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Obama and Trayvon Martin, Part II

The trial of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin increasingly appears headed for an acquittal, and President Obama needs to be ready with a rapid response to rectify the error of his initial reaction to the case and prevent and outbreak of rioting.

The police department and city government of Sanford, Florida, where Zimmerman shot Martin, is girding for riots. As in the Rodney King Case two decades ago, there’s no reason to think the violence might not spread beyond Sanford.

Obama Trayvon MartinThere appears to be little basis for the second degree murder case brought against Zimmerman. There’s ample evidence that, while Zimmerman may have been overzealous in his baby cop role doing community watch, he was viciously attacked by Martin and killed him in self-defense. At the very least, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not act in self-defense would seem an impossibility.

That murder charges were filed anyway is probably at least in part due to the incalculably irresponsible decision by Obama to involve himself in a local murder case. After the local police chief said there was no reason to doubt Zimmerman’s version of events and murder charges weren’t filed, protests erupted, the Justice Department decided to launch its own investigation, and Obama testily asserted, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Soon after, a special prosecutor charged Zimmerman with second degree murder.

Obama, supposed Constitutional scholar, is apparently not aware that justice must be color blind. The moment Zimmerman is declared innocent, Obama must be ready to take to the same Rose Garden where he made his earlier Trayvon and me statement and recommit himself to the notion that we live in a nation where due process, and not lynch mobs, are the rule. He should ask for calm, declare that justice has been done, and be prepared to back up local efforts to stem riots in Sanford – and, God forbid, around the country – with a forceful federal law enforcement response.

He must not do what George H.W. Bush did in 1992, which was cave to the rioting and retry the Los Angeles Police Department officers involved in the Rodney King case on federal charges. He must get on the phone with the usual rabble rousers, like Al Sharpton, and ask them to stand down for the sake of the country. Maybe some of them will listen.

Obama must take his own emotions out of it and act as an impartial president working for the good of country, not for the benefit of Trayvon Martin – however much he looks like Obama – nor to rectify the history of injustices toward African Americans.

This is a sad case – for Trayvon Martin, whose life is gone, for George Zimmerman, who life is ruined, and for their families. But mob rule has been far worse for black people than white. If Obama can’t get race out of his mind with respect to this case, let him at least remember the lynchings. And let it guide him toward the neutrality he so far has lacked.

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  1. I hope the topic was on today’s scheduled meeting with CBC. The WH garden just isn’t large enough to have a major “beer summit”.

  2. I imagine he’ll make a phone call to Martin’s mother instead of doing the right thing. I pray I’m wrong about this, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Sadly reminiscent of Richard Nixon and the Manson-Tate-LaBianca murder trial. BHO is a lawyer. One would think he has better sense, but his record has proven demonstrably otherwise.

    1. Although Nixon erred by stating, regarding Manson, “Here was a man who was guilty, directly or indirectly, of eight murders without reason”, at least he was right.

  4. “…and Obama testily asserted, ”If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” ”

    Considering HIS parentage, if he had a son it could just as easily come out looking like Justin Bieber.

  5. Obama does not know how to be impartial. He does not know how to mind his own business, but prefers to stick his nose in various situations that are none of his concern. He is of the erroneous opinion that his word is the only word that counts, that what he says is gospel What an arrogant, narcissistic, deluded waste this person is and has always been.

    It would not surprise me if this idiot P.O.S. actually contacted Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson to encourage them to incite riots and mayhem against “whitey.”.

      1. I see this more and more as two macho, adrenalized guys–color not the issue. It got out of hand–the older one got his head bashed and nose broken, but was carrying, which was the equalizer. It happened fast. If they had both been the same color, we would never have learned of it–just like the thousands of such fights and exchanges that happen in a year.

        1. I can’t believe I actually have a question on this overhyped mess. But I just saw a blond woman on Fox (not Megyn, Spookie) say Zimmerman “broke the law” by following the kid when told not to. He did not do what a dispatcher said–but is that breaking the law?

