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Carney: Critics of Obamacare Delay “Willfully Ignorant”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said it is routine to ignore statutory deadlines for implementation of laws.

Referring to the administration’s decision to delay the mandate that employers provide Obamacare-compliant insurance, Carney said the objections to the move were political, not based on the law.

But among those who objected was Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, no conservative and no stranger to Washington, who said he didn’t get where the administration got the authority to ignore the wording of the law. And Carney provided neither provided examples of a practice he said was routine nor the names of the supposedly numerous “experts” he said would condone it.

24 thoughts on “Carney: Critics of Obamacare Delay “Willfully Ignorant””

  1. It’s so hard for me to understand how someone speaking for the President, albeit this crass president, can utter such vile words. HE’S the one who is ignorant – ignorant of the common decency to refer to one’s political foes in terms that don’t incite and rile.

    1. Because, sir, the Commander and POS is surrounded with vile indecent types who drove in with him. They all spew from the depths of their souls, no internalization needed.

      1. Thats so right Mac! This president & minions have made this
        WH the most vile and profane of any before.. Nothing good comes from this cesspool of maggots..(to put it kindly)

  2. Since when does the Executive Branch get to decide, on a whim, whether or not to enforce laws that are legislatively passed, on the books, and (non)enforcable? This old guy remembers when the Colonies declared Independence from such Tyranny.

  3. Repeating my comment that I posted on Politico about this latest insult;
    “Right back atcha, pal”.

    Echoing some of the sentiments of my fellow commenters here, this whole administration is just plain rude, and lacking in good manners.
    Starting with their boss, PresObama, none of them seem to have constraints against assuming that all of us are ignorant bumpkins or worse.
    They wrote the law, passed the law, and now they can’t implement the law because it’s a mess, an unworkable tangle of mandates they can’t seem to be able to straighten out, and now they’re caught between admitting it won’t work and asking Congress to help them out.

    Willfully ignorant, my wrinkled patootie, you little smart-assed punk.

  4. If this were President Romney unilaterally refusing to implement ObeyMeCare, they’d be demanding his head on a pike.

    ‘Nuff said?

  5. The precedent this sets for the future of this country in that any future president can enforce whatever provisions of any law they so chose is dangerous beyond belief. This is were revolutions start.

  6. What is really ‘willfully ignorant’ is the shredding of our Constitution by this pompous ass and his tyrannical boss. Article II, Section 3, “…he (the President) shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”. This is what despotism looks like.

  7. The haughty boy bully knows whereof he speaks.

    No one engages more in willful ignorance (and deceit) than Jay Carney.

    Not a shred of good character remains in him.

  8. The OBJECTIONS are political???????? And delaying the employer mandate until AFTER the 2014 elections is just, what? Good governance????? There isn’t enough personal lubricant in existence to make Obamacare tolerable!!!!!

  9. Wow. If they can delay this bill, what would stop them from delaying the implementation of any other lawful bill passed by Congress. Last time I checked, no one was above the law in the democratic United States of America.

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