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Obamacare Mandate Delay a Crushing Blow to Democrats

Some Republicans are angered that the White House has delayed until 2015 one of Obamacare’s most harmful provisions, the employer insurance mandate, believing it will pull the rug out from plans to make Obamacare the banner issue for 2014.

But that’s a mistake. In fact, it gives Republicans even more ammunition.

Everything's going perfectly.
Everything’s going perfectly.

The pain that would have been inflicted on employers and the economy had the mandate been applied on schedule would have been hard for Republicans to quantify. Layoffs can be attributed to a variety of causes. The economy seems primed to improve, and the White House would have sold this as evidence Obamacare is not having a negative impact – or that it’s even helping the recovery.

But having to delay a central component of the law is clear evidence that things are broken. Remember, the individual mandate remains on schedule, and amid the confusion of implementing it, Republicans will now have an opening to argue that the entire law is chaotic and unworkable.

Voters will increasingly have the sense that they are being subject to something harmful, written by people who are incompetent. Republicans will be able to propound the general theme that this law is bad for Americans, and that their health care will be in jeopardy once it is subject to bureaucrats who can’t even figure out the rules.

In short, something that was supposed to provide a feeling of safety – a guarantee of insurance – will now be viewed as adding to insecurity.

Having demonstrated that they can ignore the law’s provisions and put things off, the White House officials will come under pressure to delay more of it. And the more things are delayed, the better position Republicans will be in to cancel the law should they capture the White House in 2016.

And those who defend Obamacare have taken a brisk blow to the gut. The White House, which has sought to portray things as moving along nicely, is now all but acknowledging that things are not humming smoothly and that the law may indeed be harmful.

Instead of having to try to prove that Obamacare is an unwieldy mess that is damaging businesses and causing unemployment, Republicans can showcase Exhibit A – the Obama administration’s own decision to delay the employer mandate until after the election.

It will be hard, with the mess undergirding this law exposed, for Democrats to argue that Congress needs additional Democrats to write more such bills.

42 Responses to Obamacare Mandate Delay a Crushing Blow to Democrats

  1. Campaigning for the 2014 elections would be more difficult for Dems if the crap was implemented because it is a disastrous bill.

  2. What gives Obama the authority to “delay” it in the first place? Oh that’s right, he only has to enforce the laws as HE interprets them. Man, that meeting with Castro and Chavez taught him more than I thought.

    • Some people are questioning the legality of him doing that. Obamacare is the law, and he doesn’t have the authority to rescind or reset.

      • The fact that the Supreme Court allowed the Obama administration to decline to defend DOMA may mean that they will give him a pass on delaying the mandate also.

  3. I think it is simply a political ploy to help the Democrats keep their seats in 2014.

    How many employers who employ over 50 don’t already offer health insurance? My guess would be not many.

    • This is the equivalent of the Zimmerman prosecution having their witness testify that Zimmerman looked to be truthful — and then coming back the next day and asking the jury to forget they ever heard it.

    • Bingo !
      Even if the republicans force a discussion, the liberals will just call them racists.
      Rush’s ‘LIV.s’ despise anything that comes out of a republican’s mouth., and they refuse to listen to facts.

      This tells me that the administration is beginning to fear the potential results of the 2014 election.

      The voter fraud that we saw in the last election is still in play.
      A last ditch effort by this administration to take the house and keep the senate is their brass ring, the goal to true tyranny.
      There will not be a ‘lame duck president’.
      Rather, he will unleash even more regulations to further destroy this Country.

      • I thought he didn’t stand a chance of winning but proved me wrong. The chicanery, lies, twisting the truth and anything that will help them gain the White House.

    • It is a cynical ploy, but fingers crossed that it doesn’t work. For one thing, the individual mandate remains in force. However, I fear that the establishment Republicans will go along if the whole Obamacare boondoggle is postponed until after the 2014 election. I am a cynic too.

  4. You KNOW the end is near when the comments in the NYT article about this mandate being deleted in dark of night, behind the apron strings of Jarrett, is more than two to one against Obama. Even those who voted for the man are turning on him.

    Gosh, Life IS Good.

  5. This means most people will get to keep their doctor until after the election, when companies may “turf” employees to the exchanges. I see this as a huge plus to head off opposition to the law–among union members and others.

