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Quote of the Day || June 28, 2013

“Well, now that we’ve passed the immigration bill, I’ve got some time to take a look and find out what’s in it.”

– Marco Rubio

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 Responses to Quote of the Day || June 28, 2013

  1. LOL
    The Irony…
    [Rubio enters Senate elevator as sweaty staffer chases him down]:
    “Senator…it.says in subsection 129, part B that ‘…forthwith Senator Marco Rubio shall renounce, with vigor, all future political aspirations’…”
    Really? Let me have a gander at that…”

  2. SenRubio has set a new record for a upcoming politician in the speed he went from the Presidential Preferred list to the Poo-Poo list.

    • Yup. All about branding and his is what now? He’s just another wafflely politician who wants to show he can stand strong for compromise? Way to let the competitor define your product kido. Not a lot of differentiation in that space either. It’s a classic foul up of thinking his market is “everyone”. Everyone isn’t going to vote for him so why try to please everyone?

      Been away for a bit but great comments as always. ;o)

  3. The party is over – the two-party system. They just haven’t made a formal announcement, but I hear they cutting a remake of the old Lesley Gore song, “It’s my party and I can lie if I want to”.

  4. I had to laugh at what the Little Puke came out with on Tuesday, from the Tampa Bay Times:

    “WASHINGTON — Sen. Marco Rubio told a gathering of newspaper editors Tuesday that he thinks a 47-year-old law that gives Cubans fast-track status to permanent U.S. residence should be “re-examined.”

    But the immigration bill Rubio helped write and that likely will be passed this week by the Senate contains no provisions addressing the Cuban Adjustment Act.

    “It just hasn’t come up in this conversation and the plethora of all the other issues that we’re facing,” Rubio recently told the Tampa Bay Times.”