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Why is Obama’s USDA Trying to Poison Minority Kids?

The announcement Monday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture will begin adding greek yogurt to subsidized children’s school lunches is bad news for the minorities the program is aimed at, because African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans have disproportionately high levels of lactose intolerance.

The injection of greek yogurt into the lunch program is being pushed aggressively by Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, whose New York dairy farms stand to benefit from the explosion in use of the newly popular greek yogurt.

ChobaniAccording to a variety of sources, including the website WebMD and the U.C. Davis NCMHD Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics, anywhere from some 75-100 percent of blacks, Mexicans and Native Americans are lactose intolerant. By contrast, only about five percent of descendants of Northern Europeans have issues will milk, with the exceptions of Ashkenazi Jews – more than three quarters of whom are also lactose intolerant.

The symptoms of lactose intolerance can be excruciating, including nausea, cramps, painful gas, flatulence – what school kid wants to be doing that all afternoon? – bloating, and diarrhea. The symptoms develop within 30 minutes to two hours after consumption.

The likelihood of developing a response, as well as the severity, are related to the amount of milk product consumed. School cafeterias offering greek yogurt are doubtlessly not going to pull milk off the menu, meaning children can easily get two servings of dairy at a single meal. Should something like cheeseburgers or mac and cheese be on the menu that day, a lactose intolerant child’s body could be subject to a massive incursion of dairy.

Fortunately, it’s not clear whether children will like greek yogurt. It’s more sour than standard American yogurt and may not appeal to kids’ cravings for pure sweetness.

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  1. As soon as I read Chuck Schumer was involved, I knew it had something to do with Chobani, which is headquartered in New York State.

    1. Yep, follow the money.

      As the joke goes, we should be sewing NASCAR patches on our politicians so we can keep track of all the crony capitalism that’s running amok in DC. Obama would have to wear them too. :)

      1. With all the crony capitalism going on in Washington, D.C. they’d have every inch of their outfits covered with sponsor advertisements.

  2. Without being too, well you know, schoolchildren are already fed enough fiber-based foods at breakfast and lunch that some classrooms must be both melodious and malodorous at the end of the school day.
    Children won’t eat yogurt for the same reason they don’t eat cottage cheese or any strong-flavored cheese product. It tastes icky to them.
    Unless the yogurt presented to the children is sugared and flavored with fruit, they’ll just throw it away along with the other food items they won’t eat.
    One of the four states in this pilot program is Arizona and we have a large population of Hispanic and Native American children in the school system. This yogurt program isn’t going to go well here.

    1. The headline on Drudge as of this moment is “NYPD Releases Gas in Subway for Attack Drill”. All they needed to do was take hundreds of NY school children on a field trip after their Chobani lunches.

  3. Greek yorgurt is 3 to 4 times higher in fat and has less protein that regular yogurt because they strain out the whey.

    Furthermore, this waste whey becomes an environmental issue when dumped in rivers.

    The company most likely to benefit from this is HQ’d in NY but it’s plant is in Idaho.

    And finally, there’s the matter of the $80,000 this company paid a lobbying firm to buy Schumer’s endorsement.

    1. Spot-on about the calories. My doctor put me on a diet and said I had to replace the sugar and calorie laden greek yogurt with a light yogurt. But guess that little detail is inconsequential to Schumer hawking a NY product.

  4. If there’s a problem getting kids to eat the yogurt because of the taste, maybe they can get some athletes to endorse it. They’re going to be paying them tax dollars to endorse Obamacare anyway.

  5. Well at least now I know why I love ice cream and cheese, but neither loves (or even likes) me. It’s all because of being one of the “Chosen” ones. Some days I wish He would have chosen someone else.

    Greek yogurt is, to put it mildly, nasty! It’s sour, bitter, and too strong a flavor for kids, myself included.

    While the Greeks may have historically given us all kinds of wonderful things, the concept of democracy, philosophy, basic physics, and much more, lately all they have given to the world is economic disaster and a bitter dairy product to wash it down.

    If the USDA wants kids to eat more dairy, they would be more successful with Cheetos.

  6. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    The “most transparent administration”? Yup, who could be more transparent than Chuckie Schumer?

  7. Lets see Egypt on fire, no jobs world laughs at us daily. President who
    golfs and vacations instead of leading (insert hysterical laughter). But
    let’s get Greek Yogurt in schools. We are doomed.

  8. You can lead a horse to water……… What a waste! It will all be pitched down the drain, but the administration can say that it is being served!

  9. The Greek yogurt may end up in the cafeteria trash cans with all the carrot and celery sticks. Maybe this is part of a long term campaign to raise people to eat less by turning them off food, but in addition to the boom it must be providing senators and lobbyists, this also seems another move to deprive people of personal autonomy and responsibility for themselves. “We’ll be the deciders of what’s best for you and your kids.”

    Interestingly there was a little interview of G W Bush by an anti-Obamacare doctor on Fox last night promoting exercise for good health. Bush said how great he felt after a good workout, but he stressed that people have to want to do it and initiate it on their own. And then he mentioned how he used to drink and smoke, but he gave up drinking and smoking BY HIS OWN CHOICE. This is the only thing that works.