    • Yet then the 2016 Presidential is just around the corner and no way they can delay anything else to save them then.
      I would like to think that after 8 years of Obama a dem doesn’t stand a chance, but after spending a night with Mr. Jameson on November 6 discussing the ignorance of a populace that would re-elect such an incompetent, I’ve pretty much given up on thinking.

      • Don’t give up yet Geoff.
        If we get the right congress in there, they can defund either parts or all of the bill.
        As Obama keeps chipping away at the Constitution, it appears that we can chip away at a crippling monstrosity designed to take this Country to Her knees.

          • I think I understand what you’re saying Star.
            In a perfect world, wouldn’t we all rely on thinking vs. feeling ? Given, we do not live in a perfect world, but, the efforts that we are willing to make towards that goal are not worth the effort ?
            Mob mentality does not overall consist of thinking individuals.
            I feel that the thinkers can overcome the mob, given the chance.
            Is the MSM a mob ?

          • Yes–it’s a me-too mob.

            I was being facetious about not thinking–but sometimes I do think we overthink things and real life does not go that way.

  6. Shocking. Just shocking that a givernment program would have any issues or unintended consequences at all. I mean usually these programs go just like a clockwork orange.

  7. Guess somebody should have read it Little Nancy? I’m starting to think
    this bunch of children are ruling by fiat and the Magic Eight Ball always
    says ‘Guess Again’.

  8. “gives Republicans more ammunition…”
    -That means the Republicans can shoot themselves even more. Todays ‘Republican (so-called) leadership’ has no clue/spine to truly attack the Obama regime.

    • Term limits for all these people in DC are dangerous, stupid and
      totally clueless bye bye. There must be better people for office
      out there someplace surely I pray.

      • I am all for term limits. You need to flush the toilet often.

        This nation also needs “Voter IQ” laws; if you are too stupid-lazy to follow/understand basic current events then you have no right to “vote”.

  9. Once people see the reality of what that bill is going to do, I hope they change their mind about the current administration. That bill is a detriment to the country.

  10. We on this site and hopeful that Obamacare will collapse under its own weight and die, but leftists will use that collapse to push for single payer in its place. I’ve read and heard them saying that–Joe Trippe on Hannity last night for example.

  11. There is nothing in the law that allows the Executive Branch to delay this provision. Once again, this Administration has chosen to act outside of the law.

  12. Obamacare is on life support – can it breathe new life into the GOP?
    It should be D,O.A. by mid-terms next year – can we overthrow the Weeper of the House and take control of the Senate from Rubio on Immigration? Be still, my heart!

  13. I agree with you, Keith, and not Fox, that this move will not make everyone forget about Obamacare and its evils until 2015. John Boehner, if we can believe him, said that Obamacare as a 2014 issue is not going away.

  14. The Dems don’t worry me as much as the vast number of Americans
    who are without interest in politics. In my opinion they gave a
    failed president another term. Therefore, I don’t expect much from
    2014 with or without Obamacare.

  15. My 17 year old daughter has a part time job at a movie theater. This chain has already declared that no hourly workers can work more than 28 hours a week EVEN IF, like my daughter, they have other health insurance. It is making it very difficult for those trying to earn money for college and it is hard for managers who are trying to create schedules. They ALL know it is due to Obamacare and they aren’t happy about out. Now it is all for nothing, at least for this year.

    • The American people and American companies (with their lawyers) can be very passive-aggressive, dawdling, ignoring, forgetting to do things, and if all else fails, protesting and voting. I think the admin–even if they get some websites to operate–will have a hard time stuffing this down people’s throats.

      • My daughter works at Wendy’s–her schedule is part-time–35 hours, I think, maybe less. She did not buy their gyppy little health thing bec she didn’t have enough money and now is worried she will have to get it or some even more expensive. She asked me could she get time payments for her fine…The econ is still horrible and many good jobs are not coming back, laser beam or no, people can’t afford this darn thing.

  16. These politicians lack the competence to deal with the many problems arising from the economic crisis, yet they pigheadedly plough on with their failed policies. Perhaps they need advice from professional economic crisis specialists like the Orlando Bisegna Index, specialists in the economic crisis, have helped various counties with debt problems, business failures and unemployment.