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Obama Accepts Military Takeover of Egypt

President Obama tonight implicitly accepted the military coup in Egypt, issuing a statement that pointedly fails to call for the military to relinquish power immediately and instead points to a “process” that will over time lead the country to a democratically elected government.

Obama’s passive acceptance of the coup is the first positive development in Obama’s policy – if it can be called a policy – toward Egypt during the current crisis. By not reiterating past suggestions of support for Morsi, the Obama administration at least decided not to try to get in the way of a popular revolution that could save Egypt from Islamic extremism.

From the statement by Obama, which was released by the White House this evening:

The United States is monitoring the very fluid situation in Egypt, and we believe that ultimately the future of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people. Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsy and suspend the Egyptian constitution.

I now call on the Egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible through an inclusive and transparent process, and to avoid any arbitrary arrests of President Morsy and his supporters.

Obama’s statement shows that he is trying to have it both ways, saying he is “deeply concerned” by the military’s move and expressing support for democracy while nevertheless acquiescing in the coup d’etat.

Obama even threw in a fangless, nebulous threat for good measure:

Given today’s developments, I have also directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the implications under U.S. law for our assistance to the Government of Egypt.

Obama withheld comment all day until after the coup had been completed.

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  1. Bows his head and prays, “dear Allah, please don’t let this happen to me….Mooch would KILL me if she lost the use of AF1 & AF2 for the vacation junkets. Not enough Secret Service personnel to save me when she makes up her mind about something!”

  2. They didn’t see this coming. All the fancy spyware, all the spy-boots on the ground, and an engaged local Ambassador didn’t know that the military was primed and ready to go. The tools dancing and waving flags in the city square were just diversions for the actions planned by the military.
    This coup d’etat wasn’t planned yesterday or even last week. As this things go, this was an admirable coup; bloodless and sudden.

    President Obama and his band of clueless operatives who didn’t believe it could happen are, once again, exposed as amateurs on the world stage. Caught spying on friends and foes alike, drawing silly red lines that mean nothing, and publically backing a leader who’s digging his fingernails into the doorway to keep from being dragged outside isn’t foreign policy, it’s insanity.
    The professionals in our State and Defense departments might be considering their own putsch to prevent anymore harm from the idiots in the WhiteHouse.

    • The professionals in our State and Defense departments might be considering their own putsch to prevent anymore harm from the idiots in the WhiteHouse.


      Those folks have been dismissed.

    • Well said, srdem. Yes, all that fancy spyware, again, what for ? Answer that, all of you in this lawless government !
      Just read an excellent article by Michael Ledeen in Pajama Media: “Obamas new World order. Power to our enemies, Death to our friends.” Ledeen reminds us that Obama has favored the Muslim Brotherhood ever since he invited them in the VIPseats during that Cairo speech many years ago. He writes that Obama is constantly overtaken by the events of the world ( “leading from behind” ) but the world now see through the fluff and feathers. The result is is contempt for this president and, according to Machiavelli, contempt is the most dangerous reaction to a leader.

    • They are still scratching their heads. Seriously, just another example of intelectual myopia from your dear administration. Happy Independance Day!

  3. Firstly, apologies for the longish cut and paste. There was no link available due to the date of this article (Nov. 12, 2012 at CNN). It’s a reminder just what a feckless-fence sitting admin. we have.

    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy’s bid for more power blindsided Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who, as her spokeswoman told reporters Monday, had no forewarning about his upcoming political maneuverings.

    Clinton met with Morsy in Cairo last Wednesday in an effort to broker a cease-fire in Gaza but there was no discussion about Morsy’s plans for his own government.

    “She heard about it when everybody else heard about it,” spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Monday.

    Morsy’s announcement that he was assuming new powers shielding his decisions from judicial scrutiny raised red flags in Washington but officials also were more immediately concerned by the potential for violence after thousands took to the streets to protest the president’s move.

    Since Morsy’s announcement, which comes as an assembly is writing a new Egyptian constitution, the Obama administration has been seeking clarification. So far, the conclusion is the move appears to be temporary.

    “When he says it’s temporary,” Nuland explained, “our understanding is it’s temporary until there is a constitution that can be approved, but the concern was that there were various, you know, issues that were not well represented in the way he went forward with this.”

