Kabul.

      His assessment went unheeded. Staff officers in Kabul drafted specifications for the building and asked Air Force contracting officers to find a private company to construct it. The construction order went to a British firm, AMEC Earth and Environment, which began work in November 2011, according to military documents. By then, Obama had announced the end of the surge. The bulk of the withdrawal would occur in Helmand.


      It was not until this spring that U.S. generals in Kabul decided to call a halt to the project. The decision was made before additional millions were spent on computer gear for the building but not soon enough to cancel crates of furniture.

      I’m gonna’ check out AMEC Earth and Environment, but I wonder what other companies were awarded contracts, and what kind of political donations they’ve made.

    • so, who started the process of building stuff in AF for a US-style army that they will never have? Or need?

      It couldn’t be the same people who invaded Iraq for no good reason (no WMDs, remember?) with a lean and mean force that was not able to control bypassed Iraqi Army weapons caches (much of which turned into IEDs) as they went by because they didn’t have enough forces; who against all common sense disbanded the Iraqi Army and quit paying their pensions, thereby creating a bunch of armed and angry ex-soldiers; who prevented anyone who was involved in any way with the Baath party from any role in government, even though they were the only ones who knew what was going on; who sent lots of 20-somethings whose primary credentials were party loyalty to turn Iraq into, uh, an America?

      we haven’t done this before, have we?

  3. Dictator Obama wants to end the war in Afganistan so he can concentrate full time on his war against his number 1 enemy in the world – The United States of America!

  4. Mr. President, this is not about whether Karzai is rude to you!


    This what happens when a malignant narcissist flips his lid.

  5. Obama’s childish, “I’m gonna take my ball and go home” style of negotiation has failed both internationally and domestically. No reason to expect him to rise above himself here. What a lousy excuse for a president.

  6. I too want our soldiers home. But not like this. All because Obama’s feelings are hurt and the 2014 elections are coming up. How appropriate is it that a disgraceful exit, without regard for blood and treasure, will be during the reign of Obama and John Kerry. Welcome back to Afghanistan land of terrorist training camps.

  7. This is the exact thing he did in Iraq so I would expect nothing less. Obama does not have desire, skill or wisdom to manage the war so we might as well just pack up and leave and periodically bomb them from time to time.

    • I agree Tim.
      Get our troops out asap.
      Yeah the buildings are there and they will be overrun by the muslims in due time.
      Iraq should have been a lesson to Obama.
      Once he pulled the active troops out of there, the violence still continues.
      I feel the same thing will happen in Afghanistan.
      He cannot dictate to these people on how to run a government, hell he can’t even run his own !

      I say, pull the troops out of there, send transport planes in to extract the functional military equipment and tell them ‘good luck’.
      It’s not like we didn’t try.

      And as far as the ‘blood lost’ as someone said above,…go figure.

      • the cost and time to get anything still functional out of there now is not worth it. It should have been done 2 years ago in a gradual draw down.

        So use a bunker buster and take the building down to parade rest. Then line up the vehicles in a couple of nice spots, and let some A-10’s have target practice. DeMil anything else on the way out the door.

        Leave nothing standing or usable. It’s sad we will have to do something like this, but in some cases allot of vehicles that do make it back for rehab end up as parts or scrap. Costs too much now to rehab when the Armed Forces are about to go through a huge draw down.

    • These types of dealings were never in his “community organizer”
      manual. The boy is just plain dumb.. the effects of YEARS of bong
      use with his dope smokin buds .

  8. Lest anyone think that Obama is bringing home troops because he’s frustrated with Karzai, think again. This is Obama creating his legacy. He sees Obamacare going down the tubes, immigration won’t pass. The guy’s got nothing. Nada. Zippo, except for maybe his golf game. He wants the history books to say he brought home all the troops.


  9. Spoiled brat! Picks up his toys and goes home. If it had not been for Bush and his withdrawal negotiations in Iraq, Obama would have done the same thing there. Let George do it, lil Barry! He loves this country and the men and women who protect it, which is more than anyone can say about you.

  10. …at least when the USSR retreaded/was defeated/got their ass kicked in Afganistan they had a Ceremony (Feb. 15, 1989 over the “Afghan-Uzbek Bridge” with USSR Red Army)

    Here we have ‘Pres.’ Obama retreating with the US Military with our tail between its legs (2001-2013)
    Just proves Obama (CINC) has NO respect or interest in the the US Military.

    • I recommend that you never say ‘tail between it’s legs’ to an Iraqi Vet or an Afghanistan Vet.
      Especially the injured ones.
      Duty, Honor, Country.

  11. And in the span of one epic fail presidency, the number of wars that America has lost, has tripled.

    So when the next 9/11 happens here–may God have mercy on us, and keep the carnage to a minimum–I hope Obama ends up defending a class-action wrongful death lawsuit. And if that happens, I hope he loses, gets cleaned out, and has to live like a pauper for the rest of his days.

    Dear God, Sir, how has our Nation offended You so, that You continue to permit this evil, evil man to perpetuate his wickedness?!

  12. Unfortunately you’re not dreaming Keith. You’re locked in a waking nightmare with the rest of us who haven’t sold our souls to Obama for “STUFF”.