In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Get Your Free Health Care! Step Right This Way!

It’s trust and don’t verify time for Obamacare.

I wonder, truly, why the enforcement mechanisms for Obamacare are going straight out the window until whenever without the whole thing being bumped back.


Oh boy, Single Payer Heaven, here we come.

In a friendly Friday document dump – on the Friday after July 4, no less – the Obama administration excreted a 600- page regulation within which was the joyful news that you can qualify for Obamacare subsidies WITHOUT HAVING TO PROVE YOUR INCOME.

Until 2015. Supposedly.

Meanwhile, you can start taking the subsidies in three months. Because as we all know, when it comes to health care, there’s never any fraud or abuse.

That means people can start getting their Obama phones subsidized health care in time to thank Democrats during the 2014 midterm elections. Who cares that the verification of income is statutory and not supposed to be blotted out by bureaucrats? For the Obama White House, laws – like principles – are fungible things.

Millions may sign up who don’t qualify. What’s more, you’re not supposed to move into subsidized care unless your employer doesn’t provide Obama-certified health insurance. But as you may remember, HHS just scotched that employer requirement too. Everyone into onto the taxpayer’s tab please!

Once our citizens start getting their new subsidized gifts, they will be LOATHE TO GIVE THEM BACK. The Obama people know that. It’s the guiding principle of the whole welfare state: Roll out the benefits, and let the Republican just try to roll them back!

The lure of subsidized health care will get even more healthy young things to sign up instead of forgoing insurance – putting at least some of their own money into the system and helping prop up the whole unwieldy mess by keeping insurers in the game. The insurance companies can go out of business later once we have single-payer firmly in place.

So go get your Obamacare! Just let the government know your self-adjusted gross income, and you’re in!

47 thoughts on “Get Your Free Health Care! Step Right This Way!”

  1. He’s certainly “fundamentally transformed” America alright. By putting Marx and Alinsky on steroids he’s formed his coalitions of envy, class, and race into one giant terd and flushing America as founded right down the toilet.
    Never a greater menace hath the Constitution faced.

    1. If that last sentence is true, then when will the military start taking its “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” oath seriously?

        1. BUT! according to the Obama regime, if the military got rid of an ‘elected president’ that would not be a “coup” -LOL

  2. It’s not “free” anything, nor is it “healthcare”. It’s health insurance that must be paid for by the consumer and the “subsidy” is not a money payout, but a tax credit.
    A sneaky crook can lie about their monthly income on the original sign-up form, but they will still have to pay for the health insurance.

    I have a dim memory of the original bill outlining a great deal of “savings” as a result of there being four years before the consumer actually gets any health insurance benefits from the exchanges. In other words, one must pay in for at least four years before any payouts accrue. I’m not sure this feature was enacted in the law, but was it was used to sell the mess.

    1. That last can’t be right…or I hope not. If some straight arrow actually fills in the 33-page monstrosity, estimates income, does this that and the darn other this fall, jumps through the plain hoops, the flaming hoops, the nuclear hoops, they are not going to wait a couple of yrs to get insurance! This would be one gored ox!

      1. You’re right about the last paragraph; I was referring to the CLASS act that I forgot had been repealed by Congress.
        Senior moments are sneaky, they come and go.

    1. Obama reminds me of Professor Harold Hill in the Music Man. He gets off the train at every stop, says he can bring music to the ears of every resident by free healthcare. Problem is, just like Harold Hill, Obama is a con artist, with no instruments for change.

      1. “The Music Man”, eh?

        Seventy-six yes-men did the dirty work,
        While a hundred and ten Democrats cheered them on.
        They were followed by swells and swells of welfare ne’er-do-wells,
        And a delegation from Tehran.

        Seventy-six yes-men stole our liberties,
        With a hundred and ten Democrats voting yea.
        There were more than a thousand regs writ by DC’s dregs,
        There were freedoms quashed in every way.

        There were IRS enforcers out to crush dissent,
        Auditing, auditing, everyone they could;
        EPA rule-writers with a Marxist bent,
        Quashing freedom for the common good.
        There were snoops from NSA recording our phone calls,
        Listening, listening to each word we said;
        Senators with regal bent, and Congressmen who won’t lament
        That the American dream is dead.

        Seventy-six yes-men are in full control,
        Since the Duffer In Chief can’t lead worth a damn.
        Thank you, all you welfare queens and you tree-hugging greens,
        For falling for this con man’s scam.

