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Michelle’s in Prison, But You Can’t Visit!

First Lady Michelle Obama lightheartedly noted Tuesday that the White House is like a prison, but this prison has one significant difference with most others: No visitors are allowed.

The Obamas are permitted a small TV in prison.
The Obamas are permitted a small TV in prison.

As tourists flood into Washington for the July 4th holiday, they still won’t have access to “The People’s House” to get a view of how the president lives. After spending nearly $100 million on a trip to Africa – much of cost, by the administration’s own admission, allotted for security – the White House has still not found a way to provide funding for a few Secret Service agents to staff the White House tours.

Mrs. Obama made the “prison” comment during an appearance with former First Lady Laura Bush in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

“There are prison elements to it,” Michelle said of the White House. “But it’s a really nice prison.”

Mrs. Bush wryly noted that the prison has a chef.

Indeed, the Obamas continue to have their meals cooked for them. But four months after the mansion was closed to visitors, you still can’t see where they eat.

100 thoughts on “Michelle’s in Prison, But You Can’t Visit!”

  1. Perhaps the little people (read bitter clingers) are not allowed to visit but the doors are wide open to muslim extremists, gay activists, IRS thieves, socialists, communists, revolutionaries and any number of unsavory characters who are willing to help with the fundamental transformation of the United States.

      1. Doubtful…she agrees with everything. Sadly neither of them believe what they are doing is wrong since they are above the law.

  2. Moochie, we’d be happy to let you out – for good – any time you say, you and your fellow inmate Barry. Just say the word, and we’ll pay for your move, just like we do everything else…

    I think you’ve got the type of institution wrong, though. It not like a prison.

    It’s like an asylum.

    It’s chock full of people with amazing personality disorders who pose a clear and present danger to others. The folks that come and go there can’t be trusted with a burnt out match, lest they set the Country alight with it. They are provably not grounded in reality, and live in their delusions every day, and even spend their time describing a fully imaginary world with illogical numbers, and even have written evidence of their imaginary freinds (“composite” people in Barry’s book, anyone?)

    There’s a guy in there that thinks he’s either King of the World, A!!ah’s new Prophet, or some kind of god in his own right (he gets himself confused as to which sometimes); your good self, who veers between self-aggrandizement and naked hostility at the drop of a hat; another fellow who seems to have Tourettes to judge by his public pronouncements, along with some truly bizarre ideas about self-defense and an apparent unhealthy fascination with underage girls; a guy who gets in front of cameras and is immediately incapable of telling any truth whatsoever; and the list goes on…

    You don’t live in Sing-Sing, Michelle. You live in Bedlam. And YOU’RE the ones that made it that way.

  3. . If we consider the safety and security protocols that the American people insist be in place to protect the FirstFamily from harm, then a low-intelligent person would see these precautions as prison-like and restricting.
    MrsObama has the distinction of being the first (and probably last) Black First Lady, and the only FirstLady in modern history to complain about her position, her husband, and anything that pops into her head.

    Americans don’t expect the First Family to be grateful for the comfort and gracious life we provide during the President’s terms, but complaining about having every need met, a full complement of servants and a personal jumbo jet at their disposal is just offensive.
    It’s my opinion that MrsO is not very bright, but being stupid is no excuse for bad manners.

    1. . If we consider the safety and security protocols that the American people insist be in place to protect the FirstFamily from harm, then a low-intelligent person would see these precautions as prison-like and restricting.


      I can see how it would feel as if I were living in a prison on some level, but I’d balance that feeling with the knowledge that my family and I needed to be protected. And, I’d sure as shooting not complain about it.

    2. “If we consider the safety and security protocols that the American people insist be in place to protect the FirstFamily from harm, then a low-intelligent person would see these precautions as prison-like and restricting.” Tell that to George Zimmerman and his family. No matter what the verdict, he’s a marked man. He’ll either have to be kept away from the general population in jail or he’ll spend the rest of his life in a fortress away from vigilantes.

    3. Hence, FLINO. Michelle has no clue and only seems happy when she’s partying or vacationing. There’s truly no sign she understands, or appreciates, her place in history. It’s been 5 years since she’s WON the lottery and still not “happy” ? There’s deeper problems there.

