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Obama Brings Mother-in-Law, Niece to Africa

In a move that can only fuel charges that his week-long trip to Africa is a de facto vacation, President Obama is taking his mother-in-law Marian Robinson and niece Leslie Robinson with him on Air Force One, which departed the United States this morning. Leslie is the daughter of First Lady Michelle Obama’s brother Craig.

Obama is already being accompanied by Mrs. Obama and their daughters Sasha and Malia. It’s not clear if other family members got aboard the presidential jet this morning. The press pool reporter, who eyed the Obama relatives, doesn’t mention any.

The Obamas have been criticized for the massive expense of the trip, which reportedly could reach up to $100 million. Obama was ridiculed when news surfaced that he had been contemplating a safari that would have required Secret Service agents to act as snipers in case animals tried to attack the first family.

The White House says the excursion is an important step toward building democracy and advancing U.S. strategic interests in Africa.

The press pooler slyly noted that Bo did not make the cut for the trip.

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296 thoughts on “Obama Brings Mother-in-Law, Niece to Africa”

        1. Lets not only leave there but lets put criminal charfes on the whole family and arrest the Obozzo for tranny and its illegal for anyone to go on our dime now lets force mooch mother and niece to pay for this whole trip since its not their first on our dime arrest them all and feed them to the lions. Since the mooch n obozzo think they are king and queen plus boot her mom from our whitte house.

        2. Bob, Sounds good to me, Africa can have him and his racism.

          Maybe if we (the world) are lucky he will go into the wild and a tiger will have him for lunch.

      1. Actually, the Kenya Parliament ordered a day of jubiliation to celebrate the election of the ‘Son of Kenya’ in 2008.

    1. Not even a professor he would have had to have taken classes with can remember who he was. Yet somehow he is listed in the files as having attended.

    2. That is why all of his records are sealed so we can’t see that he didn’t even attend college, probably a forged document as well as the rest of his papers

    1. I will be as Happy as a Sissy with a big Bag full of Plastic Dicks when this chicago porch-monkey, his sheboon wife and those little boot-lipped kids move out of OUR white house. How long does it take to get the negro-smell out of textiles?

      1. Thats just so ignorant..I think the lefty’s come on these websites and leave lowlife racist remarks like this to make it seem like all the conservatives are racist. I would hope that’s who would leave crappy moronic remarks like that…specially about his kids. I wish they would Africa too…I would like Obama to disappear…not because he’s half back.,but because he’s an anti -american anti christian..communist/islamic traitor. Please be aware that many blacks are waking up to this fact and that would put us on the same page. After all we are all created equal, made in the image of God? Right “Francis”?

        1. I agree with you NOMASPC! And as for his kids..leave them out of this!! They may turn into fine upstanding matter the crap the parents do! And I too believe that lowlife racists from the left come on sites like this to just try and make us look bad and drag us down to their level!

          1. How can the kids grow up to be anything other than what their parents are, happens all the time. When they are taught to lie, steal and cheat as the parents do what else can they be.

        2. I agree. Just leave the race card out. He is simply not what we need in the white house. He cancels the tours of the white house and then spends 100 million on a single trip. He is laying off government workers all over the country, yet still thinks this trip is needed. We need a LEADER.

          1. Star, I do agree this is an ugly statement. However leaving the thread is not the most appropriate action, in my opinion. Staying on and discounting it appears to be better.

          2. My comment was on the horrible racist screed toward the beginning–and got stuck here…I get tired of trying to get people to be creative and not hateful. Sometimes I wish Keith had a thing like the WaPo that said no profanity, ad hom comments, etc. I would like to come here to find sites, info, new ways of expressing things, laughs–not low-rent crawly crud. I mean, I know the world is covered with rocks–but most days, I don’t feel like flipping them over and watching things scatter.

