As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Silence the Bullies. Then Silence You.

This is the problem with the government getting involved in your food, your health care, and your problems with bullies. Eventually, they get involved with your speech and your freedom.

This is where we are headed. We are going to polite ourselves right out of our freedoms. At the end of the boundless government quest to safeguard us from every ill effect of our own behavior or of others, we will regulate ourselves into a state of helplessness and silence.

The Obama administration exists to create new regulations and add ever increasing doses of government to our lives. It is staffed by people whose outlook is entirely to protect what they perceive as a pathetic citizenry from capitalism and other potentially harmful things – not to abet free enterprise and risk taking.

The layers of safety are added piecemeal and, because they make us feel safer, become almost impossible to remove. And anyone who tries to roll them back becomes guilty of trying to hurt people. And so we move inexorably toward the comfort of government “protection,” which feels nice. Until the government decides to make us uncomfortable.

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  1. It’s not a bug but a feature of progressivism to eliminate individualism.
    Progressives and their counterparts – Islamists use a similar playbook.

    “Julia” will have a choice of wearing a blue burkah or a black one, just as long as she’s wearing one.

  2. You’re so right about those who try to “roll things back”. Even when there’s no money anyone who want to decrease public assistance is “trying to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable among us”. Instead we’ll just cut fire and police protection.GIVE US ORRRRRRRRRRR, you could GIVE US MORE TAX MONEY!!!

  3. “We are going to polite ourselves right out of our freedoms.”


    This country should be run by laws not “feelings”

    But what can we do really? Nothing as far as I can tell, I am trying to go on a news diet-why get worked up over something we can’t change?

  4. I totally agree! I don’t share the values of conformity and bossy certainty of these people–I think we need cracks to crawl into–they don’t need to know if we get ED medicine or buy a pressure cooker.

  5. I agree we’re on the notorious slippery slope of the thought and speech police state, but I call out the use of the anonyous “they” as too polite and misleading. These people called “they” are the liberal left-wing people who infect our government at every level, from lowly paper pusher to the POTUS. They use every word, every nuance, and anything that pops into their head to accuse others of what they thmeselves are guilty of doing or saying.

    When VPJoeBiden remarks that tea party activists a “ terrorists”, that’s a frontal attack on people who are expressing their opinions that he doesn’t agree with. The POTUS referred to people against blanket amnesty for illegal aliens as “enemies” only because he wanted to win Hispanic favor and force others to bend to his will.

    The anonymous “they” that are in position to write regulations that control everything we do usually answer to no one but their superior who probably promotes the same restrictions.
    The problem starts with a government so big, so vast that almost no one is held accountable.
    The only solution is to resize and remake our government into what it is supposed to be and do. At this point of our republic, that’s almost a revolutionary action.

    • The revolution has already happened – it’s was a subtle coup silenced by the media. Only citizen journalists and bloggers have been reporting, starting with a “hot mic” moment….

      As he was leaning toward Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time – “particularly with missile defense” – until he is in a better position politically to resolve such issues.
      “I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who will hand over the presidency to Putin in May. “This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility.”

      AND..there was once upon a time an America NASA….

      NASA to pay the Russian Federal Space Agency for six round-trip rides to and from the International Space Station in 2013 and 2014. That averages to about $55.8 million per trip ? a slight increase from the $50 million NASA paid for seats on the Russian-built Soyuz spacecraft through 2012.

      AND how’s this for flexibility….
      “NSA is corrupt and that needs to be addressed, but Obama and the Progressives are the root of the current corruption and are using Snowden to discredit our alphabet agencies, the military and America in general.”

      Link here for Loudon’s article:

      • gays rule – nothing will stand in their way.
        Here’s to one of the most short-sighted political push groups in contemporary history. Fools.
        Do you REALLY think they’re ready for the laws of unintended consequences? It’s simply stupid to think you can win now and tomorrow by “Me First”.

  6. I was happy to read that North Carolina is going to limit unemployment beyond 26 weeks (first time) and to lower the maximum amount. I hope other states will follow.

  7. Whatever happened to teaching children that “sticks and stones may break [your] bones but names will never hurt [you].” Granted, when I was a child, that outlook may have been taken too far and people were allowed to use mean, impolite and offensive language. But … One reason today’s youth find bullying in almost everything is that youth are never to be criticized, never come in second place, never lose a game, never are not good or excellent at any task, etc. When today’s youth become political leaders, no one will be able to disagree because disagreement implies one side is wrong and less than perfect. Glad I will not be around then.

    • Look at the hateful, mean, and gross language so-called adults use on the internet–some adults–this is just a coarse time…and probably getting worse. The language, tho, is the least of the bullying thing–it is spread by FB and other social media–that is worse–and more kids are whaling on teachers as well as classmates, and just acting completely out of control. Still–not a fed offense.

    • almost everything is that youth are never to be criticized, never come in second place, never lose a game, never are not good or excellent at any task, etc.


      Everyone gets a trophy!

  8. This article by Keith Koffler reminds me of the cooking show lady
    who 30 years ago use the N word. Unbelievable how the media etc.
    got their panties in a bunch about it. We no longer have free speech
    in the USA, so we might as well get over it. How sad. Is it time to move?
    I seriously would if I were younger. At 82, I think I won’t. When we
    retired and moved back to the states we never dreamed that we could lose our freedoms. But here we are.