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White House: Obama Didn’t Have Time for Africa

President Obama’s relative inattention to Africa – which with growing economies and al Qaeda spreading rapidly through the continent is of increasing economic and strategic importance to the United States – was the result of him being a very busy man, thank you!

From National Security Council spokesman Ben Rhodes today:

When you’re ending two wars and prosecuting an effort against al Qaeda and dealing with a very complex international environment, part of the opportunity that comes from winding down those efforts is being more engaged in Africa at the presidential level, so that as you close out the Iraq war, as we’re winding down Afghanistan — we’ve talked a lot about our efforts to pivot to Asia in terms of resources and attention.

Africa is another one of those emerging regions that’s going to have to take up more of our attention as we come out of the period in U.S. foreign policy that we’ve been in.

The president, who spent all of 2012 campaigning and is already back at it for the 2014 election, and who has played golf 129 times, is too busy to attend to our national interests.

I almost never heard him talk about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Really, how focused on them was he? And what did he really have to do? He can task aides to work aggressively on Africa issues and could easily have fit a week in for a trip before now – instead of running around the country bashing Republicans.

Oh, it’s so hard being president. I’m glad he’s finally able to fit Africa into his schedule.

13 Responses to White House: Obama Didn’t Have Time for Africa

  1. Now that he’s laser focused on Africa, will he also be laser focused on precisely what happened in that northern area known as Benghazi?

    What if we just refer to it as “The Upper Crust” of Africa? Would that help? He spends enough of his time with the upper crust; maybe this would appeal to his elitist narcissism.

  2. MrRhodes was sent out to offer some DC gobbledy-gook double-speak to deflect some of the negative press that MrO is getting for this enormous waste of tax-payer’s funds.
    MrO is in Africa with his family because he wants to be there, and not in DC.
    He is the Alfred E. Neuman of Presidents. His dismissal of all the problems facing our country is met with a “what, me worry” attitude is disheartening.

  3. Africa is another one of those emerging regions that’s going to have to take up more of our attention as we come out of the period in U.S. foreign policy that we’ve been in.


    You dumb son-of-a-bitch. Your grammar is as incorrect as your recollection is faulty.

  4. “prosecuting an effort against AlQaeda” — What is that? Is that why the Obama says AlQaeda is not a factor — because we prosecuted them out of being terrorists?

    Is that like the planned surrender to the Taliban which is billed as peace talks or something.

    “very complex international environment” — as opposed to when it was not complex– Iranians taking American hostages, the cold war, the Vietnam War, WWI, WWI, the Korean War, establishing diplomatic relations with China — back then when it was simple.

    And finally “Africa…another one of those emerging regions” — Africa has been an “emerging” region into which we have poured billions for as long as I can remember.

    Ben Rhodes is particularly grating as a foreign policy advisor — and that’s saying a lot for the crew Obama has assembled. Just what exactly did Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Obama think all this presidenting was about anyway — international golf course development–or just making as many friends as possible in the Muslim Brotherhood?

  5. What a joke.
    He’s had time for golf outings, and dinners with celebrities, and music parties in the White House, and phone calls to gay basketball players, and gay couples. He’s met with policemen who “acted stupidly” and he’s filmed his Sweet 16 picks for teevee.

    And the campaigning. They think we’re stupid.

  6. I wish he would find time to RESIGN…The voter is the one to blame. Where else can you do something that can cause so much harm, damage, and destruction as a vote can?…and there be no penalty.

  7. I seem to recall that Obama was the president who tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan while simultaneously telling the Taliban that we are leaving in 2014. It was the strategic equivalent of taking the Normandy beaches then telling Hitler that we are leaving in 1945.

    The worst part about it is that he has not given a single speech or thought about Afghanistan since he escalated our involvement there.