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Obama Won’t Meet with Mandela

President Obama will not meet with the ailing Nelson Mandela during his visit to South African, according to a White House official, who spoke earlier today.

“The President and First Lady will meet privately with members of the Mandela family  to offer their thoughts and prayers at this difficult time,” the official said. “Out of deference to Nelson Mandela’s peace and comfort and the family’s wishes, they will not be visiting the hospital.”

After the meeting with the family, which occurred at about 9:00 am ET, Obama issued the following statement:

Today I had the privilege of meeting with members of the Mandela family at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa, and spoke by telephone with Mrs. Graça Machel, who remained by her husband’s side in the hospital in Pretoria. I expressed my hope that Madiba draws peace and comfort from the time that he is spending with loved ones, and also expressed my heartfelt support for the entire family as they work through this difficult time.

I also reaffirmed the profound impact that his legacy has had in building a free South Africa, and in inspiring people around the world – including me. That’s a legacy that we must all honor in our own lives, including this July on Mandela Day.

Madiba and his family remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Obama is in Pretoria and Johannesburg today. Earlier, he met with South African President Jacob Zuma. Later today he will participate in a Young African Leaders Initiative Town hall at the University of Johannesburg – Soweto.

He’ll also meet with African Union Chairwoman Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and in the evening attend an official dinner with President Zuma. Obama will remain overnight in Johannesburg.

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    • The protest shown was a pro-Iran and anti-Israel gathering.

      Reading further in local SA news; the police advised the citizens to refrain from standing along the streets to view the American President as he passes by, local groups that had insisted MrO be arrested as a “war criminal” failed to get support from their government, and the political elites are not all that impressed with MrObama’s promises to “ask Congress” to help them .

  1. Now we know what MrO is NOT going to do in S.A. We’re waiting to hear what he is going to do there, if anything.

    The MSM has been strangely silent on the Obama’s activities in Africa. We haven’t seen photos of the State dinner (or the menu) held in their honor, no reports of where the First Family spent their day, or even reports on the “big bang for the buck” that MrO’s people promised us.

  2. I don’t think Mandela and his family were ever on the schedule, which I’m sure was set a couple of months ago before his illness took a turn for the worse?

    Why the sudden interest by the Obamas ? Possibly not getting enough attention over there? ;)

    • According to a report by Reuters:

      Police fired stun grenades on Saturday to disperse several hundred protesters who had gathered outside the Soweto campus of the University of Johannesburg, where Obama was due to address a town hall meeting with students……

      This is not the kind of attention the O’s thought they would receive in Africa.

    • Now I would have thought Mandela was on the schedule whether he was ill or not. Maybe not a state visit but something ‘spontaneous’. When Mooch and the girls went for their safari, they visited the already ailing Mandela, and I recall that Mandela (or his family) was not enthusiastic. But they forced the issue, and they got a quite good photo op of the occasion.

    • From the NYT: “The White House had originally hoped to spotlight the two men together, offering a generational tableau of the first black leaders of both counries.” Gag.

    • “Play”? “Play” what? Maybe he’s talking about a sport? Oh wait – the moslems don’t want to play anything with anybody not moslem.
      Maybe he’s talking about the speedy Africans who keep winning American Marathons?

      • “Don’t just assume that folks come here and they are automatically benefiting Africans.”

        The comment was definitely a shot at China, although the same could be said about our reps in Washington and America.

  3. Yeah. The fam probably said no cameras and you know Barry’s all about getting his skanky mug splashed across all media. No photo op, no Barry.
    And whats with the Mandiba crap? Like Barry and Mandela are best buds?
    I think we ought to filch Barry and MooChow’s passports and bring AF One back home. Leave them their for a while to stew in their own juice. They can make a living as ticket takers at the slave museum in Senegal. Do something useful for a change.

  4. So now are we to believe that Mandela was NOT being kept on life support so that o could gaze soulfully out a window on hearing of his death?

  5. Nelson Mandela hates American and everything about this country. I never understood why our press sucks up to him. Famous Ass@#$
    Obummer of course loves this line of thinking……gag!!!!

    • Terry–I was wondering if anyone else would note that Mandela is not quite the saint he is supposed to be.

      in particular, he’s been viciously anti-Israel for quite awhile. and it has done great damage, pretending that Israel is “apartheid”: as the man who brought down apartheid in S. Africa he has incredible authority on the subject.

    • Back in the day when I was a member of the CPUSA, I marched to demand that the university I attended divest itself from South Africa.

      Ah, yes. The days of being a useful idiot….

  6. Having someone in the last stages of life is very taxing. I just hope this family somehow knows not everyone in America is behind this gauche posturing and is fervently wishing the family could be left in peace.

  7. What the Obamas should learn from Africa is that diplomacy doesn’t mean treating other nations like people who just fell off the turnip truck. Of course, he’s been spoiled over here with the 47%.

    • Wouldn’t you like to be in the know? If the rumors are true that Mandela has already died, maybe they are waiting until the Obamas leave South Africa to make an announcement so they are not there if or when violence breaks out.

    • I don’t recall his playing golf in the best golfing place on Earth, as well as the home of golf if you’re a fan of Tolkien.

      Maybe this is his sacrifice.

    • The cut-line mentions the “toothbrush mustache” on his face. How many, nowadays, know what that means?

      Wait a moment: this is a British publication, and the Brits probably have a longer memory of Hitler than we do.

    • So, all those businessmen traveling with him would be creating jobs for Africans. Outsourcing. Why not stay in the US and create jobs for American workers? (Rhetorical question.)

    • Wow, good find srdem ! Don’t know how I kept missing the fashion treats yesterday, I was worried there was a blackout :(

      The comment section of that article has no fans of the Obamas, I think it was someone from China who questioned the Peace Prize … lol.

      Those protests are staged for the cameras (hint: union organized). It’s the throngs of adoring people that are missing from these, uhm, photo ops :D

    • Riiiiight. Martha was responsible for the kidnapping, and kiling of, a young teen. And, the Continental Army did that era’s equivalent of necklacing.

      I detest that Commie, Muslim-appeasing bastard.

  8. I’m sure that with Mandela hovering near death, Obama’s presence would be a reminder to him as to how much of his life he could have wasted playing golf.

  9. I like how Obama said, “I don’t need a photo op.” So THAT was the only reason he wanted to meet with Nelson Mandela? Obama is the most shallow man I have ever seen.

  10. The $100M scandal! He belongs in handcuffs!

    “What are the Obamas’ doing in Africa?” Educating his own family? Investigate this, please!

    “Africa has never been a Priority for the U.S.”
    $100M non-event!

    “Obama tells HIS media to behave!”

  11. How much money is this vacation trip posing as a state visit costing the impoverished African Countries on Dictator Obama and our First Entitlement Queen are visiting? Aside from the cost of this junket to we the taxpayers. Think of how much this is taking away from the poor people of these countries that the Obamas pretend to care so much about. What hideous human beings.

    By the way Nelson Mandela is a terrorist and an America hating communist and not the saint he is portrayed to be in the propaganda media.

  12. What a nerve Obama had to call Mandella Mediba — like he’s trying to show us how cool he is with things African, oh please. I read today there are about 60 lawsuits regarding Obamacare. Obama could care less about silly lawsuits that affect people’s businesses and livelyhoods, his brain jor heart wouldn’t go there — no compassion, no empathy for Americans, unless they were a certain color or illegal.