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Obama Discusses His Hotel with Senegalese President

President Obama and Senegalese President Sall began their bilateral meeting in Dakar today by discussing the view from Obama’s hotel, the Radisson Blu.

From the pool report:

The print pool missed the spray at the top of the restricted bilat, but TV pooler Wes Barrett says he heard the leaders discussing the view from the Radisson Blu. (Pooler can confirm, it is lovely.)

And what a view it is. Here’s how things look from the “infinite horizon” pool:

Radisson Blu Dakar

Obama’s voyage to Africa has been panned in some quarters as an overpriced vacation that will put taxpayers on the tab for up to $100 million. Wednesday, it was revealed that the president took his mother-in-law and his niece on the trip.

Here, by contrast, is the U.S. embassy in Dakar, where Obama might also have stayed.

U.S. embassy Dakar

Looks pretty much like a prison.

The White House has touted the excursion as an important bridge to Africa that will help spur investment in the continent.

74 Responses to Obama Discusses His Hotel with Senegalese President

    • If the Queen had to stay at a Motel 6 I imagine she would do it with grace and class. MO would do it kicking and screaming and letting every one know how unhappy she was.

      • She would she takes the train or tube with everyone else on occassion headscarf firmly in place what a gal:-). Unlike Frau Obama who thinks she’s royalty she’s a royal pain in the a– if that

  1. Is that the Ambassador’s living quarters too ? I thought they had a seperate residence for their schmoozing with the locals and entertaining dignitaries? And hosting Presidents’ and their families?

  2. Help spur investment in the continent??? What’s wrong with investing in THIS continent, preferably the USA???

    Maybe Obummer didn’t want to stay in the Dakar embassy because it looks like a prison. Besides, how could he, Moochie, Malia & Sasha, and his mother-in-law and niece work on the “tans” in such a dismal setting?

    Prison is where these piles of horse manure belong!

  3. What would be more important than Preezy Revenge building a bridge to Africa, would be him spending some time back home performing the job he’s paid to do – like dismantling this country’s pathetic public education system.

    On the witness stand, the 19-year-old star witness for the prosecution and “girlfriend” of the guy Obama’s son might look like couldn’t even read the letter she supposedly wrote to the family. This kangaroo court trial in Florida is exposing more than a broken judicial system, it’s exposing the plantation politics that defends and encourages ignorance and apathy in young people.

    • Susan, as everyone knows, Obummer is far “too busy” vacationing, playing golf, and campaigning to actually be presidential.

      Are you saying you weren’t impressed with that tub of lard who was the prosecution’s “star” witness? Are you saying her rolling of her eyes, shrugging her shoulders, waving her hands, heavy sighing, and mumbling whenever she spoke didn’t convince you of Mr. Zimmerman’s “obvious” guilt?

        • Sorry, Star. That’s how I refer to myself, too. I take a lot of heart medications which has caused me to gain 30 pounds in five years. But I am pushing 70. This 19-year old is far too young to be so heavy.

          • Aren’t you being a little too sanctimonious, a little too touchy? I said she looked like a tub of lard, but I could have said she looked like a fat slob. Would that have made you feel better?

            Get over being offended.

          • First, I am disgusted not offended because that had nothing to do with the subject–I would say she was coached, inconsistent, probably lying–but her BMI was irrelevant. Plus, where did the idea come from that if one is overweight (30 lbs is hardly obese), one can say mean things offhandedly to other overweight people? I expect a pretty high level of discourse at this site–but it seems to be slipping. I may be sanctimonious, but I am calling you out on this. And now I am done doing it.

          • I am only 5 feet tall. In the last five years, since I have been taking heart medications, my weight has ballooned to more than 165, I call myself a tub of lard. Unfortunately, because of my heart, I cannot take diet pills, do strenuous exercise, or even be as active as I was five years ago.

            You are way too sensitive about this whole thing. Why? Could it be that you look as bad as this “star” witness???

          • I am way larger than 165, but I am not self-loathing. Yes, I am just saying a random insult that had nothing to do with a statement was wrong because I am ugly. That’s it, Kathy. You’re brilliant. I don’t care how mean and what poor logic other sites have.

            I am off this thread. Have fun projecting your own misgivings onto this woman. There are plenty of relevant things that put her in a bad light–don’t worry.

