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UPDATED: Obama Schedule || Monday, July 8, 2013

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:30 am || Holds a Cabinet meeting; Cabinet Room
11:50 am || Makes a statement on his management agenda; State Dining Room

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

Revised schedule. Original schedule posted Sunday evening.

36 Responses to UPDATED: Obama Schedule || Monday, July 8, 2013

  1. These DPB’s are so wearying! Michelle, I think we need a vacation! A long vacation somewhere very distant from DC! What do you suppose we can do for $150-million? We must have saved that much closing all those military swimming pools and 4th fireworks! Don’t forget how much we have saved closing our place to public tours! Let’s hire that guy who won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Gorging Contest. He is a perfect poster boy for the government of the US: gobble, gobble, gobble! Wait until the taxpayers get a load of the load. I hope the non-producers don’t ever have to deal with that load. I would be a real change of diet. All they produce is the same load.
    Who called the laughter of liberals the “human bark?”

  2. Back from the African “trip”.

    Now for a couple of weeks packed with signing executive orders, welcoming school kids to the White House, whining about getting immigration passed, hitting the road for a couple of fund raisers, and maybe hosting a couple of NCAA championship teams.

    Then it’s off to the Vineyard for vacation.

    Goodness, where does the time go?

  3. Wow, a cabinet meeting and a “management” edict all in one busy morning? What’s the occasion? Maybe he’s getting some blowback from the clans $100 million African vacation and lavish July 4th celebration while the rest of the country and our military were shut out because of “sequestration cuts”? Seriously doubt that is the cause. The arrogant narcissistic potentate cares nothing about America or her people.

    • His poll numbers are dropping, so he must need to “manage” a new message. I’m sure it will go something like this “YOU are not making me look good, now get to work ! “

        • I loved the part about how he is going to focus on the economy–it’s been what, five years? People are part-time now, in the service industry, no new jobs in manufacturing, even your little rich buds in social and electronics are not putting it over the fences. Cars are still selling–but not Teslas.

      • or create some more “wag the dog” issues to take the focus off of the lists of current of scandals still floating about. The dem and ofa supporters were full of whit and wisdom all weekend on the boards. It was like nothing has happened and it’s all a witch hunt. Sometimes I read the comments just for fun and some great laughs. :-D

        • Speaking of supporter “wit”–the new party line on the not verifying income thing is, “Well, YOU said you didn’t want the IRS involved and now they won’t be.”

  4. “After health care delays, Obama to press cabinet to make government ‘smarter’.” (Washington Examiner) Is this a management agenda?

  5. Mark Knoller tweeted this today:
    Pres Obama’s Cabinet meeting this morning will be 2nd of 2nd term, 21st of his presidency. First Cabinet meeting for several new members.

    How does that compare to previous admins?

  6. Mr. Keith’
    Good comments here. You and the fellow posters should make a book with some of the many thoughtful :-) comments. I’ve seen hundreds of very humorous and brilliant posts.
    Keep the heat on the WH and its ilk.

  7. “Management agenda” from the State Dining Room? Must be a report on the state of the vegetable garden and the number of jobs created to harvest and transport the broccoli, lettuce and carrots from the garden to the WH dining table. Not to mention the dozens of chefs it takes to feed a gluttonous family of four.

    • 65andcounting: “Pres Obama’s Cabinet meeting this morning will be 2nd of 2nd term, 21st of his presidency. First Cabinet meeting for several new members.”
      Sorry, 65. Just read your answer.