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What is John Kerry Doing in Tel Aviv?

Signaling he intends for the Obama administration’s second-term foreign policy to be just as dysfunctional as it was during the first, Secretary of State John Kerry is tackling the enormous U.S. national security challenges in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya . . . by trying to negotiate peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

This is like trying to deal with a flooded basement by pumping out the attic.

From an excellent piece in today’s New York Times calling Kerry out:

In Damascus, the Syrian government’s forces are digging in against rebels in a bloody civil war that is swiftly approaching the grim milestone of 100,000 dead. In Cairo, an angry tide of protesters again threatens an Egyptian president.

At the same time, in tranquil Tel Aviv, Secretary of State John Kerry wrapped up a busy round of shuttle diplomacy, laboring to revive a three-decade-old attempt at peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians. He insisted on Sunday that he had made “real progress.”

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, once a stark symbol and source of grievance in the Arab world, is now almost a sideshow in a Middle East consumed by sectarian strife, economic misery and, in Egypt, a democratically elected leader fighting for legitimacy with many of his people . . .

And yet Mr. Kerry, backed by Mr. Obama, still believes that tackling the problem is worth the effort: five visits to the region in the last three months. The most recent trip involved nearly 20 hours of talks, stretching almost until dawn, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority.

Well, it may be a mystery to some, but I’ll tell you exactly what Kerry is doing: He’s going for the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Denied his rightful seat in the Oval Office by that supposed dunce-head usurper George W. Bush, Kerry must somehow make history. And so he will do what Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Madeleine Albright, and of course Hillary Clinton all failed to do: He’ll make peace once and for all between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

But the Israeli-Palestinian situation is relatively quiet right now. And who in their right mind thinks that the Israelis are going to take a chance on a peace deal with the Palestinians while barbarism and instability are raging all around them?

This is not about securing America’s future – or Israel’s. This is about securing John Kerry’s future in the annals of world history.

36 thoughts on “What is John Kerry Doing in Tel Aviv?”

  1. Agree completely with your assessment BUT not all is lost. Suppose Kerry actually accomplishes something. Both Obama and Hillary take the hits for not getting it done earlier and no harm done.

    Besides, Kerry has no more control over any of the other countries than Hillary did. Valerie Jarrett knows what she wants and it ain’t US allies in the Middle East.

  2. Oh, lord, I can just see Netanyahu rolling his eyes and thinking, “Oy! If this windbag doesn’t shut up and go home, I will personally put him on the plane!” And I feel just as sorry for Abbas. Hey, maybe they’ll sign a peace treaty just to get rid of Kerry!

    1. Cracker Jacks doesn’t have prizes in the boxes anymore, so I’m told. You get a piece of paper that you can fill out and send to the company to see if you’ve actually won a prize. Good thing Zero got his when he did.

  3. This administration continues to insist that all situations are personal conversations between a couple of well intentioned acquaintances who become friends through a sharing of ideas and some laughs.

    Perhaps this worked in Chicago, which is a relatively small world in which the person who gives in can hope for some leverage in future conversations because of today’s “deal,” but it just doesn’t work in international relations between nations who hate us or each other.

    I’m suprised that The One isn’t going there to scold them about their situation, as he did in Ireland. My guess is that there is some glimmer that a conversation and a scolding might not be enough, so he’s letting Kerry have the stage, though The One’s inspirational leadership from behind will be cited as the source of the success if anything positive happens.

    Just-Call-Me-Meesh-Antoinette also has this idea that recitation of her personal hardship story and some dazzling dentally enhanced smiles will change the lives of those whom she lectures. Maybe once in a great while, Meesh, once in a very great while.

  4. Well he doesn’t have an inkling about how to “fix” all the other problems in the middle east and he has to keep himself in the spotlight, so Israel is his only choice.
    Lurch is a loser amongst an administration of losers. Sad for America that we are so poorly represented by our government.

  5. I doubt if John Kerry could negotiate himself out of a Heinz Ketchup bottle without Theresa’s pounding an upside down container.

  6. Interesting. I agree he wants the Nobel, thinks he deserves it and won’t rest until he makes his acceptance speech in Oslo. Then his fat ego can cool down awhile. Weird, Kerry, the Elmer Fudd of international diplomacy, getting a Nobel.

  7. Don’cha love it that Rodman is looking for a Nobel? You can’t make up this stuff (got the tattoos, got the BB scores, got the MEast visit -what else is there?)
    Wouldn’t it be loverly if the Nobel-whatevers would do it?

  8. Certainly there is hope Kerry can negotiate a lasting peace between the Palestineans and Israel. There is hope the U.S. will survive as a Constitutional Republic as well. There is great hope the American people can be convinced a nation of freeloaders overrun with millions of illegal criminals given citizenship will actually survive. And the greatest hope is that the “peaceful” religion of Islam is eradicated from the face of the earth.

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