        1. Mr.Gunter,I understand that you’re very angry . I know that I will not change your mind but it’s so demeaning EVEN FOR YOU to write such hateful things about another human being specially on the Whitehousedossier.
          You realize that the only difference between you and Obama is the color of your skin, don’t you?

        2. You are creepy…It’s our right to say whatever we want, right??? Freedom of Speech! Ever hear of that???? He should have never, ever been elected in the first place. He needs to go…fast!!

  1. LMAO! I wonder if she has had her wookie hair removed by laser or if she waxes? It must be difficult to keep up the disguise.

        1. I’ll oblige you, IT’S BUSH’S FAULT. Feel better now? Now I can go make the only thing I can afford, instant Macaroni and cheese.

        2. hasn’t i all been Bush’s fault? Now I guess they’ve run out of excuses since we all found out that Bush has or had nothing to do with all the whacky stuff going on since OB got into office. Incidentally if OB is so concerned about money why does he take these unnecessary trips that cost millions of dollars. It’s more like movie star stuff than the Presidency. Delusional to say the least.

    1. Sure lots of families do take a vacation along with extended family when school gets out for the summer,HOWEVER they do so at their own expense and not the expense of the taxpayers…Shouldn’t there be an allowable budget for their vacations as opposed to the US treasury !! Just my opinion…but WE ARE TAXPAYERS !

    2. Maybe it is a vacation but when we go on vacation we don’t spend $100 million dollars of your money to do it. Send his family on a commercial Airline like everyone else and pay for it out of his salary not my money.

  2. His trip (vacation in disguise) will cost us $100 million and will add tons of carbon into the atmosphere, but as God, he bows to no one (except Arabs).

  3. It is a national tragedy that the President does not see the damage his actions are causing. Extravagant spending and poor judgment will be two of the things history will note.

      1. That is the entire problem in a nut shell.
        Obama does not care. He is protected
        from every side and will retire from
        the presidency a very rich man.
        Not a bad deal for being a
        sock puppet for the global elite.

  4. I don’t care how many people he drags along with him. The trip should not be happening. By the way, are they letting our children tour the WH yet? Democrat voters are just dumb.

    1. They can ‘virtually’ but can’t go in the big house on the hill. In that
      line of thinking why didn’t the Obama mega family go on a virtual
      vacation to Africa?

    2. NO! actually, my granddaughter just went to DC with a school group. By the way, all of the kids were told to use their best manners because they were representing their school. She had to earn part of the money and we paid the rest. The whitehouse was not on the list. She is 13 and will always remember that she was not allowed to go to the white house but the Obama girls got to go to Africa. Sad day!

    3. The word DUMB doesn’t come close to describing them, don’t think there is a real word for it, would have to make one up to fit that kind of ignorance.

    1. This has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with experience and qualifications. Being the President of the USA should not be an on the job learning experience where you just make crap up as you go along. It has become blatantly obvious over the last 4 plus years that this man has no clue what he doing and is not nor ever was qualified for the job. He is a failure as a leader. Really all this does is make the Democrats look like the racists based on the fact that most of OBamas voter base voted for him because he is black, not because they thought he was highly qualified. This was the plan all along. Obama could be an ex felon born in Communist China and nobody would care. The fact that he was black gave minorities something to believe in and his resume or lack there of did not matter to any of them. He was the perfect candidate at the perfect time for the Dumbocrats.

  5. He’s probably bringing along his regular four or five “golf” buddies or perhaps the Secret Service will find some great “golf” players he can get to know in the clubhouse.

      1. The Africa News pub. stated: 1200 businessmen in Tanzania with Mr. & Mrs. Spendthrift….read about Dakar and how they have basically put people out of work, closed businesses and cleared the streets for the last week upon the upcoming parade of the pest in chief and the whole fam damily….not very many in Africa are happy to see this clan come to Africa….in fact…go to this publication and see the blogs…negative. A sarcastic and facetious article too on him visiting his homeland…they are greatful for the visit albeit a flyover….

