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Obama Signs Mandela Jail Book “On Behalf of My Family”

President Obama today signed the visitors book at Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was jailed, “on behalf of my family,” suggesting he was representing himself at the historic site instead of the United States.

From the press pool report:

The President and First Lady walked into the courtyard where the visitors book was waiting on a simple desk with no chairs. His hand was on the small of her back.

The President leaned over the table and the First Lady, who was wearing a gray wrap top looked over his shoulder as he signed the visitors book. They were a striking sight with the watchtower in the background.

He wrote for about three minutes. Then the First Lady took the pen and signed her name.

They then turned and silently walked back into the cell block.

Here is what the president wrote:

“On behalf of our family we’re deeply humbled to stand where men of such courage faced down injustice and refused to yield. The world is grateful for the heroes of Robben Island, who remind us that no shackles or cells can match the strength of the human spirit.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Obama is actually on Robben Island representing the United States – which is paying enormous sums for the trip – not his family. The occasion of America’s first African American president visiting the place where Mandela was imprisoned is historically significant for the United States, symbolically tying America’s own struggle for civil rights to that of South Africa and the world’s greatest living civil rights figure.

That Obama proclaimed himself and Mrs. Obama “deeply humbled” by the experience in fact adds an incongruously self-referential feature – and no small amount of hubris – to an event that should have little to do with the personal feelings of the Obamas themselves.

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  1. Actually this is exactly what we should expect from Obama. In his mind it is more important for the world to see “his” thoughts than represent the United States which he shows day after day he would rather loathe than love.

  2. Wow. Are you suggesting that the Obamas are self-indulgent, self-agrandizing, thoughtless, and ignorant of their responsiblities to the American public?
    How many times have we noticed that MrO’s official proclamations of sympathy or congratulations start with “Michelle and I” over the last four years.. the answer,.every time.

    Bang for our Buck time; so far, the $60 million or so that we shelled out for this trip has resulted in the Obama’s nice vacation, some official events, and the announcement that MrO is giving Sub-Sahara nations $7billion of our money to improve their electrical systems.
    MrsO spent her official time whining about her supposed impoverished childhood to captive child audiences, while the rest of the family either languished in hotel rooms or went on sight-seeing tours.

    It’s a darn shame that Americans have to get the whole picture of the Obama’s trip to South Africa from foreign newsmedia. It’s a tired cliche, but if the President were a Repub, our MSM would have scores of photos, videos, and scathing reports of anti-RepubPresident demonstrations.
    When MrObama insanely compared GeorgeWashington to NelsonMandela, the MSM should have questioned his reasoning skills.

    We don’t expect our MSM to pick sides, to choose only the good or the bad news, but to give us it all and let us decide what it means.

    1. $7 billion to Sub-Sahara for electrical systems, while at the same time shutting down the coal industry in America – It takes a special type of chutzpah.

    2. What the American public doesn’t know is that NERC, the federal government overseer of the US electrical grid is mandating “one size fits all” rules for utility transmission lines. The result is hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars going to “strengthen” transmission lines. As usual it’s regulatory Charlie Foxtrot. Lines in place for 30, 40, years with no problem no having to be raised 10 feet or so to meet new criteria.
      Some in remote areas. So not only the financial costs, but the environmental cost of getting in and out as well.
      The White House is still closed to tours but O gives $7 billion to Africa instead of using that $7 billion right here at home to help the AMERICAN ratepayer?

  3. The arrogance and hubris of this person has no end. He makes me ashamed of America sometimes.
    I remind myself that he is not America…he is temporarily acting that way….his self-given powers will end.
    Let’s hope America can fully recover from his damage to it.

    1. Anne, you raise one of the major issues with the Obama presidency.

      He will be gone in 3 1/2 (long) years, but the damage that he will have brought upon the US will last for many years after that. It will take a long time to undo.

      1. “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”
        Czech Republic newspaper

          1. One only has to look at Rachel Jeantel to answer that question. Our country has become one of apathy and excuses brought on by liberalism. I’ve seen several articles written about how many of us have had “white privileges” while others like Rachel are products of their environment. I’m so tired of that lame excuse. That is all it is… excuse. An excuse for people that are too lazy to get up and do something for themselves. People that expect to be taken care of by other taxpayers. Given food, housing, phones, healthcare, etc. It is these types that voted for and continue to vote for Obama and his party of liberals. Our country is going down the tubes. There is no denying it. Liberals have spent the last two decades putting their system into place. Slowing taking over school systems, government positions, judicial positions, SCOTUS, etc. Thought police have been in place for years, and anyone that disagrees with the left is accused of a phobia and/or hate speech. Don’t be surprised if the next step is that churches can no longer preach against abortion and homosexuality without being charged with hate speech crimes. It really has become 1984.