    On Monday, Secretary Clinton spoke by phone with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and, according to Nuland, stressed again the United States’ view that the constitution should not “overly concentrate power in one set of hands.”

    The U.S. has been calling for all “stakeholders” in the constitutional process to be included in discussions, and that appears to be happening, with Morsy consulting with various groups, including the judiciary.

    But, Nuland cautioned, “It is a very murky, uncertain period in terms of the legal and constitutional underpinnings, which makes it all the more important that the process proceed on the basis of democratic dialogue and the consultations.”

    Morsy’s move, coming days after he played a key role in working out a Gaza cease-fire, has raised questions on Capitol Hill over U.S. funding to Egypt. Nuland stressed U.S. support for a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund agreed to last week.

    When it comes to U.S. help, she said “We’ve also been clear with the Congress that we think that the support in the form of economic support funds that we’ve pledged to Egypt should go forward.”

    The Obama administration wants Congress to approve an immediate cash infusion of $450 million, part of an overall package of $1 billion to support Egypt’s transition after the toppling of former President Hosni Mubarak.

    Nuland added a caveat: “But, obviously, I think everybody’s watching now, (to see) that this current set of issues has a democratic resolution.”

  4. Oh, and isn´t this interesting? I read in Weasel Zippers that Syrias President Assad praises the revolt in Egypt as the fall of political islam. He says that ” the Egyptians have discovered the lies of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Well, well, and these true words are coming from the man whom Barry tries all he can to destroy. The picture is getting clearer indeed.

  5. That is pure BS. The brat is heartbroken since his BFF has been tossed out. Also under the watchful eye of Valarie Jarrett the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. have been asked to close their offices within the witless house and on any future visits to use the service entrance.

  6. I guess Barry really couldn’t do anything else but accept the military coup since it already happened.
    Barry is going to wait and see which way the political winds are blowing concerning his own self before he says anything concrete.
    Whatever he ends up saying it won’t be in anyone’s best interests except his own.
    I keep hearing on the tube “Morsi was democratically elected” so most of the populace must want him. If that is so, why did this coup happen?
    If Morsi was such a democratic minded leader he did a fast about face toward Islamic rule.
    Its kind of how Barry got elected. He campaigned on transparency and a level playing field for everyone, got people to vote for him, and now look what we got. Crap.
    Can we pull an Egypt?

    • This is why they fear the TEA Party so much. India, Philippines, now Egypt. It really is possible to have a peaceful protest. If the same number of people showed up in Wash DC day after day, what would Obama do? Send in the union thugs and agitators.

      • A coup should be led by our military. He has done nothing but s__t on them since taking office. No respect whatsoever for the men and women that serve. I read that he closed the military swimming pools. Now there is a real cost saving measure. The man is a narcissistic ass____e.

  7. Another speech/statement proving Obama never lets a crisis go to waste. I’m not reassured he totally understands what just happened over there?

    Who does he think he is, boss of the world ? He can’t even unite his own country behind him with his bully tactics and hating only the rich people who don’t donate to him. Ugh.

  8. When are we, the people, going to have our own “American Spring” and remove this usurper, as Allen West has so aptly named Dictator Obama, from the presidency? Time for millions of us to march on Washington DC and demand our government back from Dictator Obama and his democrat party communist comrades in Congress.

  9. Um, wasn’t a “democratic election” how Morsi got into power? Maybe the people of Egypt aren’t ready for democracy. I’m more comfortable with the non-Islamist military calling the shots, frankly.

  10. Democratically elected or not, it’s a relief (to the rest of us) to have the MB out of power in Egypt. I’m sure Obama is crushed. Looking forward to the day when the people of the USA have the nerve to rise up and toss their own dictator.

  11. He ALWAYS tries to have it both ways…the stupid phrase, “having said that” was prob invented by him! He said we can’t tell them what govt to have but we needed to insure this or that…we can’t insure stuff either. He had a chance to take a stand for change, even drastic violent change, but he went with the usual shillyshallying.

  12. Will Obama consider a military takeover of Washington, to arrest all the members of the current administration (including himself), Congress, and the Supreme court. Close down the National Media, and put all those individuals in a FEMA camp. Then let the Tea Party run the show.