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Quote of the Day || June 26, 2013

“Through intermediaries, we’ve communicated to Snowden that if he returns to the United States, we’ll give him double frequent flyer miles.”

– Secretary of State John Kerry

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 Responses to Quote of the Day || June 26, 2013

  1. I never thought i would pray for an incurable disease, but if it is quick, I’ll take it. I hate to see our grandchildren have to deal with the hate of the Affirmative Action progeny who run America now.

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  2. and who knows, maybe a free ride on WH Air. Can he meet up with BO and company next week in Africa?? The have offered to stamp his passport too!

  3. Putin was in Finland yesterday and told the journalists that Snowden is still in Russia ,” in transit”, that he is a “free man” who can travel wherever he wants. I am worried about Snowden and of course I don´t trust Putin. Now that he has used Snowden to do what he wanted, that is to slap that hypocrite Obama very public ( well done !) , he can continue with his other agenda, to gain something for Russia ( and for himself ). Where will Snowden fit in there ? As a pawn ? I so wish that Snowden was left alone . What kind of a fair trial would he get ? Just look at the Zimmerman trial. Appalling ! The parents were not even allowed in during the horrible opening statements. I believe that the trial will be totally unfair because of the meddling of Obama and that´s mindboggling.
    He ( and an army of people and material ) is now leaving for Africa with giant carbon footsteps. So that “green” speech was just another shining object ?