          2. I have seen several posts treating Rachel Jeantel as a victim of racism, and the leftist press continues to portray Zimmerman as racially motivated. If the liberal press would only recognize that what they are doing is a lynching.

          3. So I guess being “1/2 Hispanic” just isn’t as good as being “1/2 black”? Bother Zimmerman and Obama are 1/2 minority, 1/2 white, yet only Zimmerman referred to as “white”.

          4. How did Jeantel get to be some symbol of all that’s wrong with America? She is 19. I would have been scared to death testifying and I am way beyond 19. No she can’t read cursive, pretty soon no people will be able to. She was not quick enough to fashion and refashion stories while on the stand–not many people could, or should. I think she knew she was a pawn–she got that. And was irritated. I wish more people would get that. Also her friend had been killed–there is a period of mourning, right?

        1. How amazing and true to the point — I am breathless from reading what was said. Thank you — And at the same time, if Hillary gets in — it will be more years of suffering and murder of babies, etc., etc. It is so scary to know and think that Obama is just the symptom of and my heart hurts when I think about what our country is turning into. A lot of it is his fault because of all the Executive Orders and power of the horrible Democratic party.

    2. The problem is that Obama’s NOT the only one. He is merely the face of the widespread statist menace that pervades our government.

  4. In nautical tradition, when a commanding officer arrives on a ship, he is announced by the name of his command. The number of bells would differ based on his rank. So the skipper of the USS George Washington is announced as “George Washington, arriving”; the captain of the good ship Lollipop would be “Lollipop, arriving”; and if Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder were paying an official visit for whatever reason, he’d be announced as “Washington Redskins, arriving.”

    President Obama is “United States, arriving.” I frankly wish he’d act like it. He is the leader of ALL the people, not just those he agrees with. And he certainly shouldn’t be some latter-day king disconnected from the consent of the governed.

    And above anything else, he should never forget that he IS the United States, not some hustler from the hood who finagled his way into winning two national popularity contests and who now gets all the golf he can play as a result.

    I SWEAR!! 2017 cannot come soon enough!

  5. Obama & Family are being pilloried by internet bloggers this morning for their self-indulgent, self-serving $100M heist of taxpayer $$$ to, in large part, educate his family about Mandella’s role in ‘overcoming white racist rule’. From the looks of the racial divide created by the Obama tribe in the U.S., it appears they don’t need any lessons. Africa can keep them – all of them!

    Snipped: “What are the Obamas doing in Africa?” Breitbart

    “His schedule on Sunday begins with a flight to Cape Town and then a helicopter ride to the museum on Robben Island.
    Obama visited when he was a senator but this time is bringing his family. He said he’s eager to teach them about Mandela’s role in overcoming white racist rule, first as an activist and later as a president who forged a unity government with his former captors.
    He told reporters on Saturday he wants to “help them to understand not only how those lessons apply to their own lives but also to their responsibilities in the future as citizens of the world, that’s a great privilege and a great honour”.
    So a significant part of the trip is devoted to the education of Obama’s family.”

          1. It’s the law of the land now so it’s no longer partisan, and if the parents of the kids allow it, there’s no crime. As far as paying the kids to do it, governments spend money to inform people of various laws all the time.

          2. Well, the children, their parents, or schools should be given the opportunity to object. If the NFL can object, others should be able to do so too.

          3. I doubt the kids will object because they’re being singled out and made to feel important. Their parents probably won’t object unless they don’t like their kids being used as tools of this administration. The schools won’t object because they’re run by the educational unions.

          4. Somebody will object and he or she should bring a lawsuit. Obamacare is hardly popular. BTW, you know he is planning to use librarians too?

      1. Should be interesting since LAUSD is 80% hispanic. Does anyone want to guestimate how many family members are illegal aliens? 50% would not be an exaggeration. IMO. In any case, how do any of them (illegals) qualify for Obamacare??? Never mind.

