As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2:55 am || Meets and greets embassy personnel; U.S. Embassy, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
3:35 am || Participates with George W. Bush in a wreath laying ceremony at the 1998 Embassy Bombing Memorial; U.S. Embassy, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
4:10 am || Witnesses a “Soccket Ball” demonstration and tours the Ubungo Symbion Power Plant
4:20 am || Gives remarks at the Ubungo Symbion Power Plant; Ubungo Plaza, Symbion Power Plant
5:10 am || Departs Tanzania
10:25 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern. Tanzania is seven hours ahead.

29 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 2, 2013

  1. The soccket ball is the most ridiculous and stupid idea to come from supposedly smart people (Harvard, of course) and our President thinks it’s a good idea.

    SOCCKET is a soccer ball that harnesses and stores energy from play for later use as portable power source in resource-poor areas. It is the flagship product of Uncharted Play, Incorporated

    He thinks that children (not his, of course) should be thrilled to kick around a soccket ball for hours so that Mom can plug in her i-phone (that she doesn’t own).

    • oops.
      He tells the Africans that they shouldn’t have the same power sources that the rest of the world has because it would make the world “boil over”.
      I’m just going to assume that he’s suffering from a lack of sleep or some kind of jet-lag, or just drunk when he says stuff like that.

    • I look forward to the mechanism that harnesses the engergy from pads and helmets in a REAL American game: football.

      Well, maybe not.

      I’m just astounded that this fucking Commie has endorsed this Euro-Trash game. Well, I’m not really astounded.

      • If you’re referring to “soccer”, the game, the “soccker” ball has nothing to do with that.
        Have you ever seen the flashlight that you shake to light the bulb?, well that’s the same principle. Each child gets a “soccker” ball that he must throw and kick around for a certain period of time to activate the very low level battery so that a small electonic device or a single light bulb can use the energy.

        This is just about on the same level as MrO’s promotion of algae fuel, maybe worse.

    • Maybe we should go with the Gilligan’s Island solution of creating electricity – put the kids to work riding a bunch of bamboo bikes to charge up coconut batteries. That’s about as realistic as his stupid soccket ball solution…

  2. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the pit stop in Tanzania. Hillary did the ceremonial wreath in 2009 and the power plant in 2011, unless he just wanted to make life miserable for George & Laura.

  3. wed thurs friday holiday no silly being the president stuff-whew that africa trip was taxing…
    wed thur friday GOLF
    -fireworks or something going on in there

    saturday GOLF

    sunday-they tell me to stay in


    you can quote me

    • except for that whacky backslash mistype = it is exactly what will happen over the holiday weekend imnsho

      of thee I swing

  4. Right now Snowdens new statement is all over the place and what a beautiful statement it is ! You will not miss it.
    He writes about the deception of Obama, using bad old tools for political aggression, that the US no longer defends the human right to seek asylum, , that the unilateral revoked pass left him a stateless person. And ” in the end, Obama is not afraid of me , or other whistleblowers, but of you, an informed, angry public, demanding the constitutional government it was promised – and it should be.”
    The statement brings tears to my eyes and it makes me furious. I am moved by Snowdens courage and fine words and appalled and furious by Obamas handling of the matter. Now, I know that Keith has another opinion but I hope that he perhaps can see some merit in Snowdens words. And I hope that there is some brave leader out there who will stand up to Obamas bully regime and offer young Snowden asylum. Unfortunately, those in my country haven´t go the spine for it.

    • In my morning paper ( Svenska Dagbladet ) I read an amazing piece of news. The US Department of Defense has blocked The Guardian homepage, the soldiers are not allowed to read it. What is this ? Are they scared ? Don´t they believe in peoples right and ability to think and inform themselves however they please ?

      • Maybe someone should ask about that at a DOD press brief…

        (oh who am I kidding. Today’s “press” CAN NOT/DOES NOT know how to ask a REAL-PROBING QUESTION about the Obama regime)

      • Curious. I wonder why because although the Guardian is well known for its leftist views, it has been a great supporter of Obama and his administration. Like the American MSM there is very seldom a word critical of him in the Guardian.

  5. “3:35 am || Participates with George W. Bush in a wreath laying ceremony at the 1998 Embassy Bombing Memorial; U.S. Embassy, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania”

    Maybe he could lay a wreath at the counsulate at Benghazi while he’s at it, in commemoration of the U.S. Persons who died in the invasion of American sovereign territory in 2012? It’s in Africa too…

    I didn’t get to see this momentous event. I tend to not watch Obama photo ops, for it’s nothing more than that for him, and it actually profanes rather than honors our dead to have an America hating poser contemptuously fling tokens at their memorials, then expect the press to give him an electronic puppy biscuit like he deserves to be rewarded for actually doing somthing semi-Presidential.

    It would be MORE Presidential if he were to, I don’t know, answer questions about Benghazi, rein in the IRS, stop disrepecting and marginalizing our Military, and do ONE honorable thing in his life like step down for his crimes instead of continuing to torment the nation he’s SUPPOSED to be leading with his corrosive and divisive policies. Don’t really expect it to happen, since he doesn’t LIKE this country and WANTS to torment it, but it WOULD be more honorable than a cynical wreath laying for people whom his Ummah comrades murdered in the name of the faith that he shares with them.

    It wasn’t enough for Nero to merely slaughter Romans and Christians, he had to torture them with exhibitions of his bad verse and pretentiousness as well. So it is with Obama…

    • With the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, regulations no longer permit Chaplains to display a Bible on their desk.
      The progressives are gutting our military.
      You just can’t make this stuff up !

  6. “electronic puppy biscuit” OMG! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! Thanks for the laugh. As to the rest of what you said, Clap, Clap, Clap!