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Michelle the Conservative? Says Women are “Nurturers”

First Lady Michelle Obama today offered up a distinctly non-politically correct view on the differences between the sexes, stating that women need a seat at the table of power because they bring a “different perspective” to the conversation.

Mrs. Obama spoke at the African First Ladies Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania during a discussion moderated by journalist Cokie Roberts. The session also included former First Lady Laura Bush.

Here’s what Michelle said, according to a White House transcript of the interview:

But this is also why it’s important for us to make sure that more women use their voices and their power. Because we know, as women, that we’re not that complicated, but we are complex. We are deep, diverse, enlightened people in the universe. And the world will be better off when our voices are at the table.

We just bring a different perspective. We are mothers. We are nurturers. We have to juggle a lot.

Many feminists try to minimize the differences between women and men, concerned that this could impede the progress of women in the workplace. But here, Mrs. Obama appears to be taking a more traditionalist view, asserting that the world – and presumably the workplace – can gain from including women’s voices because of their differences from men.

50 Responses to Michelle the Conservative? Says Women are “Nurturers”

  1. yawn. I suppose.
    On the other hand, she could’ve told the truth and said,” We are fashion icons, who require constant photoshopping of our “official” appearances. We are pretend caring Mothers, who trot our kids out when the photo-op will be useful. We are humans who willingly, nay, gladly wade through millions of dollars of other peoples’ money for our own enjoyment. We are ingrates who are ashamed of our country, except for what we can grab from it, while ignoring the plight of millions of people.”
    I know: I didn’t even throw in all the plastic surgery and beauty and makeup “consultants” on taxpayers’ money. Next time. I’m practicing restraint.

  2. I’m hoping this piece is another example of your clever satire of all things Obama. C’mon, Cokie Roberts moderated a forum in Tanzania attended by FirstLadies Obama and Bush? A joke, right.

    Skimming over the trite mumbo-jumbo of how “complex” women are, MrsObama must not have heard about her husband’s support of Planned Parenthood that does everything it can to eliminate women’s role as mothers and nurturers.
    MrsO must have suffered a traumatic head injury after her graduation from Princeton, because no one this stupid and clueless could have earned a college degree from such a prestigious college.

    • After reading one of her speeches the other day it occurred to me Michelle Obama is the “Rachel Jeantel” of Harvard Law. Even with prepared remarks, she talk crazy-like.

    • Spot on, srdem. Obtaining a degree of higher learning based solely on affirmative action and the ruse of diversity does not a brilliant scholar make.

  3. And now, the FLINO on being in the White House (Remember when it was called that? OOps, I forgot: now that it’s “The Peoples’ House”, We the People are locked out.)
    “There are prison-like elements, but it’s a really nice prison. You can’t complain. There are confining elements.”
    Oh, the horror. She really has some pieces missing.

  4. Many feminists try to minimize the differences between women and men, concerned that this could impede the progress of women in the workplace. But here, Mrs. Obama appears to be taking a more traditionalist view,

    I think most feminists think women are superior to men–and M seems to be pointing that out. I am not upset over this…LOL.

    • Maybe those ‘tally’ marks on the black blouse she wore in Africa are counting the days until she’s freed. Little does she know that we are counting them too.

  5. I’m endlessly fascinated looking into the vacuous liberal idiot eyes of the “first lady”. Isn’t it amazing? There’s just nothing going on behind those indoctrinated eyes. Absolutely nothing.

    • I think in the early days of the first campaign when she was allowed to be herself, she got labeled an “angry black woman” and had to be reeled in.

      I think she’s way overhandled now and why she’s hasn’t dug deeper on the issues. They gave her a fake garden tended by the National Parks horticulturists, a fake degree in nutrition with a soap box to lecture us from, all the school children they can bus in to photo op with to prove she cares about children, and a fabricated ghetto-like bio to convince the masses of her “struggles”. Fake. Fake. Fake.

      • Sorry, I was just talking about her eyes. If you ever had the pleasure of having never seen her before you could instantly tell that she’s an indoctrinated liberal just by her eyes, sort of like an another disease known as autism, only the political version of it.

  6. Women are nurturers–I thought she hated picking up the One’s sox. I guess it’s easy to be a nurturer when it’s not you cleaning up the cat’s vomit and rushing off to work at Wendy’s.

  7. She’s hardly likely to be herself when she’s got a real First Lady in the same room. The comparrison would’ve been too obvious. So we’re all
    diverse nurturing etc? I guess she read that in the how to act like a nice person handbook.

    • By dog, Lizzy, you’re on to something!
      That’s it, that’s what’s wrong! Those mean Repubs never passed on the FLOTUS 101 book!