          1. It might be defying a noncop who works with cops–but is that breaking the law? Even a cop-if he or she comes to your home and blandly asks to enter–you can say no if they have no warrant. I learned that a long time ago–I step out. They don’t blink an eye–they know you don’t have to let them in just bec they asked.

          2. the cop on the phone said “Are you following him? We don’t need you to do that.” and Zimmerman said “OK.”

            we don’t actually know whether he stopped following or if he kept following him. either way, there was no law broken.

            people are getting really desperate trying to make sure that Zimmerman be found guilty of SOMETHING. it’s pretty sickening.

          3. I think it was the police, as I recall. (I remember the voice as sounding very police-y if you know what I mean)…but as you say, doesn’t make a difference.

  6. What a sorry state of race and racial politics we have in 2013, 160 years after the Civil War, and 50 years after the enactment of the Civil Rights Act.
    The call to a peaceful and accepting response to the verdict of this most public trial is not directed at the White, Hispanic, or Asian community; they won’t be out protesting or rioting no matter which way the jury decides. The rioters, if they appear, will be of the Black community who care only about White vs Black violence and nothing about Black vs Black violence.

    Speaking for my family, friends and neighbors, we’ve had about all we can stand with racial epitaphs thown at us without any basis other than the color of our skin. We’re tired of seeing Black mobs create havoc and violence at will in our cities. Enough is enough.

    1. Yep, he’s “transformed” America back 50 years. That was the plan. In his myopic vision, it’s a level playing field and he really doesn’t give a damn as long as the leveling continues.

    2. Hate to be the vocabulary stickler, but…

      An “epitaph” is an inscription on a tombstone, or a piece of writing about a dead person.

      A curse or an insult is an “epithet.”

      Agree with the rest.

  7. If rioting happens, it is exactly what Obama wants to happen. He intentionally inserted himself into this case in order to racially divide us. He is an evil man who hates this country and no doubt he’s getting great pleasure from driving a wedge between Americans and watching the resulting chaos and turmoil. He is the tyrant our founders warned us about.

    1. He would actually find riots a help in distracting the country from all of his own scandals. And he would take the, oh, so high road, channeling Nelson Mandela on forgiveness, acting the Nobel Peace Prize winner. I’m getting sick just thinking and writing about it.

      1. So right, Julie. The lead from behind strategy that I have analyzed many times as Obama waiting until someone else does something and then pops up like a weed to criticize the action and barf forth some high-minded verbage.

  8. What has this country come to that we can expect; nay, rely on racial incidents based on a trial involving black vs. white?

    Kudos to Keith.

    1. Yeah, kind of like how the crazy mobs of white people rioted when the jury acquitted OJ of brutally murdering two white people. We all remember that, right?

  9. (Keith: I think you mean the LAPD being retried in Federal Court re the Rodney King affair)

    As to the Race Baiter in Chief:

    Yesterday he called on the Muslim Brotherhood to halt all calls for violence. Will he do the same for the anti-Zimmerman brotherhood in this country?

    Just as with his comments on Skip Gates, I think a very strong case can be made that Obama’s “Trayvon moment” was completely staged. At an “event” so trivial it wasn’t (and still isn’t) on the White House schedule, in which a representative to the World Bank was introduced, and NO QUESTIONS were taken. Yet some unnamed person managed to shout out a question that Mr. Obama just had to answer before immediately leaving the stage (just as he did with the Gates question).

    As with Gates, he then a) personalized the event, b) related it to the long history of racism in our country — which continues today, at least according to Obama and Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, et al, and c) managed to make a stupid statement that only made the situation worse.

    For a Harvard-educated “Constitutional scholar” and self-described smartest guy in D.C., Mr. Obama certainly has a way of being the most brain-dead and racially inept person in the room.

    Let’s hope our country survives the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial. If part of US goes down in flame, we need to look no further than the White House for the source of a match.

    1. To call him a Constitutional scholar is a travesty. What Constitutional scholar would make such a prejudicial statement before a trial? What Constitutional scholar would advocate cavalierly discarding only a certain portion of a bill signed into law by himself?

      1. Obama encourages racial and social division. It is the foundation of his redistributive transformation of America. His system preys on human weakness, despair and misery to create dependence and agitates greed, jealousy and hatred to force destruction.

