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Obama Taps Political Aide to be South Africa Ambassador

President Obama Thursday nominated, Patrick Gaspard – a longtime political operative, union activist, and community organizer with no diplomatic experience – to be U.S. ambassador to South Africa.

Gaspard, currently the executive director of the Democratic National Committee, is an Obama political fixer – and not even the president’s top one, having been overshadowed by giants like David Plouffe, Jim Messina, and David Axelrod.

Obama and Gaspard, far right
Obama and Gaspard, far right

But he has been close to Obama since at least 2008, when he served as political director for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He was political affairs director at the White House from 2009-2011 before moving to the DNC, and has now been rewarded by Obama with a plum diplomatic assignement.

South Africa is the most important country to the United States in sub-Saharan Africa. It has by far the largest GDP of any country on the continent of Africa and wields enormous influence throughout the region.

Gaspard served nearly a decade as the political chief for the New York City branch of the Service Employees International Union. He has worked on the presidential bids of Jesse Jackson and Howard Dean, the 1989 mayoral campaign of former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, and for many other candidates.

And he’s not above conducting some rather undiplomatic behavior, tweeting after the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, “it’s constitutional. Bitches.”

Gaspard was, however, born in Africa to Haitian parents. But he left the continent when he was three.

Obama heads to South Africa Friday for the second stop on his trip to the continent.

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  1. If I was Gaspard I’d demand in writing guarantees that if I call for help the President will send it, and not go off to some fund raiser after getting a full nights sleep.

  2. Well, well well, if Gaspard is unhappy as Ambassador to South Africa, with his credentials as a community organizer and union activist, I’d say Gaspard will be recruited by the Dems for the next US president. :-)

    1. There’s no evidence that he’s even an American citizen.
      Born in the Congo to Haitian parents actually makes him an illegal alien.

  3. Although he’s got no diplomatic experience, Gaspard sounds like he has all of the qualifications to be an Obama ambassador: community organizer, union operative, Obama political campaign experience.

    What more could Americans possibly want in an ambassador for their country?

  4. “South Africa is the most important country to the United States in sub-Saharan Africa.”

    And Barry is sending an inexperienced person with no diplomatic experience to this “most important country”. This is insanity.

  5. What an unsavory looking group aboard AF1 – two crooked community organizers and a Chicago slumlord. He could have made this announcement in the Rose Garden and saved the taxpayers $100 million dollars!

    Meanwhile, corruption in Africa is keeping U.S. companies from competing with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and S. Africa). The second largest economy, Nigeria, is ranked 139 out of 176 countries for corruption; So. Africa, the largest economy is ranked 69 out of 176. America is now home to the two most corrupt grifters on the planet – how ironic.

    Obama’s Push for Africa Unheeded by U.S. Companies

    1. What better way to get rid of corruption than with a community organizer/union boss. /sarc/

      I heard that the South Africans are not pleased with his appointment.

      1. They aren’t pleased with him, period.

        “Obama has three years to redeem himself or, as history would have it, will be remembered on this continent as someone, of here, who performed worse than George W Bush. We could imagine no worse a fate for a celebrated first African-American president.”

        Full article is here.

        1. Wonder what they mean by “redeem” himself? Obama isn’t king of the world. As worthless as he is, he’s the president of the United States, no matter how much “Africanness” he possesses.

  6. He’s just giving payback to his fellow travelers for their help in fundamentally transforming America. He’s almost there. Once the foreign invasion of America is legalized by our corrupt legislature, his mission will be complete.

    Just read an article where Preezy visited the state run media lemmings on board AF1. Not surprisingly there wasn’t a single question about the issues concerning the citizens back in his adopted home of America. Seems the state run media is more interested in whether Mandela hangs on long enough for Preezy Revenge to swoop in like a vulture and make a grand appearance at his deathbed.

  7. Every single move Obama makes as “president”, or has made, is the wrong move. I cannot think of one correct decision he’s made. If he was the CEO of a company he would have been removed during the first year of his first term, but as a black affirmative action president he keeps his job. Idiocy upon idiocy upon idiocy.

  8. Well..well..well. Another appointee “qualified” by Chicago standards, which I add are not far from S. African standards. The ANC is a lovely combo of unionists and Communists since 1994 with the election of Mandela. The linked article below is from 1990, but it gives you a factual overview of emigrants, who saw the writing on the wall and left S.A. The ANC did not stop anyone from leaving, but they made sure you didn’t leave with more than $25,000. Anyone remember, Mr.Mbeki’s quote: “Personally, I don’t know anybody who has died of Aids,” Mr Mbeki said, adding when asked whether he knew anyone with HIV, “I really, honestly don’t”. Mbeki said that in 2003 when SA had the highest number of HIV cases in the world.

    1. Doesn’t this NEW “APPOINTEE” have to be confirmed by congress ? I’m SURE if REV AL SHARPTON gives his BLESSING he is GOOD TO GO lol

  9. And he’s not above conducting some rather undiplomatic behavior, tweeting after the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, ”it’s constitutional. Bitches.”


    Just great. Another thug. Maybe he’ll get along great with Winnie.

      1. No one deserves them. That is not what I was saying. The fewer Obama thugs in the United States the better off we are. If Gaspar is foolish enough to believe he can be a power player in SA — have at it.