        • You should read some comments on the Yahoo story about this trial:
          John and Mona: Actually, I look at her and the word ‘evolution’ comes to mind.
          Mariaela: … She is a total embarrassment! She looks more like the guest of some trashy TV talk show
          Bada Boom: They need an interpreter. Someone who can translate stupid into English
          John: what an embarrassment this women is to the human race. this is the product of todays society. can’t speak English, second grade vocabulary, can’t read. …

      • I’m surprised the judge didn’t order the jury to disregard cross-examination evidence that she couldn’t read the letter she had supposedly written because she can’t read cursive. Another Tawana Brawly: well, Al Sharpton was heavily involved with this case from the beginning.

    • Kangaroo court indeed. I can’t believe how involved the judge is in controlling, or should I say directing, the evidence.

    • The poor woman looks and acts like the poster child for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

      There is no greater evidence of the anti-White racial attitude prevelant in government today than this trial of a White man who shot a Black man in self-defense, but finds himself facing murder charges. Of all the Black on Black killings in our major cities, none have reached the concern and attention exhibited by the government and the MSM than this single White on Black killing.

    • Thanks for the link.
      If it wasn’t for the Mail or the Telegraph, we wouldn’t know what the heck the O’s are doing in Africa.

      How nice of the First Cousin who’s mooching on the Obama’s self-indugent, tax-payer funded most fabulous African vacation to show up at a local school with the First Lady and First Daughter.
      Betcha the First Cousin is listed as a “senior advisor” so that we pay for everything.

    • That picture of Mooch, Malia and the Robinson cousin at the school is interesting. They have their big flashy smiles but the students and teacher look more reserved.

      • Thank God Mooch and the Moochettes all have their shoulders covered. For a woman not to have their shoulder covered is disrespectful in the Muslim faith. Surely someone told these dummies this since I am sure none of them care to read on other cultures.

  4. I find it amusing that Obama is praising the SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage in Africa where so much of the population has been decimated by AIDS and where Islam is so prevalent. Doesn’t the man know anything or have any common sense?

    • I thought the same thing, Julie. I wonder how much coverage we’ll see of George W. Bush’s visit to Africa? We know AIDS research and treatment, especially in Africa, was a big priority for him.

        • Does anyone know if Michelle formally regretted Laura Bush’s invite to meet in Dar Es Salaam? Last I heard, Michelle said something like “we’ll see” which I translated as “Laura will make me look like chopped liver talking about AIDS and she knows how to talk about others and I can only talk about myself so I better find an excuse, fast”.

          I would pay a king’s ransom to see those two on the same speaking dais.

  5. I guess this is heresy, but if I had to choose between an infinity pool and a dowdy embassy, I would pick the pool. What am I, stupid? Yes, I know, the taxpayers, etc…but come on!

  6. Off topic, but the President said he has not called the leaders of China and Russia to discuss the Snowden matter “because I shouldn’t have to.” Well, there are many things one would hope a President would not have to do — order troops into harms way, order troops to enforce school desegregation orders, etc. But real Presidents do those things. I wonder if Obama is not calling because he does not want to be turned down?

    • He probably does not want to give us any clarity on Benghazi either. Hope the do-nothing Congress or an independent counsel will get him under oath. We need the truth on this. The families of four young dead men deserve to know the truth.

  7. I just looked at the UK Daily Report link with all the pictures. Has anyone ever noticed that Moochie and Obummer never hold hands, and when they are with the two kids they claim to be their daughters, the girls are between Moocie and Obummer, or she holds the hand of one girl and Obummer holds the hand of the other girl.

    Just find this rather strange since they are such a “loving” couple.

    Oh, and does anyone see any resemblance to either Moochie or Obummer in Malia or Sasha?

    • There she goes again with her “See”. She spreads this erroneous image of herself as a young girl schruggling to get out of the ghetto–“We didn’t have any tennis courts where I lived”–but that is not the case. Her father had a good working class job through the Daly patronage scheme, and her mother was a white collar secretary. I would call her background lower middle class or working class just like mine. My parents were both immigrants from Eastern Europe. Unlike the Mooch, I put myself through college with a few small scholarships, working 20 hours a week, and living in a cooperative dormitory. Everything was not handed to me. Unlike her, I’m not a martyr about my class origins.

  8. O/T but.. Even while on his Vacation (I mean Mission) to Africa, the Campaigner in Chief is impressed on how their getting out the vote / national ID card program.

    It was nice of the WklyStd to also quote Blarney at the end. It’s nice to see the $53M for the program was given to them as part of the USAID package. Does this mean they can also vote here in the US in ’14??

    Yes Youth Can!.. (give me a break!)

  9. Oh, that suck up NYT. Even though Obama is not going to meet with Mandela, the Times has this heart-warming (sarc) story about the relationship between the two.

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