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The Obama Morning News || July 3, 2013

White House delays key Obamacare rule . . . Washington Post
Obamacare backers on the defensive . . . Washington Times
Move could take issue from GOP in 2014 . . . Fox News
Change won’t affect many businesses . . . National Journal
Obama’s crisis of competence . . . National Journal
Lerner’s price for testimony: Immunity . . . Politico
Romney waffled over presidential bid . . . Washington Post
Dems push Christie to back gay marriage . . . New York Times
Anti-Palin novel imagines her as president . . . Politico
Satire: OFA – the secret emails revealed . . . The Daily Caller

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 3, 2013

  1. The Obamacare delay will most likely lead to a postponement, then to a reconsideration, then to a overhaul until it finally sputters out to a big nothing. It’s too big, too complicated, and too intrusive to ever be an effective federal government program.
    It took the federal government decades upon decadeds to make the IRS the big, complicated and intrusive agency that it is today.
    The only way to put the government in charge of health insurance is by increments over years.

    Sarah Palin, sarah palin, sarah, palin, geez. The minute the lefty press types hear her name or any version of her name, they go beserk with snazzy snarky comments or outright insults as if she were holding a most powerful elected position that is causing great harm to the 1st Amendment. For five years they have tried to dismiss her influence and importance by calling her stupid, idiotic, shrill, meaningless, and of no consequence, but.. there she is again…

    Lois Lerner is toast. cooked. all that’s left is the the slicing and dicing.

    • Certainly hope so! It always amazes me how the liberals attack Palin….why? I think they fear her; she has been so on target with a lot of her ideas.

    • That’s the conservative point of view. The leftist point of view is that it will be solved if we all go on single payer. And, btw, I don’t agree with Fox that it will be a nonstarter in the 2014 election unless the Republicans dumbly play along and don’t bring up the subject. Are they going to agree with the Democrats to take Obamacare off the table until 2015? (Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that question.)

    • What a chinzy, cheap and mean way to punish our military.
      Millions of Americans keep their private pools fresh and available for little outlay.

    • He took the vote from them, demeaned their mission before making it impossible to sucessfully conclude in both Afganistan and Iraq, takes their Bibles away throughout the world, and leaves them to die a la Benghazi. Against this backdrop, it’s not surprising that he denies them any comfort in token payment for their sacrifice.

      Really, the only reason he even feeds them is because his civilian corps isn’t ready to take over yet…

    • And they didn’t get big bang for our bucks. They gave away big bucks. Isn’t SA a wealthy nation? Yet we are giving them $7 billion to expand their electrical grid while electricity is supposed to go through the roof here next year.

      Anyway, I agree with you about the status of the military under Obama.

  2. “Lerner’s price for testimony: Immunity . . . Politico”

    Na ganna happen. RINOs don’t want the truth to come out any more than The Angry Caliph does, especially The West Chester Weeper that is John Boehner. Johnny already went on record as saying he totally trusts Obama, and wouldn’t that clown him if there was actual testimony as to how wrong he was? It would also boost the Teas because – if nothing else – it proves that it ain’t paranoia if they really ARE out to get you, and would fully justify the lack of faith in trusting Big Govie, whether it’s Dem or Rino driven. Crying Johnny had a Tea challenge LAST time, and if they’d run someone on economic issues instead of abortion, it’s likely there’d be a DIFFERENT RINO speaker today. The LAST thing HE wants is to empower ACTUAL conservatives; it would make his bowing to Obama on everything just seem awkward…

    The upshot will be no imminuty, then she’ll clam up, maybe be found in contempt of Congress at most (if they actually rule that she waived her Fifth Amendment rights, by no means a lock), and then suffer Eric Holder’s penaly for contempt of Congress – which was NOTHING. In any case, if Obama doesn’t have her whacked first, she just needs to tie it up in various legal proceedings until the mid-terms, at which time the Democrats will steal ALL of Congress (leaving a couple of token bootlicking “Republicans” around so they have someone to blame stuff on, like Bohener, McCain, McConnell, and maybe Ronald McDonald since it already reads like a list of clowns) and all investigations of anyone who is NOT a conservative will end – which means the aforementioned RINOS are in the clear, but people who actually HAVE values, ethics, morals, and stuff like that will be made to pay dearly, starting with the “racist, women-hating, homophobic” peasants who DARED question the IRS, but definitely NOT ending there…

    Don’t worry, then Lois. Bammy’s got ya back. Like he did Ambassador Stevens’…

    • if they actually rule that she waived her Fifth Amendment rights, by no means a lock

      Last week they voted that she did waive her rights.

  3. Taylor, a founding partner of Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, is even shrugging off the possibility that the full House might vote to hold Lerner in contempt.

    “None of this matters,” he said. “I mean, nobody likes to be held in contempt of Congress, of course, but the real question is one that we’re fairly confident about, and I don’t think any district judge in the country would hold that she waived.”


    This is an incredibly high-minded and arrogant position. He seems to imply that being held in contempt of Congress is a routine occurrence, and that this would be fought out in a court room.

    Read more:

  4. Why bother with the stinkin’ rule of law, eh Preezy Revenge? Just a wave of his magic wand and presto chango Obamacare mandate for employers is whisked out of the behemoth law by order of “The White House”, aka Preezy Revenge.

    Hey Republican party, pull your head out and realize if he isn’t going to enforce the rule of law with his beloved Obamacare, he isn’t going to pay heed to any amnesty law Congress passes. The GOP is led by idiots or demons, and maybe a combination of both.

  5. So this fall, uninsured will HAVE to buy some overpriced/high deductible mess with materinity, etc, so will employees in companies with under 50 people, and poor people will have to get something along with turning all their lives over to the IRS for supplementary help…so what happened to spreading the cost over EVERYONE…how will this be paid for? More taxes? The young people who were to pay without using it much, they also are not enthused.

  6. After hearing about Egypt and Morsy today, I say this, Morsy was so anti-semetic calling the Jewish people “pigs” when Israel is so clean and beautiful filled with lovely and beautiful and anti-American

  7. Goodbye Morsy, Morsy who called the Jewish people “pigs” and OBAMA didn’t mind that name-calling, he was all for Morsy!!! The Jewish people made Israel clean, modern, lovely and beautiful and above all civilized. I say, goodbye to Morsy and his extremists. Anything is better. The Egyptian people do not want an Islamist state apparently.

  8. My first comment ending with the word anti-American was an error — with a slip of a finger it was posted. Read the next comment, that is the correct one. Thank you.