      Years ago the American people were happy to provide the First Family with that little Shangri La called Camp David to give them respite from the DC bubble. Room for all their friends and hangers-on too. Fully staffed, like the WH, only with acres and acres of fresh air freedom. They choose not to use it.

    4. Way I hear it, she still goes out to Five Guys Pizza and sees her pals, so it can’t be too horrible. Don’t worry, Michelle–we are all counting the days.

    1. By all means–“Free Moochie!!!”
      Get both of them out of the White House.
      We can send them to Africa and Obama
      can fundamentally change one of their
      bleeding countries. We certainly don’t
      want him here.

      1. You might be on to something there and I think I have a way to get his buy in.
        Just remind him that America is only a country and Africa is a whole friggin continent. Which legacy do you want Obama? President of the hate filled, intolerant, anti-progressive United States or King of Africa?
        His ego won’t be able to resist!

  4. Poor, poor Michelle…….we should all feel sorry for her. Free room and board for her family (including her mother), monthly multi million dollar first class vacations……..yeah, we should all feel sorry for her.

  5. I would favor a pardon and immediate release back into the general population. As an aside, are conjugal visits allowed and if so, does she take advantage of the privilege?

  6. What happened to the transparent administration? Why are the doors shut to the white house? Why is no one allowed to see how the worst president and the first moocher live? The president should be held accountable for his actions at all times. if he does something that is reprehensible then he should be judged and punished like everyone else in this country. As far as the Mooch. She is the epitome of someone who believes that she deserves all of the accolades that come with being the first “lady”. However all she does is bitch, complain about the country that she hates, and wastes taxpayers money on trips to anywhere she wants to go. The sooner 2016 gets here the sooner we can say good riddance to our socialistic president and the first lady of the white house prison.

    1. Love the false modesty she uses to soften her complaints.

      Like “don’t think of me as the First Lady, I’m someone who’s just like you”.

      She still hasn’t figured out that the US is not a monarchy, but she really likes being Queen.

    2. Seriously – why is the White House closed to “we the people?” and don’t tell us “sequester.” That is a lie like everything else reported by the MSM – including Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare, etc., etc., etc.
      Is there one brave soul who will reveal the truth?
      Mr. Snowden?
      Shame on everyone “in” our government.

  7. Given the fact that a lot of families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and a lot of children are going to bed hungry, this is proof of the abject narcissism this woman possesses.

  8. Really, the only thing I want to see concerning the Obamas and The White House, is them making an exit – sooner rather than later.
    They are both disingenuous liars and are an insult to our country.

  9. More whining by MO does not endear me to her cause. This is what they asked for. Anyone with an ounce of brains knew that living in the WH would cause a loss of privacy and end midnight runs out for fast food, ice cream or lobster. She needs to put on her big girl panties and stop the whining. Be gracious and act appropriately Mooch, you’re offending the millions that have allowed you this luxury.

  10. Just like them to horn in on the Bush’s humanitarian mission in Africa. Those posers never miss a chance to sashay in at the last minute and crash the party. Good grief; their arrogance is out of control! Stay at home why don’t ya! Oh, that’s right; it’s such “a prison”…

    1. Yes I thought the same thing. We didn’t even know that George and Laura were there continuing their work as they have since leaving the WH. Just like the Obama’s to horn in and almost take
      credit for the work the Bush family has done. Took time out from
      their vacation that’s about as low as you can go almost.

  11. Poor Mooch ! I feel so terrible for her because of the way she is forced to live. No wonder she needs to go to Aspen and Marthas Vineyard so often – to escape the horrid ‘prison’. Time for another vacation, eh Mooch ?

  12. To be fair to Mooch, it was Cokie Roberts who brought up Martha Washington’s letter to her niece that she felt “more like a state prisoner than anything else”. It was in relation to her move from an agrarian lifestyle to the pomp and circumstance of political society. There was no White House during Washington’s presidency.

    My guess is that Mooch’s chameleon husband is trying to usurp the memory of George Washington to make himself look like something he is not. Fat chance. No doubt his minions in state run media (i.e., Cokie Roberts) have been given their marching orders to associate our first Marxist head of state, Preezy Revenge, with America’s first and greatest President George Washington.