        It is unlikely that Obama will do the right thing. That would require that he give a damn about a United States of Americans.

    2. Obama was and is not a Contitutional Scholor. His own official resume lists him as a guest lecturer, then senior lecturer. His classes were a bunch of race based, marxist b.s. which only touched tangentally on the Constitution. In over 10 years, he produced nothing, nada, zero, zilch in the way of scholorship, articles, books or research. He even got an advance to write a book and failed to produce anything and pocketed the money.

      Basically he was a lazy grifter with a part time job which is exactly how he acts today.

      In regards to the Zimmerman trial, I fully expect him to fan the flames of racial hatred and division because that is what he has been trained to do his entire life.

  10. I have read a couple of columns from Kathleen Parker (Wash. Post) in the local paper and found her disgusting. I’m sure she feels Mr. Z. is the guilty one, forgetting what kind of person was the deceased. I keep thinking this circus in the media wouldn’t happen if George was black. Then Mr. O. making comments that are totally out of place, considering how much he has on his plate to take care of. I hope to God folks will obey the decision of the jury.

    1. MSNBC runs programs on the case that look like they’re put on by attorney Ben Crump, publicist Ryan Julison (who helped orchestrate the racial uproar) and McCann Erickson (major ad agency which won a silver Clio for its “#Millionhoodies for Trayvon Martin” campaign.)

      For a “legal expert” on the case, they take comments from Michael Eric Dyson, who teaches sociology and has no legal background, is very outspoken on race in America, yet somehow keeps very quiet about having attended the same “elitist” prep school (Cranbrook) that Mitt Romney attended.

      “Lean Forward”? More like Lunge Forward into a media-inspired race war. “Oh…the humanity! Oh…the ratings!!!”

      1. P.S.

        I forgot “veteran prosecutor” and conveniently both African-American and gay Paul Henderson, interviewed by Chris Matthews who said he wanted to ask George Zimmerman:

        “At what point did you take the safety off and prepare to shoot someone?”

        What did this guy prosecute? Unicycles for missing a second wheel? Catamarans for having an extra hull? Aside from stating that Zimmerman deliberately set out to kill Martin, what does Henderson not comprehend about a gun that HAS NO EXTERNAL SAFETY?

        This is the kind of race-baiting B.S. that leads to a multitude of social networking posts pledging to kill Zimmerman if he is acquitted. Henderson has no place on television — or working in the office of the San Francisco Mayor. (And to think, he at one point was in line for the job of CA Attorney General).

      2. and another note from the previous “World’s most trusted name in news”.

        Today CNN was running Dennis Root’s testimony, detailing how evidence wounds on Zimmerman only during the sustained attack demonstrated that Zimmerman was pinned down and helpless while suffering repeated blows — making him the logical source of the screams…

        BOOM! CNN suddenly cuts away from this testimony damaging to THEIR bias, and what do we get?…

        A commercial on the wonders of ObamaCare, paid for by Organizing For Action, Obama’s endless campaign.

        What a country!

  11. Beautifully and thoughtfully said, Keith. Unfortunately, I don’t think this has a chance of happening because I don’t think the president and his ilk will view this without a racial view. I also expect the so-called department of justice to file federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

  12. Beautifully and thoughtfully said, Keith. Unfortunately, I don’t think this has a chance of happening because I don’t think the president and his ilk will view this without a racial bias. I also expect the so-called department of justice to file federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

  13. IF rioting does happen as a result of the Zimmerman verdict, this would be the prime opportunity for a total crack down on firearms, all for the safety of the American public.

    Mobilization of national guard units and active duty units to restore/maintain order in all major cities would not surprise me. No matter how the jury comes back, guilty or not, I think that there will be a huge increase in violence across the country. Either in protest to the verdict, or in celebration.

    1. This, or a declaration of martial law (so DHS can use some of that stockpiled ammo) seems much more likely that what Keith correctly notes should be done.

