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The Obama Morning News || July 2, 2013

GOP groups provide cover for Rubio . . . New York Times
Jeb Bush pushes House to act . . . Wall Street Journal
Clinton way ahead of Rubio with Latinos . . . Washington Times
Obama toasts failed African Socialist . . . Daily Caller
Snowden lashes out at Obama . . . Politico
Obama defends European surveillance . . . Politico
GOP using Obama climate plan to bash Dems . . . Fox News
Many Africans wish Obama was like Bush . . . Washington Post
Obama defends his work in Africa . . . The Hill
What if Clinton passes on 2016? . . . Politico

3 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 2, 2013

  1. The establishment Republicans are pushing those of us who believe in constitutional principles right out of their ‘big tent’ with their pandering to illegal aliens. Maybe that was their goal from the beginning – the elitists in the party despise their base because of our belief in God, country, and family. So be it, RINOs. You can share that tent with the Democrat socialists who are patting you on the back right now. They’ll also leave you high and dry once your party has been abandoned by its base and decimated.

    A few days ago my husband answered one of the numerous phone calls we get from the Republicans begging for money, and he gave them a piece of his mind. We officially quit the Republican party on Thursday June 27th – the day the Senate RINOs sold out America’s national sovereignty and her Constitution for corporate dollars in their campaign coffers.

    • I was going to comment on that earlier but was too lazy. The GOP establishment has the cooperation of the MSM in pushing RINO candidates and policy. They seem to want to crown Jeb Bush already. And they denigrate conservatives like Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy who are some of the most intelligent and qualified people to come along.

      Bully for you and your husband in quitting the Republican Party. If the conservatives don’t take over the House and get their candidates into the Senate in 2014, the GOP is done. I’m already an independent, but I will gladly vote for a real conservative third party candidate in 2016. I get begged for money too and told off my Republican Congressman about it and the immigration issue. How dare that little fink Reince Priebus say that their immigration reform has widespread Republican support. I don’t know any real Republicans who support this pathetic attempt to get Latino votes.

  2. Its 3:30pm EST here and I wish Shep “liberal panties” Smith of FNC would STOP showing hours of useless/who-cares courtroom LIVE coverage of the Zimmerman trial/lynching.
    Really if I want to watch hours of (pathetic-media whore)courtroom coverage I would turn on HLN or CourtTV.
    I try to watch FOX News at 3pm to get some news… (Egypt? Snowden in Russia? Western wild fires?)
    But Shep Smith gets off showing the Zimmerman lynching and Shep gets to make his snarky/liberal/racist remarks