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Obama Schedule || Friday, June 27, 2013

5:00 am || Participates in a Feed the Future Food Security event; Dakar, Senegal
6:15 am || Departs Dakar
2:10 pm || Arrives South Africa
3:00 pm || Meets and greets embassy personnel; U.S. Consulate, Johannesburg, South Africa

All times Eastern

18 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, June 27, 2013

  1. Feed the Future Food Security . What? The poor people in Africa can’t even produce their own economy. We can spend billions to help but they have to help themselves first.

  2. Things I learn in my old age: we’re invested in this food program in the amount of billions of dollars. Slogging through all the twisted logic of the initiative, it seems that it is a program that encourages Africans to grow enough food to feed their own people.
    Maybe they got stupid after thousands of years of inbreeding or something, because they used to be able to feed themselves without the benefit of American tax-payer’s money.

    Nonetheless, this project is right up MrsObama’s alley. She should be the one attending the event because of her farming background.
    MrsO can tell the Africans about her magic garden at the White House that feeds hundreds of dinner guests, and the bee hives that she carefully tends when she’s not on vacation or fund-raising.

    OT: is there any truth to the rumors that the Mandela family is studying the movie “weekend at bernies” for tips on how to conduct a public meeting between the American President and Nelson Mandela?

    • So true, gracepmc. The UN Oil-for-Food Program is a perfect example of that graft and corruption. Saddam Hussein skimmed billions of dollars from that con game.

  3. Like a traveling snake oil salesman who has to scurry out of town before the suckers realize that they have been Bamboozled, Dictator Obama and his bitter, fashion challenged, faux mate Moochelle, have left the strategically vital country of Senegal, and are now traveling with their immense entourage of fawning courtiers and leech like relatives to the racially divided country of South Africa in an attempt to exploit the impending death of the media anointed saint Nelson Mandela, who in reality was a marxist terrorist, for their own propaganda purposes.
    As the scandals continue to explode like land mines with increasing regularity around him, Dictator Obama will, as he has done all his life, run away from having to face the consequences of his illegal actions by traveling (at taxpayer expense naturally!) for the more friendly climes of obscure, “safe” countries who have no choice but to wine and dine he and his perpetually greedy First Entitlement Queen simply because he is the president of the United States. You will know the end of his dictatorship is near when he travels in state to the one of the smallest countries in the World, Nauru, which is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, in a last ditch effort to avoid impeachment and indictment on felony criminal charges.
    What a life these two grifters get to live! Immediately upon their return to the less than friendly environs of Washington D.C., it’s off to Martha’s Vineyard for a month long vacation amongst the fabulously wealthy rich that they so despise.
    With these two at the top of the government, it is like our Country is in some weird form of a perpetual Hell. When will we be saved?

    • Please note that all of the children have their shoulders, and for the most part, arms covered. They are Muslim and it is part of their cultural belief that women cover their shoulders and arms. When meeting with people of a different culture, you should respect that tradition and not wear sleeveless. Thank God Michelle’s shoulders at least are minimally covered.