  14. Chicago homicides year to date;
    183 shot & killed, 78.3 % Black, 19.8 % Hispanic, 1.9 % White.
    87.5 % male, 12.5 female.
    Shot & wounded, 942.
    Anyone hear Barry or Black ” leadership ” show any interest or are they just focused on Trayvon?

  15. The same “Constitutional Scholar” who made his famous “if I had a son…” comment also has Carney say, “It would be inappropriate for the president to comment on an investigation that’s in progress” when it suits him.

    Think about Benghazi, IRS, AP, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.

    How he conducts himself is absolutely amazing.

  16. So far as I can tell, Obama has yet to do the right thing, even by ACCIDENT, in four and a half years. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that he’ll do the right thing here.

    My prediction: He won’t do a thing to stop the riots (which will be nationwide, just watch) or the random black-on-white revenge killings which WILL take place.

    Arm yourselves, or learn all you can about unarmed combat, folks. Fast. It’s about to get really, really ugly in the Divided States of America.

  17. As I was reading, I tried to imagine Barry doing as Keith suggests. Unfortunately, I never could get a clear mental picture of Barry so. Barry simply does not have the cojones.
    For law enforcement officials to have to make arrangements and take precautions against rioting over the acquittal of someone who was tried by a jury in a court where the judge leaned towards the prosecution, is such a pathetic commentary on what our nation has become.
    As for Al Sharpton shutting his big yap over this? Not a chance. His income and his image demand that he stir the pot of racial hatred.

  18. Excellent article, Keith. It will be interesting to see the response to the verdict, whatever it will be. I hope the jury isn’t swayed by thoughts of what might happen when they declare Zimmerman not guilty.

  19. I know you are right, but fear you are wrong. He must not do a Rodney King, but this is Obama after all. And he seems to be allergic to doing the correct thing. Rule of law? Witness the big brother atmosphere that now pervades government in their attempt to crack down on “leakers”. Hell, witness incompetano and her zealotry to persecute conservatives while ignoring actual terrorists.

    The rule of law is the LAST thing this administration is about. If the deeds of this administration are not swept away in a wave of reform, this country will be lost for all time.

  20. Whatever the racist-in-chief does or does not say during verdict watch – or afterward – matters not. An apology should have been forthcoming immediately after he utrered those now infamous words. He gave tacit approval for the race baiters to use GZ as a battering ram for one year while, at the same time, the Black mob sprees have escalated exponentially across the nation His ‘whitey hating’ wife attended the funeral of the little black girl killed in Chicago gang cross-fire but refused to attend the Memorial for the white children massacred at Newtown. America may have been ready for its first Black president – but they picked the wrong guy – twice! Has anyine bothered to check Al Sharpton’s lineage? He could be Obama’s brother!

  21. He will never do this. He will believe that the jury “acted stupidly.” Personally, I expect the jury to find Zimmerman guilty of something.

  22. Google “knock out game”. Whether he’s found guilty or innocent we still live in the most racially divided America we’ve seen since (insert your guess here). These are Days of Reparation. It’s how we got BHO twice. It payback white ass cracker time.

    We live among Americans and African hyphen Americans. We won’t last much longer w/ a POTUS that divides us by choosing sides in a trial, picking econ. winners and losers and proclaiming , “God bless Planned Parenthood”.

  23. They (Florida?) made a rap video urging moderation–raise your voice, not your hand…but it was not catchy. The president will have to say something if this kicks up.

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  25. Today on Limbaugh’s show I heard that the Justice department
    went down to Sanford, FL to organize a big demonstration against
    Zimmerman. If this is true, and why should I doubt it, perhaps Zimmerman should sue the Justice Department when this trial is over.

  26. I cannot believe how stupid people are. This case has nothing to do with President Obama’s as usual stupid remarks. Zimmerman is a murderer — he stalked Travon Martin, he harrassed Travon Martin and he murdered Travon Martin FOR NO GOOD REASON! HE STALKED AND FOLLOWED HIM — WHY??? ZIMMERMAN IS A SICKY AND SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE KID ALONE??? AND HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE, TAKING A LIFE.


  27. I live just an obamaphones throw from Sanford, FL.

    I have all my high capacity magazines topped of in anticipation of the verdict.

    Just sayin’

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