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Raucous Reception for Obama in Tanzania

President Obama is receiving a hero’s welcome from Tanzania, a possible reflection of the fact that Tanzania shares a long border with the president’s ancestral homeland of Kenya.

From the press pool report:

Massive crowds lined the main road from the airport to watch POTUS motorcade, in some places five and six rows deep for miles, according to the press pool report. You pooler saw one man wearing an American flag shirt pump his fists in the air in excitement as the motorcade passed.

At one point the road narrowed to the point that it felt like the motorcade was wading through a sea of people. Many were waving little American flags.

At the airport, Obama was greeted by a military band that played the Star Spangled Banner – twice.

25 Responses to Raucous Reception for Obama in Tanzania

    • “Did he know it was The Star Spangled Banner?” – sportinlife10

      …and has anyone in his entourage learned the words yet?

    • Funny, sportinlife. Well, I don´t think it´s so very difficult to arrange cheering crowds in poor, corrupt countries. Maybe people were curious about those big, fancy, shining cars with little streamers attached.

  1. There you go; my comment on the previous piece mentioned the lack of crowds lining the streets waving tiny American flags. I wrote too soon.
    Guaranteed we’ll see the photos of this greeting featured in the MSM, just as it was guaranteed that we wouldn’t see the photos of the Obama protesters in the MSM.

  2. “You pooler saw one man wearing an American flag shirt pump his fists in the air in excitement as the motorcade passed.”

    Sad, isn’t it, that what a Tanzanian wears publically would get an American student kicked off campus…

    or out of high school…

    I’m surprised Obama didn’t order a drone strike on him for promoting the country he hates the most…

  3. And is anyone naive enough to think this demonstration was spontaneous, that some $$ didn’t change hands, and/or the Chicago come-to-Jesus- talks didn’t occur? Strange, how a PR disaster turns into a raucous reception.
    Were there any SEIU shirts there?

  4. I know this question is self-evident, but what the he!! is this fool doing there? He getting is “adulation” fix since they are few and far between here? saddam hussein had nothing on barack hussein.


      Apparently, the Dutch royal family is in no mood to cut expenses. They cost the Netherlands 40 million euros a year (52 million USD or so).

      Meaning that with this $100 million junket, Obama has spent almost twice as much American taxpayer money in a week and a half as the Dutch royal family spends in a YEAR.

      Meanwhile, back in what used to be the United States of America, unemployment is still too high, $3 gas is the new normal per Ray LaHood, kids are graduating high school with diplomas they can’t read (that is, those who haven’t dropped out to take care of their babies), a teenager in Texas is behind bars and looking at 8 years for a comment he made about a video game, 117 people have been shot to death in Baltimore in the past six months, thousands of blacks are on Twitter threatening to riot if George Zimmerman walks, et cetera, et cetera, ad tedium, patrie ad mortem.

      God save us!

  5. Grace posted on a thread which might not being looked at any longer that Reggie Love is there. One of those 500 ‘businessmen’ along for the ride?