    1. Good idea. BTW, the WH is closed to us common folks because it is too expensive to give tours but these clowns can take $100 million vacations. Time to clean house

  6. Just keep adding those zeros to the price tag cause the Obama’s just
    love sticking American’s with their little vacations. Just imagine the cost
    of sleeveless new clothes for MO the wee ones MIL and niece plus all
    the others we ‘didn’t see’ get on AF1! The laughter on AF1 must be

    1. Makes you wonder how the secret service personnel can keep from throwing up every time they get the call to go protect these BOZOs.

  7. Why is it that the public is not privy to the complete passenger manifest on the taxpayer funded ‘vacations of a lifetime’ for the Obama tribe? Just once, allow us to see who stumbles out of the cargo section of Obama’s magic carpet! Probably adds up to half of the SouthSide hood~

    1. YES, why can’t we see ?
      What has happened to our “Government of the people, for the people and by the people ?” Seems to be gone…he has arrived.

      1. What has happened to our government? I hate to say this but..I can’t put the whole blame on Obama! If you would have been paying’s been happening for the last 30 years! But..that means the american public would have been paying attention! For the last 30..a big part of american public has become the ME ME ME…I I I americans! Nobody has been paying attention to what the “elected” officials have been doing! They have put blinders on! ME ME ME…I I I is all they have on their minds! Since when did “team” have an “I” in it’s spelling?

    2. Yes, and why hasn’t anyone released the shopping list like they used to? I remember we even paid for Michelle’s breath mints and magazines when she took her big trip to Spain.

    3. Girly1, Hiding facts is a part of the OB tradition. He calls it transparency. W pay the bill. There is no accountability for the Obamas.

    4. The public should also be privy to an itemized expense report for these trips since we are paying for them.

      I think the bigger issue here is how the hell does this trip cost $100 million? Where is the money going and to whom? A good bet is that a sizable chunck of this cash is going to Obanma cronies (“reward our friends”) Chicago style.

      No other country on earth would spend a fraction of this cost for their leader’s trips abroad.

          1. The words CLASS and OBAMA only go together in a sentence such as, President Obama and his entire family are going to stay in First Class accommodations, at the taxpayers expense.

        1. Michelle the super struggling working Mom was too busy getting ready for the big trip cutting sleeves out of all clothes.
          She’s done this before her Mom and the Secret Service are
          the free babysitters for BO and MO.

      1. Who let’s a 12 year old go to NYC w/o parental supervision? Why, parents who support no age limit or notification for abortions or purchasing the morning after abortion pill, of course.

    1. Well, the single Mom in the White House needs to learn that you don’t let 12 year old girls go off on a trip to NYC without a parental chaperone. The Secret Service is not their babysitter. And Sasha is not dressed appropriately for the First Family.

  8. The Obama’s are nothing more than high-end WELFARE BUMS, leeching off the government like they’re “ghetto rich”. They are classless and have not an ounce of shame or decency…..

  9. Did they all get a One-Way Ticket?
    Really – $100 MILLION?!
    Don’t the IR S need to collect some taxes from these people that received this FREE vacation from their employer?

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  12. I often wonder what its going to take before people finally realize that this man is raping this country. He closes down WH tours but goes on a 10m dollar vacation.

  13. So let’s see, the Obamas, the hangers on, the hairdresser, 155 aides, 155 Secret Service people, 30 limousines, an aircraft carrier, 500 business people and the President is going to see if we can make a deal for African Oil………. a “bang for our buck” trip to explore “development of economic trade”. Wow. That would be very impressive if we were not giving over $400,000,000 a year to South Africa, $300,000,000 a year to Zambia, $50,000,000 a year to Tanzania, etc to the tune of BILLIONS in Aid to African countries each and every year for decades. One word for this trip: Boondoggle.

