As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || June 28, 2013

Senate approves immigration bill . . . Washington Post
Obama didn’t get all he wanted . . . Politico
Tough choices for Boehner as bill lands in House . . . The Hill
Palin: Voters won’t forget Rubio betrayal . . . Washington Times
IRS auditor: Liberals weren’t targeted . . . Washington Times
Obama rebuffed in Africa on gay rights . . . Washington Times
Christie’s favorables jump; Hillary’s drop . . . Fox News

3 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 28, 2013

  1. “Tough choices for Boehner as bill lands in House . . . The Hill”

    Boehner’s toughest choice is whether Kleenex or Puffs is better at mopping up after his public crying jags. He never really makes decisions other than that; he simply postures, then does whatever The Angry Caliph wants. It’ll be amnesty all the way, and I hope it earns him Specter’s wages…

    N.B. to The West Chester Weeper; go with the kind that has lotion in it. That’s what works best with a RINO hide such as yours…

  2. “Palin: Voters won’t forget Rubio betrayal . . . Washington Times”

    Another one that’ll earn Specter’s wages. When Obama’s done using a tool he drops it, and YOU, camarada, have been a total tool. He has no love for anyone but himself, and as he despitefully uses those who started in our country by breaking our laws for his own purpose, keeping them in thrall to the Federal government largesse as he has with Black people, remember that YOU were instrumental in ensuring the demise of your own country AND the Government yoke that will be permanantly affixed to these fledgeling Democrat voters.

    Just so you, PERSONALLY, will know what to expect from your fealty to Obama, let me take you back to the LAST “Republican” enabler of Federal citizen enslavement legislation, Arlen Specter. I caution you that it doesn’t have a happy ending, though. Enjoy it, in his own words;

    “The Hill is reporting on some tibdits from Arlen Specter’s forthcoming new memoir, Life Among the Cannibals. Specter feels that Democratrs used him to pass health care reform and then didn’t follow through on their promises to help him win his primary.

    ‘I realized that the president and his advisers were gun-shy about supporting my candidacy after being stung by Obama’s failed rescue attempts for New Jersey governor Jon Corzine and Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley. They were reluctant to become victims of a trifecta,” he writes.

    The snub was made all the more painful by Obama flying over Philadelphia en route to New York City a few days before the election and then on primary day jetting over Pittsburgh to visit a factory in Youngstown, Ohio, 22 miles from the Pennsylvania border, to promote the 2009 economic stimulus law. The painful irony for Specter is that his vote for the stimulus legislation, which was instrumental to its passage, hastened his departure from the Republican Party.

    Specter was also abandoned by Harry Reid, who had promised to protect the party-switcher’s seniority.

    Instead, Reid stripped Specter of all his seniority by passing a short resolution by unanimous consent in a nearly-empty chamber, burying him at the bottom of the Democrats’ seniority list.

    Specter found out about it after his press secretary emailed him a press account of the switch. Specter was floored that Reid had “violated a fundamental Senate practice to give personal notice to a senator directly affected by the substance of a unanimous consent agreement.”

    Specter was left simmering after Reid’s spokesman at the time told the AP that Specter had known about the resolution and even joined in a deal to draft it, which Specter characterizes as a “falsification.”’

    Mr. Specter didn’t live long enough to see the ruin he’s imposed on the rest of us, but you are younger and healthier, so – G_d willing – you WILL live to see the ruination of us all, and know the blood is now on YOUR hands as well.

    May G_d have mercy on your soul. Republican voters won’t. Why don’t you see what your new boss can do for y- oh, sorry, I already ruined that for you.

    Good luck…