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Obama’s Buds are in Town for the Holiday

President Obama’s loyal friends, who seem to plan their own vacations around his, are in Washington today, having made their presence known by running out for a round of golf with the First Friend.

Obama is playing golf today with pals Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker and the Andrews Air Force Base course.

It’s the president’s 19th time playing this year and the 130th outing for the Obama administration.

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  1. So when do Michelle and the girls leave for the Vineyard? Has to be soon, I suspect. I heard they are spending a month on the island.

    1. After seeing pics from the past Fourths on Michelle Obama’s Mirror, it was impossible not to notice that little cliclhe trot of his. You know, the one to show you all the vim and vigor he has.

          1. Someone else said it was a squirrel pose. I call it the hand flap. Better to flop around staring downward at the steps rather than hold the rail like anyone would on steep metal steps and look 50, I guess.

        1. He really does have limp wrists! The phony way he gets off the plane everytime with his wrists bobbing up and down like he’s athletic or something? Who is he kidding? He’s the biggest coward who has to track all the non-democrats because he has a guilty conscience and knows that at least 50% of Americans hate him with a passion, and why shouldn’t they? Just wants to tax and spend other people’s money for all his perverted losing “green” projects and vacations. He would never spend his own money on his hair-brained schemes? Well, I blame Congress and the Republicans who let this child/man do whatever he wants. They don’t care about us either or they would stand up to hinm, worried about their own asses, they’ll be sorry too.

  2. he had a hard day yesterday… WH party.. emergency meeting on Egypt, party at the WH.

    When the going gets tough, the president goes go golfing.

    Glad he has his laser eye tuned to the economy and jobs. Or has that been put off till after 2014 along with ACA??

    Meanwhile his SOS is sunning out on the islands. Maybe scouting for MOTUS and kidlets summer vaca?? Guess Middle East developments are not that important. I didn;t see him at the Nat Security Mtg table, unless it was him via video. Or is Kerry not allowed to play with them?

    1. Great post, Otis.

      >>When the going gets tough, the president goes go golfing.>Glad he has his laser eye tuned to the economy and jobs. Or has that been put off till after 2014 along with ACA?? <<
      Yup, probably so. Laughed out loud on this one. Excellent!!

      I figured he'd come right home after spending $96M was it, in Africa & head right out to MV. Oh, no, that's right. They'll have to go there in separate aircraft, like they always do. It'll cost more that way.

      Why weren't there any holes in Kerry's boat?

      God Bless all of our Warriors & protect them!

    2. Obama continually reminds his donors and supporters he can’t do anything until he gets back his majority in the House and keeps the Senate ;)

      Boston Herald has photos of Kerry on vacay in Nantucket after State denied he was. Then they backtracked saying he can be SoS from anywhere and calling Prezzy counts !

      1. hmmm I wonder if JK has ever paid his back taxes on his yacht he moved to RI to get out of them. Am sure it was all a misunderstanding now, since it’s mooring on the hook out at Nantucket. I just happen to know the Harbormaster.. I should drop her a line ;-)

        1. The boat he had built in New Zealand to save money while the Massachusetts boat buidling industry struggles ? I think that ticked me off even more. No only evading taxes on it by shifting the port to another state, but didn’t support his own state’s industry and economy.

  3. The Weekly Standard had an article about him golfing. The funniest part was that they pointed out he was carrying a briefing book to read on the trip. He appeared at 9 sharp and the pool reporters headed to the food at 9:22. I’m going with the 3rd grade trick of hiding a comic book between the pages of a real book.

    1. I saw a report (don’t remember where) that SenMcCain was in Kabul meeting with military leaders and troop members.

      We can assume that the rest of Congress is in hiding from their constituents, both Dems and Repubs. None of us are happy and would love to have the opportunity to tell them what we think.

  4. Keith, thanks, but how do you manage to avoid losing your marbles as close as you are to the”action?” It must be maddening. Thanks, again!

    1. Can’t speak for Keith, but I live in the DC area. My way of not going stark staring mad in this town? Following sports (just not the Snydermen.)

      DC hasn’t won a championship since…what, the [racial slur] in 1991? All due respect to DC United, but soccer isn’t considered a major sport in the US just yet. Hey, we’re USED to not getting stuff done in Washington, so why not in sports, too?

      1. Good luck, Darkangel. I have found the sports thing is a very tenuous link to reality. You have my deepest sympathy.

  5. Gee is it still a holiday today today?
    He needs to recover after spending so much time with he family, must have really missed hanging with the boys.

  6. I’ve always thought it interesting that the o – and the FLINO – really don’t have any friends in DC. He has to import “friends” and use staffers to make up a foursome. No one invites them anywhere. They have to take the staffers, “their sisters and their cousins and their aunts” and various freeloaders on monthly trips.

    1. Good point! No ‘mainstream’ friends – only radical fringe players. Red flags everywhere.

      Interestingly, there is one maternal relative, Dr. Milton Wolf, a Kansas physician and second cousin of Mrs. Dunham. who obviously is no fan of Obama.