    1. Namvet527,
      ………… comments always appear within seconds. The disclaimer may be some kind of government regulation……….they pass them by the minute you know.

  10. I doubt we have to worry about lactose intolerance. The sour flavor of Greek yogurt means probably 90% of it would end up in the trash, adding to the huge pile of wasted “healthy” food that’s been created by Mooshell’s misguided attempts to force us to eat “what’s good for us.”

  11. Keith,
    Changes for labeling thousands of food products for consumers, along with requiring the listings of calories/fats/carbs contents of menu items in every type of food service industries have/continue to cost many millions of $’s to small family neighborhood located/operated cafes and larger franchises. Some large chains began updating their menus a few years, ago. Other business regulations will slowly eliminate small businesses and JOBS!

    Check-out the background of the ‘first lady’, and you will understand her obsession with controlling, eventually, the food industry. It really has much less to do with ‘health concerns’ than with the lucrative financial benefits for her and her supporters!

    Now, are you and your readers ‘weary’ of all of the tactics of the wh ‘information/mis-information/info-overload/deflection’ campaigns, yet? Just wait until bho begins campaigning across the Nation about immigration with his ‘shame’ theme!

    Additionally, he is preparing several ‘answers’ to the ‘hard questions’ from brave reporters who ask about billions in arms to Egypt (who is suppose to receive them??), the NSA, the IRS, obummercare, and even about the American Pastor jailed in Iran for almost two years and the safety of Americans, Jews, and Christians around the World!

    All of your readers, along with you, are the best hope for returning the focus of the news to the REAL ISSUES affecting the National Security of Americans! Greek yogurt in the schools, while another idiotic idea, is a distraction from discussing the suppression of ‘Free Speech’ of a vast number of citizens by the IRS! I’m still livid! jb

    1. re: your comment on food labeling
      As I was reaching for the pint of “half and half” (half milk/half cream) that I put in my morning coffee, I noticed an allegy alert printed on the side:
      “this product contains milk “.

      No comment necessary; it speaks for itself.

      1. Read your jar of peanut butter. Did you know it contains peanuts? Every time I see that I say to myself, “I hope so.”

    2. I like quite a bit of the labelling as it’s evolved over the years. I’m an avid reader of labels, checking things such as the amount of sodium, protein, sugar and various vitamins and minerals in food.

        1. I’ve always wanted to know what’s in the stuff I eat. I almost flunked Home-Ec in high school, but I remember the most about food.

          I am okay with eating–and letting my pre-teen son eat–junk food, fast food and the like because it’s not the main focus of our diets.

          But, as I get more acquainted with the [baeball team] in this town, I find more and more kids who are undernourished despite the freaking fact that their mothers get every possible form of governmental assistance.

          I’d like to kick a board up one mother’s butt. Dear me. His choices at a meal last weekend let me know that he is under-nourished. And, he’s hungry.

          More recently, this kid, when given a choice between Gatorade and apple-juice or orange juice, chooses one of the latter. He was so starved for vitamin C this weekend that he ordered a bunch of lemons to eat. (I handled it.)

          He’s intelligent. He’s quick. He’s a sweet child.

          But. for pity’s sake, he’s under-weight and–I just cannot impart to ya’ll how I know this–he’s not getting the food he needs.

          Yeah, folks: there are hungry and under-nurished children right here in the United States of America.

          And, that rich-bitch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is assuming an un-constitutional role at the Department of Agriculture?

  12. More than half the calories in most yogurt, including Greek yogurt, comes from sugar. It’s been reported that adults eat 22 teaspoons of sugar per day and that kids consume a lot more. Unless they’re going to force unsweetened yogurt on the kids do we really need classrooms of kids all hopped up on sugar? They cut out the candy and soft drinks and despite yogurt’s few redeeming qualities, with all the sugar it should be in a snack category too.

  13. The old sow knows most of the yogurt is going to end up in cafeteria trash cans. She couldn’t care less. Crony capitalism – there oughta be a law against it!

  14. I personally believe that not all that many children will even like the sour taste of this yogurt. With it being more fattening and having less protein than normal yogurt as well. I doubt that much of it will even sell.

  15. Ah, yes, Madame Steak-And-Arugula strikes again.

    Put down that scepter, Michelle, and step away from the menu board.

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  19. When I read your site, I hope that this doesnt let down me around this one. What i’m saying is, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd get something interesting to say. All I notice is a few whining with regards to something that you might fix if you werent way too busy looking for attention.

  20. I’m 16 years old, I attend a high school, and I could say kids would not eat this. I have tasted Greek yogurt and I could easily say it’s truly nasty. I don’t know about the one I tasted, but to me, it tasted as good as sour milk- actually, exactly like it! Didn’t even go past it’s expiration date. It’s an abomination and will go to waste along with the rest of their lunch. I mean, really, it’s not even that healthly I learned. My doctor asked me if I ate the school’s lunch, I said no. Guess what she said? Good, because it’s fattening and not as healthy as they make it out to be. Me and my mother were shocked to hear this, I didn’t eat it only because it tasted nasty and poorly done. Instead of thinking what they could add to school lunches, they should think on how to make it better.

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