  10. From Discover the Networks:

    As he grew into young adulthood, Gaspard came to admire Third World leftists and revolutionaries. He had a particular fondness for Aime Cesaire, a radical poet/politician from the French colony of Martinique. A member of the French Communist Party, Cesaire was a teacher to the Marxist theorist Frantz Fanon.

    Gaspard entered the world of politics in the mid-1980s, when he became a community organizer who planned and coordinated New York City-based demonstrations for “social justice” in Haiti as well as a variety of school-reform issues. In 1988 he worked for Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign, and the following year he served as a volunteer with Democrat David Dinkins’ successful NYC mayoral campaign.

    In late 1995 Gaspard was working in New Jersey as an organizer for the New Party, a socialist political coalition that then-Illinois state senate candidate Barack Obama had recently joined.

    In 1997, outgoing Manhattan borough president Ruth Messinger, who was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), enlisted Gaspard to work for her (ultimately unsuccessful) mayoral campaign against Rudolph Giuliani.

    After the Messinger campaign folded, Gaspard took a job as chief of staff to New York City councilwoman and radical feminist Margarita Lopez.


    By 2001, Gaspard was a leading activist with the New York Working Families Party (WFP), an outgrowth of the New Party.

    In 2001 Gaspard served as political director for Bertha Lewis, who was, at that time, the head of ACORN’s New York chapter. (Lewis would go on to become ACORN’s chief national organizer seven years later.) In the July 2, 2001 issue of The Nation, Gaspard and Lewis jointly published a letter defending the Working Families Party against its critics. In that letter, the authors described their extensive joint involvement in WFP activities; they signed their names as: “Bertha Lewis, ACORN, WFP”; and “Patrick Gaspard, SEIU State Council, WFP.”


    In 2006 Gaspard was the acting political director (i.e., a federally registered political lobbyist) for SEIU International (which is closely tied to ACORN) during the union’s successful effort to help Democrats recapture majorities in both the House of Representaives and the Senate.

    A flaming Commie. I wonder what he thinks of necklacing.

        1. I’m on the fence about that. I think Benghazi holds some offense against the CIC that if not impeachable, then pretty darned damaging. Guess it depends on how we push now. Personally I think it’s worth the push.

          Stand down. Don’t try. Let them die. Big deal in my book.

          But one way or another, Obama cannot run from history and he has some nasty company

  11. It should be: It’s constitutional–comma–bitches.” Another product of American edu system? And actually it should not even be that if you are over 15 and not in the music business.

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  13. Just out of curiosity, if Obama is thinking about South Africa, do you think he notices that there are many White people there too? I mention this only because it would kinda mess up his hypenations if he lets THEM come to America by accident, since a naturalized Boer could say, with COMPLETE honesty, that he, too, is an “African-American”. Just sayin’…

    This actually has a serious point, though. We spend a lot of time NOW on racial catagories in THIS nation, to divide up Federal pillage, apportion jobs and University opportunies, and a number of other fairly important issues. You know who ELSE did that? Apartheid South Africa.

    Look at what THEY used to do, and see if it doesn’t sound a little haunting of OUR times under Obama;
    (N.B.the below is a QUOTE. The author is using the charged language in which South Africa codified Apartheid. these are not MY terms, and if you are sensitive to historical accounts of the codification of bigotry, I would recommend you NOT read below!)

    “Life in segregationist South Africa was subject to powerful racial
    hierarchies; but in the absence of a fixed, officially authorised, racial
    categorisation, ambiguous and mobile identifications at the margins of
    different racial groups allowed some people to move up or down the racial ladder according to changes in circumstances. So, some fair-skinned offspring of Coloured parents ‘passed for white’ (and sometimes only in the sphere of work), while Coloureds who married into ‘native’ families may have come to have been accepted as ‘native’. The idea of racial mobility had legal sanction too. The 1936 Natives Representation Act allowed that well-educated ‘natives’ who had achieved an appropriate station in life could petition for racial ‘promotion’ to ‘Coloured’.

    Intent on eliminating all such ambiguities and fluidities, the apartheid
    government rapidly set out to assign every South African citizen a single racial classification, which would then become uniformly binding across all spheres of that person’s experience. In terms of the Population Registration Act, passed in 1950, every citizen would be subject to one authorised act of racial classification, the result of which would be preserved in the form of an official identity document. All individual classifications were to be assembled in a centralised, national population register – a comprehensive database in which the racial identity of all citizens could be crosschecked against a battery of information about their access to work, social services, accommodation, taxation, marital status etc to ensure that
    all of these facets of everyday life were appropriately racially bounded and monitored.”

    Disgusting? Yes! Coming to America? Look around, at all your government has said and done about race, then decide if it will for yourself. Or, if it already HAS come…

    1. Mandella won’t be ‘allowed’ to pass away until Obama finishes his tour and meets with the family for photos galore. My guess is Mr. Mandella has been on life support for quite some time now – waiting on Obama.

  14. According to the link below, Gaspard’s parents moved to Zaire during the short time Patrice Lumumba was prime minister. But, that’s not possible because Lumumba was executed in 1961, and Gaspard wasn’t born until 1967. And, his Wiki says he was born in the DNC, not Zaire.

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