      Great stuff:

  7. He should be arrested on the spot for impersonating the President of the United States! His failure to perform on any level rises to the level of dereliction of duty. His abuse of power rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. A democracy exists only when there is an informed populace. There is zero transparency – only lies and obfuscations – from the Obama regime. The scandals are piling up, only to be swept under the carpet by a complicit media. The world reviles our tin-pot wannabe dictator.

    The Egyptian coup should be an inspiration to every American patriot. Egypt’s Morsi is our Obama – to a tee!

  8. Is Reggie with them. Or did he just go for the Africa Trip along with the 999 bff’s of Obama. Sure would like to see that list.

  9. I just saw a news release that Obama just finished golf and on his way to Camp David. Wonder if his buddies are going with him ….. and their families ? Oh, and Michelle and the girls too?

    Stay tuned :D

      1. Wonder when Jay Carney started writing for the Daily News.

        The photo of Obama leaving the White House is clearly one of a president hard at work.

        Carrying a blackberry and a 3-ring binder hardly says that one is working his ass off!

      2. omg!!.. you mean he finally got clearance to visit Camp David again?? With the family?? Was MOTUS smiling when she boarded the helo??

        Did the stock up on shotgun shells? I heard he needs more practice.

        So a vacation from the vacation (I mean “official” trip to Africa). Well played sir, well played.

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  11. Sorry for beating a dead horse here, but the o and golf: there are a number of golf clubs/courses around DC, as you can imagine, some much more exclusive than others, obviously. Apparently the o belongs to none of them, has never been sponsored by a member to join, and is never invited by a member to be a guest. That’s odd.
    So it looks as if he has to play at Andrews or a military base (thereby depriving genuine service members of their place to golf). He must shut the place down for half a day?.

    1. Security would be a good reason for him to only golf at military courses.
      Come to think of it, didn’t he golf at a private course in Florida, the time he was with TigerWoods?

      Just blew the security theory all by myself. So, maybe he’s not welcome at local high-end golfing venues.

      1. Am sure his pvt sand trap outing with Tiger was known well in advance by SS and had already been worked over by a advance team.

        Military facilities are easier as they are on bases with active security, fenced and a easy control for the SS. Both bases have worked with SS before, especially Andrews, so a easier run and gun for them to make a unexpected day of golfing. All it does is puts out the military and retiree’s who were scheduled to use the course. The will forgive him his time as he just threw them a party the night before at “Our House” (sarcasm)

      2. Check out the Army-Navy Country Club which you can spit on from the WH, it used to be a favorite for former Prezzys who golfed. But I guess in post-9-11, you need more security.

        1. He could become a member, but is too cheap. This is a private club. If he were to golf there they would have to close it down. Big difference when he can snap his fingers and a military facility becomes his personal golf course and any scheduled players are kicked out.

          A-N is a very nice course, but as we all know BO will not step on the pvt community toes unless it’s for Tiger or someone very very important.. Some of the members are big Dem supporters (maybe not of BO but still of the party).

  12. Obama at Camp David. What’s up with that? His Arrogance is not too fond of that place and his last “skeet shooting” experience was not a success.

  13. Egypt is on the brink of civil war and Barry is out playing golf, Kerry is on his yacht and lied about being on it.
    I was got to ask who the hell is running the store, then I remembered about Valerie.

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  15. If you’re a fan of Air Force One and her crew, here’s a fascinating doc about how she rolls :D Starts with 9-11 and keeping Bush safe to Prezzy-elect Obama’s first flight. The 45 minutes went fast, I had not intended to watch it all ….. starts w/short ad, but is commercial free.

  16. The tweet from Barack Obama wishing everyone a nice weekend while he sits in a kayak……tell me it’s a photoshop….not real… one is that stupid in the WhiteHouse to publish that….OMG, can it be real?

      1. Thanks for the linky, I don’t um, ah, tweety.

        So far, I’ve seen 12 photoshops from the Titanic to a giant shark about to eat the Prez, so I didn’t know if it was real.
        Good grief, they are so clueless in the WhiteHouse.

          1. If MrTapper’s right about the WhiteHouse’s intent of this photo, the social media or the political right didn’t get cheeked, they got busy photoshopping until MrO is being laughed at by millions.

            It’s just like the silly ‘skeet shooting’ photo and the result is the same.

          2. Obama kayackng is funny, but I like the photo where he’s stepping on the word government on the rug. It would have been even better if the other foot was on justice.

          3. How sophomoric can this regime get? The world is on fire and this petty tyrant is getting his jollies off by needling those of us who won’t bow to his will? Fat chance that kayaking photo is legit anyway. Doubt Mooch and ValJar would permit their meal ticket to paddle around in the ocean without a life vest, even for a photo op.

          4. I also hear a lot of buzz that Kerry was chosen to make Hillary look good — both at State and for the future Preezy run. Also the disclosure that Kerry was in fact out on his yacht intentional to diminish him. I personally see him as a traitor so I could care less. Except for any further damage he can do to the country

            That said, I also heard that on the 4th there was a LGBT parade in Kandahar. Don’t know how much of that is true. But pretty much with this crew anything is possible as long as it weakens the US and makes us look pathetic.

