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Secret White House Health Care Meeting

Updated 9:11 pm ET

Oh boy. Imagine if Dick Cheney had done this.

From the pool report:

For those interested in the president’s meeting tonight with health care innovators, as described by Jay Carney at the top of the briefing, your POOL could not ascertain from aides the time of the session, location or expected attendees at the CLOSED PRESS meeting. A readout after the conclusion of the meeting is expected, according to Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

I assume the White House doesn’t want reporters messing with the innovators. Whatever those are. I gather “innovators” are very sensitive types. Or perhaps Obama is going to tell them what he was doing the night of Benghazi. Whatever.

UPDATE: The White House released some details. From a statement:

Following up on a Cabinet meeting focused on management and innovation, the President and senior members of the administration including Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, White House staff Valerie Jarrett, Mark Childress, Jeanne Lambrew and Todd Park met with selected leaders in the space of health and technology innovation to discuss the role of data and innovation in improving the cost and quality of health care for Americans. The meeting was a wide-ranging discussion focusing on innovation happening across the country, including progress made by individual doctors better using data in their practices, like Dr. Jennifer Brull with Prairie Star Family Practice in Kansas.  They also discussed how innovation can lead to new companies built on improving the use of technology to help Americans get better care . . . Other participants included: Chris Chen, CEO of ChenMed, Christine Cassel, CEO of the National Quality Forum and Peter Hudson, CEO of iTriage.

With Obamacare train wrecking all over the place, the administration is touting its success at getting doctors to put your records online, saying ti has “exceeded its goal for 50 percent of doctor offices and 80 percent of eligible hospitals to have electronic records by the end of 2013.”

15 Responses to Secret White House Health Care Meeting

  1. I imagine health care innovators are those who stand to benefit the most when the full implementation of Obamacare becomes reality. Or those who are on board with the abortionist’s, population controllers, earth worshippers, environment over human lovers, and of course, the Muslim Brotherhood representatives who, after their jihad against all of us infidels, will use Sharia law to weed out the rest of the undesirables.

  2. Ms. Sebelius, check with that German bunch, Krupp AG or whatever. See how production is going on the steel wheels for those freight cars.
    We want the rolling stock in the best of condition when we open those “health” camps. Has Farben found that old Zyklon “B” gas recipe? We are running short of time and more people are turning 65 every day.
    Brewer in Arizona seems to be leaning our way a little more. Maybe we can put one of those “health”camps at the old airplane graveyard, how apropos, at Davis-Monathan AFB in Tucson, but keep the immigrants who use that lane clear. We don’t want to lose any of them. They will vote D!
    Christie would be good because New Jersey could use the jobs, but I doubt there is much real estate available. Hell, commandeer Ft. Dix for this.

  3. “Innovators”? Why not return our health care to members of the Medical profession where it belongs! The definition of insanity is having a lawyer and former president of the trial lawyer’s assn. running HHS…and a Marxist community organizer running the country! The gods must be crazy!

  4. Maybe it’s another problem-solving meeting, as in “we’ve discovered another issue with rolling out this turkey of a bill”.

    Look for a press release about, say, 2PM on Saturday to announce something new.

  5. I’m just a little lowly nobody but somehow I have managed to provide for my own health insurance my whole life. Sick of OBAMACARE!

    • I had it for me and the child until recently when the bottom dropped out of the freelance writing market–along with the rest of the economy. I used to pay $800 a mo! Now I pay $100 for Medicare plus copays and huge hosp coinsurances if I need that…and my kid cannot afford the Wendy’s plan. Just telling us we need to buy it is like telling a homeless person to buy a house so he won’t be homeless.

  6. After the news of the IRS accidentally publishing thousands of social security numbers online, excuse me if I’m not jumping up and down with excitement over news that our health records are going to be given to these bureaucrats.

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