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Lois Lerner Headed Right Back to the Oversight Panel

The House Oversight Committee voted 22-17 Friday that IRS official Lois Lerner got too cute with her profession of innocence during her May 22 appearance before the committee and as a result waived her Fifth Amendment rights.

So she’ll be coming back to testify, though it’s not clear when.

Lerner, who oversaw the IRS division that targeted right wing groups, tried to somehow invoke her right against self-incrimination while also saying there was nothing to incriminate her about.

“I believe Lois Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment protection,” House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said before the committee vote. “She made four specific denials. Those denials are at the core of the committee’s investigation into this matter.”

Now she’ll have to answer questions. And, I suppose, sue the attorney who told her she could get away with a protestation of innocence while invoking the Fifth.

Here’s some video of the moment she screwed up.

36 Responses to Lois Lerner Headed Right Back to the Oversight Panel

    • He can charge her with contempt of Congress if she continues to refuse to testify, and she can fight it all the way up to the Supreme Court which I hope she does because she will be setting a precedent if she is not taken to task. There already is a second IRS official who has take the Fifth although I don’t think he was as stupid as Lerner who wanted it both ways: declare her innocence and yet refuse to answer on the grounds it might incriminate herself.

      • Julie, if and that’s a big “if” Lerner took it all the way to SCOTUS, it would be a very long wait. If the current SCOTUS is any indication of justice, take a deep breath – there’s going to be a couple of openings very soon.

        • Well, I take that back and she may not be dumb after all: with all that high power legal assistance, she may be aiming to turn state’s witness.

          Sadie, I think a special prosecutor is named by the WH through the DoJ. It’s no longer the independent prosecutor of Watergate days. Both political parties have taken the precaution to protect themselves from a repeat of Watergate.. They don’t want any Archibald Coxes or Eliot Richardsons. Obama/Holder will not name even a special prosecutor, but Congress could form a special select committee which, right now, would have to come through John Boehner. And, I fear, that isn’t going to happen either.

          • Julie, are you saying, they threw the baby out with the bath water. The only thing that comes through Boehner is booze and tears.

  1. Even if she is asked questions, I don’t expect her to actually answer. She’s got it made in the shade now, riding the taxpayer pony all the way to the bank and doesn’t even have to work to earn that dollar. Why on earth would she ruin that by saying what she knows. And what would prevent her from taking the Fifth when she is recalled?

  2. Sadie and 65&..both make great points. Unless the committee is willing to offer her immunity, she won’t say anything.

    Assuming she invoked the 5th because she is aware of the illegality of her actions and not to protect someone higher up in the IRS, she’ll take immunity and spill the beans.
    The Repubs aren’t looking to jail the offenders, but to use what they find out to batter the Dems in 2014 and beyond.

    • Therein lies the difference between Repubs and conservatives – I am looking for consequences (prison for the perps) AND a battering of the Dems in 2014.

      • I agree, Sadie. Still bugs me that state run media treats the weasel John Dean like some esteemed scholar rather than the corrupt political operative he is. Dean also plead the fifth to Congress, got limited immunity, and then served 4 months of a 1-4 year prison sentence in a “safe house” environment because he was too delicate for the penitentiary.

        • Not a single one of the “Watergate Seven” served more than 18 months. The higher the office, the lower the punishment by the court. As to Dean – he’s got “street cred” with the mudia (and no that’s not a spelling error).

      • Keep loking Sadie.
        This administration has created an immense haystack and we are trying to find the needles.
        They have achieved the goal of the the Cloward and Piven philosophy.
        Overwhelm the system.
        This is in combination with Saul Alinsky tactics of destroying any opponent that would even attempt to confront you.

        So then, what do we do now ?
        Rely on congress ?
        Complain to the representatives ?
        Fix the voting process ?
        Hey, maybe we could threaten the representatives that we pay
        that they will not be re-elected if they do not listen to us.
        What a concept !

        It’s way out of hand and most of them need to learn a lesson.

        • The “Progressive Caliphate” has been on the march for a 100 years. Two or three more generations and there will be no living witnesses to history. These blood-suckling- malaria-infested mosquitoes are draining the “red” out of the Red, White and Blue.

  3. Well, let me slip in a little OT too because I have a bee in my bonnet on this subject. “Obama Says He’ll Defer to Family on Mandela Visit” (NYT).
    That signals to me that he is putting pressure on SA and the family to let him make a ghoulish appearance and/or photo-op. I know there are varying opinions on Nelson Mandela here, but it’s so tasteless of Obama to do this.

  4. I am furious with the hypocritical corporate response. Speaks badly of American enterprise. I could go to the card stand at Walmart or Target and find a card that offends someone for sure, to say nothing of the rest of the merchandise, made by factories in countries that would make Walmart look like a workers paradise to the libs who hate it.

    The blurring of corporate and state interests — because make no mistake about it all this N word ballyhoo 30 years ago or today — is the selective discrimination policy of this Administration and the liberals — leads to an ugly form of government.

    These corporations are led by foolish CEOs and Boards with really bad Government Relations people.

    The isolation and destruction of a frail human being by a pack of liberal hounds and now corporate hypocrites is disgraceful.

    • Their hypocrisy is astounding. Target sells the movie Django Unchained which supposedly used the offensive nword 113 times through the movie. I wonder if Target will pull all their rap CDs that have the same offending word? Look at JC Penney, they’ve nearly decimated the company and are begging customers to come back but don’t have the cajones to stand by Paula Deen. They’ve already removed all her products from their website. I wonder when the record companies will start dropping rappers for using the same offensive language?

      • Yet one of the select few civilians to take a seat in the Situation Room is Jay-Z, he of “Niggas in Paris”. And his wife, she of “Bow down, bitches” is Michelle’s choice for role model to the Obama kids.

        As to “Django Unchained”, I had the same impression before I saw the movie. While IMHO the film lost its luster at around the halfway point, I ended up thinking the use of the word was warranted.

    • I’ve heard much worse on TV in the daytime from the liberal shills
      for Obama. How about the charming ‘teabagging’ comment from
      Jeanane Garafalo. Or Beckel still slips and call them tea people.
      The double standard is shifting to liberal only.

  5. Here’s the way I see it, and I may be entirely wrong, but here goes. She was the one who asked her friend to ask her the question that started this whole ball rolling, ostensibly as a means to “get out ahead” of the IG report that was due to come out soon anyway. Then she goes before this committee and makes this brief statement before invoking the 5th. Since she was the reason the initial question was asked of her to begin with (seemingly knowing that it would all come out in the IG report), isn’t it possible that she could have KNOWN that making the statement before taking the 5th would nullify the 5th Amendment protection? In other words, perhaps she knows the writing is on the wall for her and she’s looking for a way to tell what she knows, perhaps looking for a “deal” in the process that will afford her the least possible punishment for her own involvement. If she can plead ignorance to the rules surrounding the 5th Amendment, she can protest to her supervisors, “I didn’t know I couldn’t make a statement before pleading the 5th. Oh, well, my bad — guess I’ll have to testify now. Sorry.” In the meantime, she can negotiate a deal with prosecutors (or whoever would prosecute this) for the best she can get.

    Anyone else get that vibe, or is it just my overactive imagination?

  6. Frau Lerner won’t say a word why she’s getting a lifetime payed vacation.
    She gets to look down her reconstructed nose at Issa and American taxpayers at least a select few with glee. And who’s she have to fear?
    Holder, Obama anyone? No she’s got a permanate seat in the get out of
    jail not free and should they fire her a whole lot of money.

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