    1. So what do we get in return for our undaunted friendship with al these africans, absolutely nothing, just a nice vacations for the BURBS

  14. Don’t worry, Obama has a fat wad of cash in his pocket. Unfortunately it’s just a hundred wrapped around a bunch of old crinkled up singles…

  15. Really? who’s paying for those Negro’s?This bum livig it up on our tax $ in this “in your face” manner has got to go! Where are the Congressmen and Senators with any BALLS!

    1. There aren’t any, they are apparently in drag now, being what they really are. If there was any in the government NOBAMA would never have taken us this far under. NOBAMA would never have been elected if we had any politicians that could stand up and say I am AN AMERICAN AND I WON”T STAND FOR THIS.

  16. I hope when this man is finally out of office, someone tallies the total cost to the citizens of his, and his family’s, vacations. It undoubtedly will be in the hundreds of millions.

    1. I don’t think we can actually call them the first family for real, as they are in office illegally like their counterparts that cross into the US illegally.

  17. Obama and his family need to be tried and executed for treason. Maybe the “rebels” will fire off a lucky shot and do us all a huge favor.
    Obama sucks!!!

    1. A pre-teen and teen-aged girl need to be killed for treason? Huh?

      And, are you really calling for the assasination of our president?

      You’re an idiot.

      1. Thanks, Mandy, for saying what I’ve been thinking as I read through today’s comments. Some are absolutely horrible.

      2. Okay, so Sasha and Malia aren’t guilty of TREASON, just aiding and abetting. Bo is in this through no fault of his own, so he’s free to go. But Obama, Michelle, Holder, and Clinton are guilty as sin for Treason and should be tried and executed.

  18. Only a complete idiot would not believe this is yet another vacation for this wasteful family. Besides destroying this country, Obummer and his gorilla wife looked at the attainment of the office of president as their right to take endless vacation and golfing trips.

    1. these buffoons think we are all blind, deaf and dumb and they were born with all the intelligence in the world. Not only is that narcissistic but stupid thinking. Who the heck voted for Mutt and Jeff anyway?

      1. Debbie…,You know all of the people that have FREE food cards,
        FREE cell phones, FREE Dr’s, hospital’s & medicine, FREE rent,
        FREE diapers and,FREE formula for their many, many,many children that ALL have different Father’s!!!
        That’s who VOTED Obummer in TWO times….

  19. Most DemoMarxists could care less that Obama is using tax money to fund his sumptuous vacays and taking not only his family but his extended family as well. And where is the LAME congress allowing this POTUS to fleece We-The-People…It has never been a right for a POTUS to have an UNLIMITED Peoples’ Bank Roll…..this is egregious, but the left here in Seattle and elsewhere are absolutely clueless as Obama is their sinless Messiah. But talk about Bush…and they know EVERYTHING.

  20. And the taxpayer has to pay for them. I’m disgusted with this fraud. He’s bankrupting the nation and taking expensive vacation all the while he’s thumbing his nose at us.

  21. In the future OFA should send out mailings –soliciting money for the Obama “working/vacations” — with one contributor being selected to tag along. Help defray the costs.

    1. Oh Preezy Revenge is taking care of his illegal alien kinfolk. That quisling Corker made sure to consider Uncle Omar’s propensity for driving drunk by lowering the bar to legalize illegals with up to three drunk driving convictions on their record.

  22. “Bo” didn’t make the cut for the trip because he would have been viewed as a menu item at all of the destinations.

    1. I wonder how much contact that family really has with the family dog. You would have thought that if Bo were bought as the puppy the girls always wanted, they would have more of a hand in caring for him.

  23. Ah look Mr.Climate change is going on vacation. Saving the planet from greenhouse gasses will just have to wait until after the vacation and will be suspended again during the next vacation. Unbelievable!

  24. Don’t all U.S. Government workers get taxpayer funded vacations. Just got back from a vacation trip with my Grandkids in Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Saw several cars of vacationing families in cars with US Government license plates. Really ticked me off.

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