        Seventy-six yes-men killed America,
        While a hundred and ten Democrats had a ball.
        So, our nation died that way, and every tyrant loved the day
        That liberty took its final fall.

        (Okay, okay, Weird Al it’s not…)

  3. I thought it said the insurance cos did not have to verify–if the IRS is the one looking over your million-page application, wouldn’t they know your income? Also remember people can sign up when they get sick–sure I had cancer for three weeks, want to make something of it?

  4. I am almost starting to believe they wanted this to be a hash like some people have been saying–I still sort of don’t believe they are that smart, tho.

      1. LOL. The major leaque sports teams need to stay as far away as possible from any politics. Like movie stars are learning, it affects the “gate” (or box office) receipts.

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  6. “… as all history informs us, there has been in every State & Kingdom a constant kind of warfare between the governing & governed: the one striving to obtain more for its support, and the other to pay less. And this has alone occasioned great convulsions, actual civil wars, ending either in dethroning of the Princes, or enslaving of the people. Generally indeed the ruling power carries its point, the revenues of princes constantly increasing, and we see that they are never satisfied, but always in want of more. The more the people are discontented with the oppression of taxes; the greater need the prince has of money to distribute among his partisans and pay the troops that are to suppress all resistance, and enable him to plunder at pleasure. There is scarce a king in a hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharaoh, get first all the peoples money, then all their lands, and then make them and their children servants for ever …” Benjamin Franklin, before the Constitutional Convention, June 2, 1787

  7. A friend of mine is the Dean of a very known business school. He told me this morning that the ObamaCare catastrophe will be used in the project management courses in the MBA programs at his university beginning this fall. He says ObamaCare is the best example of “how not to do it” and will be a terrific teaching tool for graduate students. He told me the Obama crowd and the Democrats in the Congress have made every possible mistake that can be made in the creation and implementation of a major program. He believes the program is basically not implementable and has no chance of ever becoming “efficient” or deliver what the creators promised the American people.

      1. Yep. Like dat. And worse. It’s a systems problem, as well. The central problem with Obamacare, is that it imposes a half baked, poorly thought out new medical care system upon an existing pretty efficient medical delivery system. From that forced implementation comes a barn full of destructive unintended consequences, as we can observe on a daily basis even in these early stages of the implementation of Obamacare.It’s like giving four year olds a box of crayons and asking them to design a new car. And then demanding that everyone must purchase the car these kids design or else pay a fine. Weird times.

  8. So from today’s highly anticipated announcement to make Government smarter, (yep smarter) Obama said today that, …government would store data so that government forms could be automatically filled in “so you don’t have to enter it every time you log in.”

    Well at least it’ll make filling in those FOIAs easier.

  9. So, the IRS is the enforcement arm of Obamacare, but they won’t be checking anyone’s income eligibility (wink, wink) until at least after the midterm elections? Sounds as honest and transparent as anything else in this administration!

  10. Hmmm, perhaps there is some information in that super secret video Barack Obama Thanks the Nation’s Librarian Obamacare Navigators.

  11. The REAL joke of the ObamaCare act is that anyone with means, which includes everyone in Congress, wouldn’t stoop so low to enroll themselves. Witness one Teresa Heinz Kerry. Not to make light of her medical condition or her plight, but when it was obvious the Nantucket Hospital was too small-town for her needs, she had her own private plane whisk her to Boston, and a motorcade of secret service chase that ambulance all the way to the hospital. Any ObamaCare schulb member would not exactly get such treatment covered. The rich don’t care about ObamaCare. The poor get screwed. WHAT A PLAN.

    1. Was it a private plane? I ask seriously. Reports were that she was “critical”, then stabilized. So, unless Mrs. Heinz has a private med equipped plane it’s all rather odd. At least it wasn’t a government plane. Small favors.

      But to your point on Obamacare, correct.

      1. Yes, at least that’s the report I heard. They said verbatim, “her private plane”. I am sure its easy to corroborate by looking at websites like FlightStats. I guess MediVac helicopters or whatever else Nantucket regular residents use for their off-island emergency needs wasn’t good enough.

  12. The wages of sin (Obamacare) are already showing up in the employment numbers. Temp agencies are now America’s second largest employer! Last month’s report showed the highest number of part-time jobs – ever – and a whopping loss of 240,000 full-time jobs. Nearly 20% of the nation is working part-time. When is the WH going to start publishing a list of all companies and institutions that have opted out of the employer mandate? Guess we’ll have to wait until after mid-terms to start demanding complete transparency.

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