As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News – June 10, 2013

Immigration reform heads for slow death . . . Politico
Obama immigration strategy in limbo . . . Politico
Republicans seek to slash IRS budget
. . . Fox News
Obama takes stand in culture wars
. . . Washington Post
WH amps up Obamacare sales effort . . . . Washington Post
Americans want individual mandate delay . . . Daily Caller
Rand Paul may block FBI pick over drones . . . Daily Caller
The reemergence of George W. Bush . . . Politico
Former Obama campaign aides join Hillary . . . The Hill
Palin mulling a Senate run . . . Washington Times
Obama tells kid his favorite food is broccoli . . . Politico

4 Responses to The Obama Morning News – June 10, 2013

  1. Broccoli–now we know he’s a stone liar! In all those little photo op diners, I don’t remember broccoli being savored. By the way, on THE FIVE, they sampled the Greek yogurt in yesterday’s posts and Beckel pronounced that it sucked. Who says pundits are not wordsmiths? The fivesters also devoured two Mickey D’s doubles each and pronounced them the solution to world hunger.

  2. One thing I’ve admired about George W. Bush is that he has stayed out of the political fray, unlike certain former presidents. He would do well to keep out of politics as he promised, otherwise his ‘reemergence’ will be seen as a ploy to campaign for brother Jeb. With our Constitution hanging by a thread, this country needs a Reaganesque person who can bring Americans together and help heal US fiscally and spiritually. What we don’t need as president is another pseudo-conservative big government globalist propped up by the GOP.

  3. Although some administrations have sought to avoid controversy in their selections, the choice of Kushner represents the opposite pole. The playwright, one of eight New York City residents among the 24 honorees, wrote a scathing short play in 2004 in which Laura Bush reads a bedtime story to Iraqi children who have been killed by American bombs.


    Here’s the text of the first scene.