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Obama Declines to Call for Morsi to Step Down

President Obama today refused to call for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to step down, despite massive protests against the Muslim Brotherhood-backed leader that appear to exceed those that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.

“It’s not our job to choose who Egypt’s leaders are,” Obama said today during a press conference in Dar es Salaam. “We do want to make sure all the voices are heard and it’s done in a peaceful way.”

And yet, Obama’s withdrawal of U.S. support for Mubarak in February 2011 was a key factor in causing the Egyptian leader to step down.

Mubarak was a strong ally of the United States. Morsi’s long term support for Egypt’s alliance with the United States is unclear.

Obama justified the difference in his approach by noting Morsi was democratically elected, asserting that his goal in 2011 was for Egypt to “transition” to democracy. Nevertheless, Obama added that “more work to be done to create the conditions in which people feel that all voices are being heard” in Egypt.

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  1. Zero doesn’t want to set a precedent for thinking that We The People can call for a leader to step down….it’s called “Coming to America”!

  2. “Obama added that “more work to be done to create the conditions in which people feel that all voices are being heard” in Egypt.”‘

    The only voices Obama hears are those in his head – “When the winds of war shift, I will stand with the Muslim Brotherhood”.

  3. I just listened to reports from Cairo over here. There are organized sexual assaults on the women who dare to demonstrate ( this is the way the Muslim Brotherhood operates ). I also hear that there are anti-American sentiments among the demonstrators, they are disappointed in the Obama government. Well, aren´t we all ?

  4. Does anyone know the reasoning behind all the military help such as the F-16’s we sent to Egypt? What were they to be used for? Who approved this and why?

    • In 2012, Obama gave 200 M1A1 Main Battle Tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood.. Egypt already maintains the world’s 7th largest tank force, at about 4,000. That’s more M1A1 tanks than our Marine corps has–which is about 150. Obama has also given about 20 F-16–the latest version. That’s in addition to several billion $ bailouts he’s given to the Muslim Brotherhood since Morsi became the nation’s leader. Why is Obama arming the Egyptians you ask? NSA intercepts have shown that Patagonia, or maybe it’s Malta, I forget which, is planning top invade Egypt. Obama’s just trying to help.

  5. Obama can’t call for them to step down,he has too many Brotherhood operatives working in and around the White House now to change it up.
    Good for Egypt, I hope the Army arrests Morsi and puts him back in the prison Hamas broke him out of.(FACT)
    And then they need to liquidate the Islamic parliament and shura council and start over.
    Barry needs to work about not arming and instead destroying the hordes of Islamists in Syria.The Egypt army will handle this ASS THEY SHOULD

  6. Of course he won’t ask for Morsi to step down. Obama actions against other religions and for Islam, makes me think he is a Muslim. I don’t care what he SAYS he is, look at his actions!

  7. We all should side with the Egyptian people and their right to be ruled by a democratic President. a couple of days ago Mr. President Obama said; “We do not take sides in terms of who should be elected by the Egyptian people. We do take sides in terms of observing a process for democracy and the rule of law.”
    I wonder if President Obama is aware that Morsi was an elected president. However, like Bill Clinton he committed the crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice. Furthermore, and just like Clinton he abused power- not to have sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky- but to help members of his banned group rise to power. On the other hand, to secure his grip on power, he surrounded himself with terrorists to threaten his opponents.
    Shouldn’t someone like Morsi deserve to be Impeached?