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Live Stream || Obama Global Warming Speech

The remarks have concluded. Here’s the video.

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11 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Global Warming Speech”

  1. For someone who grew up in Hawaii he is sweating like a whore in church (apologies to whores). I know it’s 90° in DC, but good lord the man is sweating like he knows he’s full of crap.

  2. Keith,
    I’d like to request that you release your viewership on this one and if possible a breakdown on the geography of where view from.
    I have a theory that water usage will dramatically rise in those areas with viewers do to the extra toilet flushing that will be needed during Dear Leader’s latest attack on America.
    But if you can’t provide the numbers I understand. I’ll just call my cousin over at the NSA.

    1. And he had the chance to vote to save many, many more in Illinois, but instead, he voted to deny care to abortion survivors.

      The only life he cares about saving, is his own.

      And when heating bills skyrocket this winter, and Americans have to decide between food on their tables and heat for their homes, there won’t be a SINGLE lamestream media outlet passing along the sob stories.

  3. He is going to be leaving a HUGE carbon footprint during his vacation…,,,,I mean state trip to Africa.

    Limo’s, aircraft carrier, helo’s, all sorts of people from security to the one’s that bow everytime his majesty walks by……

    And then he gives this speech…..he has a good career in comedy after he leaves….

  4. July 24, 2013

    Dear President Obama,
    It’s my belief that your efforts to lead this country are at fault , By choosing to limit growth in our mining and putting restriction on coal and natural resources you have presented a great security risk to the people of the United States.
    Carbon is the life and the make-up who we are, by limiting our use of natural resources you are giving the competition the ability to prosper and survive.
    For the past 5 years you have helped managed to turn our country upside down and lead us into a state of poverty and slavery.
    I’ am thoroughly disappointed in you and your Ideals you brought to our country!
    You have worked against congress and promoted your Health care, home ownership and Education things only obtained by having secure jobs and incomes, placing restriction and compliances on our resources have all but choked off opportunities and jobs!
    Its sad that you don’t feel or know the real Americans’ who fought and worked hard to prosper and enjoy the bounty of their labor, breathing the dust and dirt that eventually kills so that are loved ones might have a better life than us, living without health care or a higher education having faith in God and a strong will to succeed.
    You are wrong!

    Jeffrey P. Speicher

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