        1. Good point. How many of those parents are going to be pissed when they realize all the glories Obama has bestowed upon us with Obamacare they, being illegals, won’t be eligible for!
          Of course it’s only a matter of time before the lawsuits claiming “separate but equal” status for illegals in limbo and the flood gates of other peoples money flows again.

        2. AND — a working knowledge of English is a requirement for citizenship — how did all these non-English speakers get here? I don’t think they are all illegal aliens — I suspect the definition of “working knowledge” is pretty weak and is ignored.

    1. I don’t know why I’ve kept FNC on as background noise today, but I do think I heard his “speechifying” … I,I,I,Me,Me,Me??..oh and the Uh, uh, uh’s ? Meh. I threw a link up on the last thread about him warning the US media to be nice to him, but live feeds don’t lie :D

  6. It does seem sort of small ball. I wish he could have said something about how countries–like people, sometimes–can change, can think better collectively, can improve. I am not even sure what you can say. The US and South Africa have changed–yet, he keeps wanting to kick up discontent and emphasize the difficulties here.

          1. That’s a very carefully crafted photo op. It has a subliminal message that Obama, like Mandela, served a 25 year prison term. Even though a person would know that it isn’t true, Obama stands in for Mandela in his mind. Seems like the entire jaunt to South Africa had the intention that the ‘torch has been passed’ to him from Mandela. Same goes for that photo of him looking out ‘the door of no return’.

  7. Alrighty this is not a vacation but business for all Obama’s. So all we
    have are family vacation type photos trips a family would take if it was
    their vacation. And signing a book ‘on behalf of my family’ excuse me
    but if the entire bunch are on ‘official $100 business’ the signature
    should have been on behalf of the AMERICAN PEOPLE! The utter complete narcissism of this entire family boggles the mind it’s always
    I me my. One hundred million dollars wouldn’t buy the class of George and Laura Bush who are there continuing their work on Aids and malaria. You’d never have known because of the quiet dignity that the
    Obama’s will never have. Now Obama is showing off his pronunciation
    of African names and laughing. Grace would dictate a very solemn note
    due to the health of someone both Obama’s claim to respect but as always Obama’s come first always and dignity isn’t in their vocabulary.

  8. It took Obummer THREE MINUTES to write TWO SENTENCES??? Wow! This jerk must really have a tough time trying to think words all by himself.

    None of “his family” has ever been “humbled” by another person or another thing. “His family” only cares about and does for themselves.

      1. I wonder if it was better than Justin Bieber at the Anne Frank House saying Anne sounded like a nice girl and if she had lived, she would have been a Belieber.

  9. In fact, BHO did not write what was reported by the press pool in the visitor’s book. After the POTUS & FLOTUS left Robben Island, a reporter from the WHD approached the visitor’s book and instead found the following inscription:

    ‘You are extremely sweet and foxy, I don’t know why Greg would want to spend any time with me at all!’ ‘You really deserve better than clowns like us; you even laugh at my jokes! I hope we can keep in touch this summer, even though Greg will be gone.’

    He then wrote down his number, encouraging readers of his note to give him a call, and signed off ‘Barry Obama’.

    Just below was some scribble that might be construed as from one of the ‘choom gang’, but the haze made it difficult to confirm.

      1. Remember how she RAMMED her name in before his when they signed some book in Saudi Arabia or some place? She had to start the “Michelle” down in the gutter of the book in order to have space to fit it in before his name

        1. I think it was some place in the UK, but that’s what I was thinking! I actually found a picture of it and she signed below him and a teeny bit smaller than him. I guess someone put her in her place this time!

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  11. suggesting he was representing himself at the historic site instead of the United States.

    L’État, c’est moi.

  12. OT Schumer and McCain together on FNS. The worst of the worst. These men can weasel their way through the corruption and pay backs and force through legislation that is so damaging to the well being of this country. How sad that we have come to this.

    Horrible immigration policy — border security is a “provision” — arming of Syrian rebels — and on Egypt, well McCain has simply moved on.

    Skin crawling creepy.

    1. Saved by Gowdy — no denial of need to address problems. But details — details — details. And diminution of trust in the institutions of government.

        1. Lots of kids make it through this successfully. But these two:
          Is there some reason some PR person has told them about being in the public eye: never smile, never look happy, never look as if you are enjoying the perks that millions of kids would love to have just one tiny taste of.
          Do you think the o’s realize this makes THEM look bad, and the kids look dreadful.

