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The Obama Morning News || July 9, 2013

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  1. In an amazingly short period of time, our government has managed to take the simple private act of purchasing health insurance and transform it into a twisted, incomprehensible national mandate that no one can enforce. The sheer incompetence of the government to implement it’s own law has raised confusion and uncertainty to a previously unparalled level in both the private and the business community.

    Whatever is ailing MrsKerry shouldn’t be newsworthy enough for NBC, or any news medium, to ask Doctors who are not attending her for their opinion of her condition. The NBC report actually questions the truthfulness of what the family claims happened to her.
    Leave her and her family alone.

    If MrObama pulls all the troops from Afganistan and places them at our border with Mexico, then all of America will approve of immigration reform.

    1. Whatever is ailing MrsKerry shouldn’t be newsworthy enough for NBC, or any news medium, to ask Doctors who are not attending her for their opinion of her condition.

      As distasteful as it might be, this is fairly routine.

      1. I can’t help being reminded of Hillary getting ill right before her scheduled appearance before Congress. Frenchy has received much (well deserved) criticism for yachting while Egypt burns, and a story about his wife’s illness is intended to make you forget about yachting and feel more sympathetic towards him. I’m not being so cynical as to deny that she is ill, but it’s strictly a personal matter and should not be used to play on the public heartstrings.

        1. You seem to be implying she is faking when you say you are reminded of the Hillary thing. My first thought as a woman only slightly younger than Mrs Kerry was she must be scared. So I guess my heartstrings were played on–and it sure didn’t make me think any more of HIM.

          1. No, I said I wasn’t being cynical and denying that she was ill. But Teresa Heinz Kerry is just four years older than I, and I don’t know her so I don’t see why my heartstrings needed to be played upon other than to detract from Frenchy’s faux pas. My view is that illness and the possibility of death are tragedies when you’re talking about the young, but it’s just the natural course of things for us oldies.

    2. I agree with pulling all our troops out of Afghanistan and putting them on the Southern border, but will fight to the bitter end against amnesty for illegal aliens. Amnesty is the final nail in the coffin for America’s rule of law and national sovereignty. As it is now, this regime picks and chooses which parts of laws it enforces. This behavior will be no different with any new legislation.

        1. I think you could make the very strong distinction that the soldiers would not be taking any action against American citizens as opposed to illegals crossing the border. The act is meant to protect American citizens from being attacked by their government.

          1. I am not a lawyer, but to me a Mexican is a Mexican and an American is an American. In other words, I don’t see a need for an exception. And as Susan says, they have been using national guard troops in this manner for years.

      1. I have no idea if it violates law. I just know we’ve had national guard troops manning our Southern border off and on for years.

    3. But I doubt that Obama has in mind to put the soldiers on the Mexico-America border, more likely to send them to Syria and/or Egypt.

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