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Amid Power Struggle in Egypt, Obama Says Nothing

In stark contrast to his behavior when crowds confronted our ally, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, President Obama is remaining silent today, refusing the weigh in as Egypt’s people and its army seek to overthrow an Islamist leader who, though democratically elected, was headed down the road toward tyranny.

During the last days of Mubarak’s regime, Obama got on the phone with the Egyptian leader to tell him to get out and took to the podium of the White House briefing room to declare that the transition of power “must begin now.”

But Obama today has nothing to say. The people of Egypt, once they seize power back from the Islamists, will as a consequence owe nothing to the United States, and they’ll feel justifiable hostility that we failed to help.

Obama clings to the illusion that Islamists are democrats. President Morsi and his coterie have not acted as democrats since seizing power and have violated the terms of their election. Democracy is gone for now in Egypt. The only one still clinging to it is Obama.

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  1. Keith, its a holiday weekend at the White House.
    Obama will be told of the situation in Egypt in Monday’s “PDB” around 10am EST.

  2. It seems likely to me that the tendency of people outside big cities to vote for Sharia is not going to disappear just because some people in a big city persuaded the military to install a military government.

    They will go down this path again and again until at some point, the sharists will have gotten enough presence in the military to make it also a pro-sharia institution, at which point sharia will be come law and protesters will be treated to muslim-style Tieneman Square elimination of non-sharists.

    • Rereading my comment, I see things got a bit tangled. Well, I predicted the MB would take power and I predict now that the shari-supporters will win in the end. There is no room in the shari-world for a demoncratically elected anything unless it puts shari into effect.

  3. I saw some very anti-American, anti-Obama photographs coming out of Egypt. Several of them referred to Ambassador Ann Patterson as a bitch or Obama’s bitch so you would think that he would have recalled her at least temporarily.

  4. ‘hey, I really, um, liked that morsey guy, but, ya’ know, um, if you folks want um, um, sompem else, hey it’s your country’?

    MrObama is no longer a lame duck President. Now, he’s laying on the sideboard waiting to be plucked, and fricaseed. No one listens to him.

    • Sarah’s right, let Allah sort them out. :D

      Not sure Obama knows what’s going on either. Seriously, he thought Morsi was bringing peace, love and understanding to the land. Hillary did too, so here’s another strike against her for 2016.

      Not sure this “new” group will be any better for the region.

      • Egypt was getting out of control. I mean anarchy, and I think the military will at least re-establish order. I don’t look for anyone in the region to become our friend though. Israel is our only friend, but Obama has somewhat turned our traditional ties in the Middle East up on their head. Maybe that’s the one thing he’s ‘good’ at: turning things upside down.

  5. When the Egyptian military is finished over there, can we get them to come here? Morsi and Obama could be cell mates at GITMO. Moochie would love the ocean view!

  6. Obama’s ticked off. Big time. All those tanks and all those F-16’s and all that money he gave Morsi to strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood’s quest for power over the Egyptian people were for naught. The people won. Morsi’s gone. Life ain’t fair, is it Barry? Learn a lesson from this,.

  7. Everyone who tells him what to say are already on vacation so he’s speechless. Besides how very undiplomatic to have a coup on his
    vacation? Speaking of ye olde coup one should remember they do happen still.

  8. Obama has finally spoken. From the mouth of Obama, according to the WaPo, “U.S. ‘deeply concerned’ about army’s ouster of Egyptian president.” Earth-shattering.

    • I heard, saw, read something to the effect that the democrat meme was developing to distance Obama from Morsi is that all the aid we gave to Egypt was to the military and hence not Morsi and the MB directly. Beckel did try and dribble a little of that out today on The Five.

    • yeah: there’s late-breaking news that Obama has finally given a statement, and he’s not very happy with the Egyptian Army! he’s told them to give power back to the “civilian” government as soon as possible.

      Obama is so in bed with the Muzzie Brotherhood it’s ridiculous. of course he’s going to try to prop up his boy Morsi. oh btw if you haven’t seen the anti-Obama signs at Tahrir Square you must check out:

      it includes the instant classic “Obama: your b***h is our dictator.”

      • “Hayzaboon Go Home.” I’d sure like to know what ‘hayzaboon’ means. I bet it’s not Arabic for ‘Yankee’.

  9. He says nothing because he has nothing to say.

    As he has so often recently (Syria), he trots out spokesmen to deliver the message for him. That way, he’s not seen as responsible.

    Still leading from behind.

  10. “… I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical…it is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government…”
    Always like to read a little T. Jefferson on Independence Day. Maybe the Egyptians found a copy.

  11. Doesn’t it frighten Americans that Obama likes the MB? Or did like the MB? An extremist Islamist group? And Hillary Clinton with her MB Assistant and she may be President next? I do hope our country wakes up like Egypt did. They don’t want an Islamic state apparently.

  12. You better watch out Obama. You keep up the dictator stuff and it could happen here like in Egypt. People are really getting fed up — Obama should drop the arrogant act — he works for us not the other way around and tell that to the GOP too, they are like the walking dead!!!

  13. The Muslim Brotherhood may have been defeated in Egypt, for now, but it is still in the White House and still influencing our national policies.

    Of course Obama is silent. He most certainly is disappointed that his goal of total control of the Middle East by the Brotherhood has been delayed. And of course, these aren’t black men being discriminated against or accused of voter fraud and intimidation, murder, theft, or bullied because they are homosexuals so why would he bother?