          1. I’m not gonna’ jump on those children because I don’t know what kind of lives they lead. Sure, they have all kinds of material possessions, but misery and dysfunction occur in all economic strata.

          2. Take away all the outward cover of weatlh and position, they are just teenagers. Anyone who has raised teenagers (and lived through it) know how trying and obstinate they can be when they want to.

            IMO, the girls did not want to go on this trip, don’t want to look at dusty books with old names written in them, nor do the have any interest in the history of SouthAfrica.
            They want to be at the beach, the mall, their friend’s homes or anywhere their parents aren’t.
            Michelle and Barack might think they’re the coolest parents ever, but their childen think they’re old fogies who don’t know anything. Human nature, that’s all.

          3. I agree–no way so those girls think M&D are “cool.” I once let slip, “Far-out, solid and groovy” and my kid whirled on me, furious: “Don’t EVER say that.” I reminded her that in the contract I signed at the hosp when she was born, it’s my JOB to embarrass her. I leave those Obama kids alone–they have done nothing to be “fair game” for the mean people whjo make comments on the internet. they didn’t ask for any of this.

  13. Frankly who gives a damn what these two wastrels do in South Africa.

    One can’t help but wonder who wrote out the nonsensical drivel that Dictator Obama oh so reverently inscribed with his patented solemn face #5 in the visitors log. No doubt he had to memorize the log entry before the visit which is a difficult task for him or more likely he had crib sheets stuffed up his shirt sleeve which is why it took so long to write the message out. No teleprompter and no drone to write it out for him. Talk about a tough day at the office!

    Meanwhile Moochelle no doubt was impatiently tapping her expensively shod gunboat sized foot while this was sham visit was dragging out. Poor dear was ready for the whole Potemkin spectacle to be over with so she could scoot back to the 5 Star hotel digs she is staying at with Dear Leader and get her vacation back on track. Did I stay staying at the hotel with her ever lovin’ man? Dollars to doughnuts that they have separate rooms

  14. Barack Obama is absolutely clueless about his role as the President of the United States as well as being ignorant (intentional or not) about the limited role of government in a lawful Constitutional Republic. You could not dream up a worse president than Barack Obama if you started from scratch; he is like the perfect storm of incompetence, cluelessness, and ignorance: a symbol for all the qualities that a president should never possess.

  15. For what it’s worth:

    Apparently, the Brits are raising an eyebrow at some of their royal family’s expenses, including a £370,590 excursion to Asia and £235,325 to hire CHARTERS to get Charles and Camilla to the Middle East.

    Buckingham Palace’s travel budget is always controversial, so they’ve had to cut it recently to £4,500,000 (a little under 7 million dollars US).

    When will the Obamas start sharing the sacrifice, and live DOWN to the standards of European royalty?

  16. Obama has to be the dumbest President of the United States — not even swift enough to think to sign the book on behalf of his country??? You see where his head is at. Dumb as they come. Oh God where are you, we need you now — this Administration is a curse upon babies (a whole generation murdered), we need to get out from under the complete control of an idiot.

  17. According to Breitbart ( Drudge Report) Barry told the US media to “behave” (!) during a joint press conference with Jacob Zuma. He talked about the US media as “my press”. His press ? I can´t imagine how he could have gotten such an idea.
    I have read Keiths article and your comments here and I certainly agree, little Barry is more pompous than ever. Well, it almost borders to sillyness. It must be the colour of his skin that allows him to get away with all this ( of course I don´t mean here ). A white man would be ridiculed no end. Seems like this tiring race thing is an albatross for free speech, free debate, free media. Well, at least he didn´t manage to elbow his way into Mandelas bedroom with an army of photographers in tow. But I am convinced that he tried .

  18. Daily Mail has a picture of what he wrote. It took him that long to write it because he was changing some of the words from a pre-printed card. They forgot to take the cheat card when they were done.

    Oh, the little card says “the Obamas”, he changed it to “our family”.

    Of course they are being blasted in the comments thread.

  19. Oh now I see why the Obamas didn’t visit Kenya- no beloved international icon of freedom dying in a hospital bed to exploit.

  20. “The President and First Lady walked into the courtyard where the visitors book was waiting on a simple desk with no chairs. His hand was on the small of her back.”

    It’s news now when they touch each other?

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  22. Has Obama ever represented our country? No! I am glad he signed it on behalf of his family because he is an embarrassment to our country.

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