    1. Fair?
      If Martha Washington commandeered the largest and most luxurious carriage owned by the new government to go out among the people to persuade them to reinstall her husband to the highest office in the land……..
      If Martha Washington was provided with a mansion staffed by servants and paid for by the people……..
      If Martha Washington had guards shoo commoners out of the streets and force them to undergo searches of their persons….
      If Martha Washington could command entertainers to perform for herself and a few friends………….
      If Martha Washington could travel the world at the taxpayers expense………..
      then maybe we have some “fair” comparison to MrsO’s complaint.

      1. I’m not defending Mooch or her disgusting abuse of America’s good will, srdem. I’m just saying one of the regime’s court jesters brought up the ‘prison’ comparison.

    2. I agree that the “prison” analogy was brought up by Cokie, and Michelle could certainly FEEL that way. But for God’s sake, she should know not to actually COMPLAIN ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC!

  13. I have no interest in the Obummers’ private quarters. (I imagine I expect the worst.) The point is, talk is cheap, especially vs. actions.

  14. Gee anytime that they want to get “out” of prison, I would gladly let them, escort hem o the nearest airport, and cheerfully see that they fly happily out of the country.

  15. Ironically, most of the close friends and associates of the Chicago grifters are currently serving prison time. Her god-daughter’s daddy and best friend’s brother, Jesse Jackson, Jr., is either in prison or about to go. (can’t keep track of all the Chicago thugs). Tony Rezko is paying for his crimes but not until after he aided and abetted the Obama thugs in the purchase of their Hyde Park manse.

    Michelle Lavaughn is someone to be ignored – she will do or say anything for attention. She is whistling past the graveyard knowing that she and her husband escaped the long arm of the law. However, her best buddies could not be too happy about her insensitive remarks, considering the fact that they all got caught.

  16. She’s SUCH a prisoner that she can spontaneously take a trip to Target where a mainstream media photographer just ‘happens’ to be there to get a shot of her at the checkout or take random trips on separate planes to expensive vacation spots and spend millions on the taxpayers dime, trying to portray that she’s one of the peasants she most likely scoffs at and looks down upon in private. I don’t know of any prison that offers tacky dresses with $8000 price tags or a plethora of staffers waiting on her every beck and call, a kitchen with a line of chefs that would make her anything at anytime of the day. A prison that she claims to loathe so much but aggressively put herself in as an influence during her husbands re-election campaign cause its just SO awful being waited on and having no responsibility whatsoever and to come and go anywhere as she pleases.

  17. There have been false starts before, but now the wheels on the Obama bus (under which we all are) are really starting to come off. Benghazi, the IRS, NSA spying and now Egypt (read Obama foreign policy) and Obamacare imploding. Moocher makes a convenient impromptu but, in the end, ineffectual lightening rod.

  18. I think she feels like she’s in prison because she is a ‘show wife’ for her gay husband who is romantically involved with Reggie Love…

  19. The country which still rolls out of bed and works for a living is really not interested in your whinning about how rough you have it.

  20. Ah, but prison is a place one goes involuntarily. Michelle actively campaigned hard to get to her particular prison and stay there for her husband’s second term. The “prison” of a security detail comes with the office and travels with her at all times. This means a lack of privacy, but it also means she need never fear what ordinary women do- robbery, sexual assault, etc. The Secret Service will protect her and her entire family for the rest of their lives. She will never be poor, hungry, homeless, or fearful for her personal safety. She has no cause for complaint.

  21. More important, the Commander-In-Chief and his wife spent $100 Million on their trip to Africa while Walter Reed Army Hospital is laying off 2400 people for 11 days. Good show of concern for the welfare of the troops you lead.

  22. she seems to forget that she signed on for this, not just once, but twice. She has luxuries at her disposal that 99% of Americans can only dream about, never reach. Every time she opens her mouth, she sticks her foot in it.

  23. This administration is sad, and brings nothing but shame on this country. It continues each time either Moochelle or bho (black hole obama) open their untruth telling mouths. Impeach!

  24. Not the first time she’s complained about how haaaard it is to live in the White House, how trying it is to be First Lady. I don’t recall any other First Lady complaining about the pampered life that was handed to her — not even the ones who were wealthier than Michelle before moving into the White House. But then, she found it a great burden to have to attend Princeton after being an undistinguished high school student.

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