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Obama’s False Income Inequality Figure

You may be aware that during the recent Miss USA contest, Miss Utah flubbed a question about income inequality between men and women in the United States.

Have a look.

But even if she got it right, she would have flubbed it. Because she should have started out by questioning the premise of the question.

The line that women only earn 77 cents on a dollar compared to men is a favorite of President Obama’s. He parroted it yet again at a recent White House event, and he was hopping mad about it:

I don’t want that for Malia and Sasha. I don’t want that for your daughters. I don’t want that to be an example that any child growing up ends up accepting as somehow the norm. I want every child to grow up knowing that a woman’s hard work is valued and rewarded just as much as any man’s.

Man, I wish he’d stop bringing those kids into things.

But it turns out one reason for the disparity is that women work fewer hours than men. According to Politifact, when you compare hourly wages, women actually earn 86 cents on the dollar compared to men.

And this doesn’t even take into account that “women also more often choose occupations with lower wages” and “obtain degrees that lead to lower-paying jobs than men,” according to Politifact.

What’s more, men tend to stay in their careers longer instead of dropping out to care for children, and they therefore obtain senior positions with higher salaries more often than women.

There’s no doubt some amount of wage discrimination. But it’s not the nightmare Obama describes and doesn’t require the kind of intrusion and remedies he supports – particularly the Paycheck Protection Act, a potential bonanza for Obama’s trial attorney supporters.

Here’s the appropriate answer, as imagined by

At least she has a good sense of humor about it.

15 Responses to Obama’s False Income Inequality Figure

  1. Based on Obama’s recent history, Miss Utah might give him lessons on both singing and reading a TelePrompTer.

    Speaking of Hurricane Barry — isn’t he paying HIS female staffers around 77% of what his male staffers make? Oh wait, that would be a War On Women. Maybe Geithner can “stimulate” those figures.

  2. thunk thunk (pounding head on desk)

    Ms Nene and Miss Utah have determined that women are treated differently than men in the workplace and that view TOTALLY agrees with MrObama’s complaint (a happy coincidence) that it’s soooo unfair.

      • Every time I hear some right winger saying “its for the economy”, I hide my wallet. Every time I hear a a politician saying “its for the military” I hide my wallet, and begin saying prayers that we don’t accidentally kill too many innocent civilians.

      • ” I hide my wallet.” – Mandy Manners

        Totally understandable, but a futile gesture. They take it out BEFORE it gets there, and add LOTS to the prices to devalue what DOES make in in, so nice try, but to paraphrase Obama, “You didn’t make that!”, so it belongs to the Gummit in his veiw.

        Plus, I suspect that a little-known provision in FISA requires all currency be fitted with RFID tracing, so Obama can track every dollar’s current location on a special version of Google Earth, so the IRS knows what you have, where you have it, and (via NSA snooping) whether you are politically worthy of keeping any of it.

        Sorry. They know. Pay no attention to the black car across the street, I’m sure it’s just for your children’s safety…

  3. Engineers in our office are paid by experience, expertise and number of hours worked per week. Work more, get more. The women are on the same scale as the men. Many of the women work 30 hours per week, barely fulltime, because they like 3-day weekends. Many of the men work 55 hour weeks, because we have plenty of work and allow that. So a man at the same level of experience and expertise as the woman, making the same rate per hour, will get 55/30 of her pay per week. Is that unfair? I don’t think so. And the women who work more than 40 hours per week don’t think it’s unfair, and the women who get their 3-day weekends think our company is the greatest place to work ever.

    I hate disingenuous arguments.

  4. I hate these questions. There is only one “right answer” if you want to win the crown. Re: Carrie Prejean with the gay marriage question. Anything else is “bringing politics into it”.

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  6. It may be truth that women are still paid less than men. However, what I find disturbing is how Mr Obama is willing the twist the truth and present facts that are not 100% correct.