          5. Unfortunately, the DoD celebration of homosexuality in Afghanistan appears to be true, gracepmc. From Allen West’s Facebook:

            Allen West
            Ok, let me get this right, our deployed Troops are counseled about displaying their Christian faith and told to be culturally sensitive to Muslims by not speaking of Christianity or openly showing bibles…but we can have an LGBT pride event at Kandahar (where I was stationed for two years). We are all upside down and silly me I thought that pride came in simply being called Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coast Guardsman (oops, that’s not even PC gender correct). I am seriously confused. Can someone please explain what is the mission of the US Armed Forces under the direction of the Obama administration?

        1. Absolutely. We had a youngster born with fire-engine red hair and freckles. It wasn’t until a Great-Aunt saw the child that the “mailman” was off the hook; she said the child looked exactly like her brother who had died of a childhood illness.
          Sometimes, it’s just a crap-shoot of who the child resembles.
          All of my children resembled Winston Churchill when they were born, but thankfully grew hair and turned out to be normal looking.

          1. My kid looked exactly like my (then) husband when he was born. For years, he looked like a mini-me. Now that he’s turning 13, he looks like both his father and I.

    1. Good news. Chuck Todd, super Obot, says that the White House doesn’t see a path to passing immigration and that Paul Ryan’s “gone silent”. I suspect the input from the public has had an influence.

      1. I am praying Paul Ryan takes the advice of the man he calls The Great One, Mark Levin, and walks away from amnesty for illegals.

    1. Too much believe me. 18 holes of golf and comings and goings add up to about 8 hours. (19th hole) :)> The rest of the day is shot (no pun intended) due to stress related to bad day on the course.

    2. Mandy has it about right. It’s traditionally 4 hours, but Obama is on record saying he likes to stretch it to six. So 5 is probably the best number to use, and 5*130=650.

      However, 650/24 comes out to 27 man-days, not 22.

      650 hours is the equivalent of 16.25 40-hour work weeks, and 21.667 of the 30-hour work weeks that Obamacare is forcing on so many.

      1. Oh, and for what it’s worth: once he hits 144 rounds of golf, it will be fair to say the man has spent an entire man-month on the golf course.

      2. a bit flawed I think, the King of Putts does not work anywhere near 40 hrs a week. (yea I know he’s a 24/7 kinda work guy.. not)

  17. Looks like the crazy woman living in the WH is now doing her own publicity! First it was the video tweet to ET from Africa; now it’s a video recording to PEOPLE magazine featuring a message to a teenaged “MO look-alike” who sent a letter and photos of herself to the First Hedonist.

    “You and Me – we’re sisters in power”! Huh? Aside from the bad grammar, what is ‘sisters in power’? Black Pantherettes?

    1. I wonder if she knows what Stokely Carmichael supposedly said about the position of women in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee before he was kicked out and became a member of the Black Panther Party.

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  20. John McCain wants to stop aid to Egypt. He continues to support the Syrian rebels.

    Rep. Schiff (D) withhold aid to Egypt until there is “a swift return to the democratic process”.

    1. I know some here like John McCain but I can’t abide him. I guess he is such a died in the wool maverick that he supports rebels no matter who they are or where they are just for the sake of their rebelliousness. I think for once Obama is doing the right thing by staying aloof from what is going on in Syria and Egypt, or, as Sarah Palin has said, “Let Allah settle it.” I also support putting a hold on the $1.5 billion US aid to Egypt because no matter which side gets their mitts on it, it will be used for fighting their enemy, not to help the people. Just my personal opinions.

  21. Keith, you take some time off and your blog goes on and on without you.


    I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. Did you see the thing in the Wash Post where the WH is asking mothers to make their kids sign up for Obamacare? I guess the NFL wasn’t enough.

      1. Obama taped a thank you or some such nonsense for the Librarians of America for helping “navigate” Americans through Obamacare. The video to the Librarians will not be released to the public.

        1. The last I heard librarians were refusing to rat our book lists to the govt–yay! Now they are herding us into this travesty of a health thingie. Make up your minds, librarians! Are you in the side of the readers or bleeders?

      2. Obamacare is imploding. There is no money for it. A headline I saw on the Washington Examiner says that HHS is giving up on Obamacare’s anti-fraud measures. It makes you wonder if the involvement of schools and librarians is an attempt to replace all the proposed paid ‘navigators’ with volunteer ones.

        1. Hopefully , on the imploding. Paid vs. unpaid — unlikely as His Arrogance delights in bleeding us dry in service of the greater good. imho

  22. FOX news: Chris Plante and Leslie Marshall (Meghan Kelly show) take on $37M pilot program for children peddling Obamacare to parents at LAUSD:
    Chris Plante: “This is third world, banana republic nuttiness – something out of East Germany or N. Korea.”

    Ironically, the majority of parents in the L.A. school system ARE (illegal) immigrants from the banana republic on our southern border. This is not about health care – it’s about government – Obama’s propoganda machine. Is this another way of asking hispanics to ‘punish your enemies’? 58% of the country would like to see Obamacare repealed and/or replaced. Why are school children being trained to sell it? Maybe Child Protective Services should be called in on this one!

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