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Bush to Join Obama at Site of Embassy Bombing

President Obama will be joined by George W. Bush at a wreath laying ceremony Tuesday morning at the site of the 1998 embassy bombing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The two are not expected to make remarks, according to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Bush is traveling in Zambia and Tanzania to promote his Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon initiative, which seeks to fight cervical and breast cancer. Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Obama will also appear together at a conference on African Women in Dar es Salaam organized by the George W. Bush Institute.

Obama arrived in Tanzania Monday morning. The presence of Obama and his predecessor as president in Tanzania at the same time is coincidental, officials said.

20 Responses to Bush to Join Obama at Site of Embassy Bombing

  1. …wonder if the o will hold his hand up in front of Bush’s face, when the photographer shows up, as is his wont.

      • Technically yes, but the President IS Commander in Chief. If security so insecure as to have to cart along panes of bulletproof glass for the hotel room at taxpayer expense, find another hotel or don’t visit that country. $17 trillion, $7 of it on his watch, the White House still closed to public tours, military flyovers cancelled the country over for 4th of July, but yet no problem finding $60 to $100 million for a “trade” trip to Africa?
        The ONLY thing keeping the MSM from all collapsing in strokes right about now is this is their guy doing it and not a Republican.

  2. Obama finally learned how to save his disastrous $100,000 family vacation and allow his wife, children, mother-in-law, and niece to be in the presence of a true leader and humanitarian for at least one day in their trip. Since the Madella’s photo op was missed, this is the best his handlers can salvage.

  3. “The two are not expected to make remarks…” but maybe we’ll be lucky enough to hear a “hot mic” comment. Bush is going to be living in O’s head during this event!

    • “This makes sense, since I believe Obama blames Bush for cervical cancer in Africa.” – Scottso

      Maybe he can use that to justify his Muslim comrades habit of mutilating female genitalia?

      “The reality that Islamic text/laws make clitoridectomy mandatory or regard it as sunnah (supported by Mohammad) or at least a worthy practise is completely ignored. Also ignored are the many hadiths (which dictate day-to-day life) that support the practise.

      No-one claimed Islam invented clitoridectomy – the Arabs practiced it at the time of Mohammad ..but to deny that it was taken up by Islam, is promoted by Islamic religious leaders, is mostly practised by Muslims and has spread around the world with Islam just shows the power of Islam in stopping people (including UN groups) from telling the obvious truth – in the case of Islam, there IS a religious base to the practice!!! Note: May 2008 the Egyptian parliament seemed to have dropped laws making female genital mutilation illlegal in Egypt , though more recent reports claim clitoridectomy has been criminalised with trivial maximum sentences of up to 2 years jail and $1000 fine –AND it’s allowed in cases of ‘medical necessity!!! Conservatives maintain that Islam condones the removal of a girl’s clitoris to tame her sexual desires and condemn the amendment as a western import.”

      “Often the clitoris is cut from babies when the clitoris is enlarged due to pregnancy hormones and the ‘hood’ not visible (even the labia minora are just threads and are often cut too) or the clitoris is destroyed by applying hot sand and chemicals to it or it is grabbed and stretched out and sometimes a band applied and rolled back along the clitoral shaft to fully expose it for cutting —- ”


      “War on Women” indeed! Feel free, Mr. President, to denounce THIS at EVERY stop on your campai- I mean, vaca – oh, “vital diplomatic mission to Africa” – that is, if you REALLY care about women…

      • Yes I often wonder where NOW is now. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. It’s for the children, for womens “rights”, for the workers, yet the unions and women’s organizations are strangely quiet about anything that will not politically benefit them. In contrast, the catholic church and other charities are slowly strangled with regulations and soon changes to charitable contributions.

  4. This must be a most disappointing trip for MrObama and his family.
    Not only are there no adoring crowds lining the roadways waving tiny American flags, but his personal nemisis, GWBush, has upstaged the supposed purpose of the Obama’s trip with his genuine humanitarian effort.
    This meeting in Tanzania was no coincidence, no matter how many denials are issued. PresBush, like PresObama, is protected by the same agency that provides security and their travels had to be coordinated in the same agenda.

    Unless the Obama administration meant for this African trip/vacation to be alternately critized, ignored, and then relegated to meaningless photo ops, this week-long event is a total minus-zero for political capital.

      • So am I. A town near where I live is the base for a well known group of smoke jumpers, the Prineville Hotshots. Almost 20 years ago nine of them died in a fire in Colorado, and every time we drive past their monument, I feel so sad. These 19 who died yesterday are the true heroes among men, and I’ve read that nearly half the town was lost too. I wonder if O will take time out from his joy ride to remember them.

  5. Do you suppose that Obama will just flng the wreath contemptuously, as is his wont at places where only mere U.S. Persons died?

    While he’s in Africa placing wreaths and all, why not stop by the spot where his Ambassador died in Libya? It would be nice if he showed SOME interest, even this late, and he wouldn’t PERSONALLY have to worry about the risks…After all, the people who serve in the Armed Forces have a very strong sense of honor and duty (two things Obama wouldn’t recogize if they bit him), and would rescue HIM from any untoward situation that may arise – whatever their justifiable personal feelings in the matter may be…

    Unless ValJar told them to stand down…

    Who DID give that order, anyway? Think Obama even knows? Hardworking man like him can’t be expected to track EVERY petty detail of his underlings, now, can he?

    • Slight chance of Obama getting anywhere near Benghazi. Why would he voluntarily reopen that wound? Instead, he can pull the little kid trick of “I closed my eyes so it doesn’t exist”. His job is to keep our eyes OFF of that ball.