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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:30 am || Meets with members of the Congressional Black Caucus; Eisenhower Executive Office Building
2:35 pm || Meets with Secretary of Treasury Lew
4:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

31 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 9, 2013

  1. Keep the faith, Keith! I am certain NSA, IRS, FBI, etc. are monitoring your activities and approve. Snowden lives. Of course, that could just be demonstrative of the monumental incompetence of government, but do you really want to leave this to chance?

    • Where is Snowden? The last I heard was that Russia gave him a very short window of time to leave and that two or three Latin American countries have offered him asylum. But whether or not he actually has made a move I know not.

      • Julie, I wonder too. And I am so worried about him. Just “messages” and old interviews since he arrived in Moscow. Has he conveniently “disappeared”, a blessing for all these cowardly politicians in the West who do not dare to step up for this persecuted man ? All these pretty words about freedom, human rights , now we can all see clear what they are really worth . I think it is ungodly, unChristian, what I see. And the master persecutor himself, Obama, the winner of the Peace Prize, and who accepted that prize, he is beyond contempt. His veiled bullying tactics doesn´t buy him supporters over here.
        If Snowden is still in Moscow I am uncertain how he can go anywhere. His passport is evoked. Not even a government plane can get him out, look at what happened to the Bolivian plane. The Western politicians have probably decided in secret that this is the best way to make him surrender. I am so upset, appalled and sad by the Snowden affair. I am ashamed that there is no courage and spine among our politicians in the West. And these people go around the world lecturing others about democracy and free speech ? The only one courageous here is Snowden.

        • I am disappointed that Iceland didn’t work out for him. It was a less politically fraught location than Venezuela, Bolivia or Nicaragua. And closer to Russia so the transfer would have been easier.

  2. July 9, 2013 – Memorial service for the victims of the 2nd worse firefighter disaster in US history this century and President Obama sends Joe Biden and meets with the Congressional Black Caucus instead.

    • Speaking for my friends and neighbors here in Arizona, we don’t want VPBiden on our soil. For any reason.
      We will honor and bury our dead firefighters, and take care of the families they left behind.

      • I read an article about those 19 brave firefighters and how ever since their bodies were discovered, they were not out of the presence of one of their brethren firefighters until their interment. Such a virtuous act that must give such comfort to the survivors. God bless all these brave men and the families they left behind.

    • His entire Cabinet got an hour yesterday yet he is meeting with the CBC for four hours today. This is an interesting set of priorities.

  3. I’m curious, how can a group today still be called The Congressional Black Caucus? How is it right that blacks can choose to segregate themselves in this instance and its OK but when a group is all white, it is bad?

  4. He needs to meet with his corrupt DHS FEMA and FBI people and he needs to clean house. He needs to do this today and he he needs to relay to the public that he did so. He needs to be aware that if he does not immediately deal with these corrupt agencies who have no problem terrorizing and murdering Americans it will be the continued perception of the American people that he is the terrorist and the murder. NO MORE FBI ORCHESTRATED TERROR and framing of Muslims!
    Pics and raw video of the corrupt murdering terrorist group called the FBI follow:

    • Are you nuts? Do you really believe that the FBI orchestrated the Boston Marathon attacks and blamed Muslims? Do you believe someone other than those 20 Muslims carried out the attacks on 9-11-01? Did the FBI hypnotize Maj. Nidal Hassan before he killed all those people at Ft. Hood? What about Benghazi–was that, too, an FBI operation?

    • You may be on to something, Car In. Except they may be plotting how to instigate the race riots! The trial is being covered gavel to gavel on CNN – an extraordinary waste of money. The only problem – it appears Zimmerman has been over-charged and could even be acquitted. This does not bode well for Obama, Jesse Jackson, Sr., and Al Sharpton. Sometimes the best laid plans can go awry!

      • We must not forget, “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”. Why in the hell would the president (lower case here) of the United States ever make such a dastardly comment. What an a__h___e!

    • More likely they are plotting on how to best start the riots. Step 1 is bring in Al Sharpton as he has years of experience inciting riots.

  5. To send Biden to Arizona is an insult. Obama and his wife are the most self centered people I’ve ever seen. They have no heart or soul and no
    sence of duty and honor. But thankfully they are vastly outnumbered by
    us true caring Americas who will weep for those brave men so young
    but brave and willing to give their lives to save others. Theses qualities
    are something the Obmama’s don’t have don’t want and care little for
    the brave. We do and it’s heartfelt we will pry for the 19 makes me wish
    for a Reagan speech. God Bless them.