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Obama Heads to Oval Office for Full Saturday of Work

You didn’t buy that, did you?

President Obama went to play golf today with some White House aides. From the pool report:

Bright sunny day with low humidity for golf. Pool rolled from the White House at 11:24. Potus spotted in a white polo, khaki shorts and flip flops as he exited the White House. Potus arrived at the clubhouse at Fort Belvoir at 11:54.

It’s already the 18th time Obama has played this year and the 129th round of his presidency.

Meanwhile, Vice President Biden is doing a political event for Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), who is running for Senator.

Good to know everyone’s at their posts.

41 thoughts on “Obama Heads to Oval Office for Full Saturday of Work”

    1. “Who’s keeping score of golf rounds.” – Sadie

      That’s an interesting question! I don’t know if even Jay Carney can lie well enough to make Obama’s game look good…

      1. I figure if there is a golf course within spitting distance, he’s on it. Didn’t he have a ‘walk n’ talk’ with Cameron and Kenny – no one has said that they didn’t do it with clubs in hand. The UK shut down the resort tighter than [oh, fill in what you want here] my mind is in the gutter when I think of the putter.

  1. No one plays golf in flip flops. Does his caddie hold his shoes for him? If not, then he is NOT actually golfing. 19th hole only?

    1. You only wear your golf spikes on the golf course, they were probably in his bag, still, being carried by someone else ;)

      Flip flops are pretty dangerous when being hustled to and fro, might stub a royal toe or trip on something. I’m assuming they choppered down to Belvoir? NoVa traffic is impossible to unclog.

        1. My thoughts, exactly.
          MrsO must have bought them for him when she was shopping at Target. They cost about $10.00.
          I don’t think high-end shoe makers carry flip-flops in their retail lines.

    2. “If not, then he is NOT actually golfing.” – Robin H

      Maybe he golfs like he skeet shoots? Does he have a breached golf club as well?

  2. If the headline had been true, I was going to say, “Gee, you think this POS actually has time for “work?”

    This is the end of the 24th week of 2013. How did OBUMMER miss playing golf for six weeks?

    1. pretty simple, he has never been a serving member of the Armed Forces, and the courses are private, member-owned recreation facility. Granted they could let him in as a member, but would probably have to pay big $$$.

      Easier to mess up other military maintained facilities and their patrons.

      I wish I could make an un-announced visit to the WH for a tour.. just like he can to golf.

  3. Sending more big guns to support MrMarkey only means that he’s in big trouble in a state that’s so blue it exports blues to jazz bands in Memphis.

    1. Gomez seems to be behind in the polls, which is very sad. I would vote for him in a second if I lived there.

      Markey is nothing more than a Kennedy family suck-up, a Massachusetts resident only when it comes time to vote. I heard a quote yesterday that the last time Markey lived in his Massachusetts home, Moby Dick was a minnow. :-)

      I think some of the hesitance to voting for Gomez is that they got burned voting for Scott Brown who was a flash in the pan – a RINO.

    2. Alas, srdem, RealClearPolitics shows Markey with an average polling of 12.5%, and there is not a single poll which shows Gomez ahead.

  4. I’ve come accustomed to the idiot being on the golf course. There he is not likely to be $%@&^#ing something up or plastering his face on the on the news. Then for the other idiot who is speaking at an event for Markey, all I can say is too bad for Markey…

  5. Maybe he plays according to his mental capacity, as in miniature golf. Flip-flops are okay there and they go with the Grahams and Rubios.

  6. It’s not all bad news today..(pics at link).

    ‘A large fleet named “Mol Comfort” carrying Arms for FSA from the U.S. has crashed in the Indian Ocean as it made its way from Singapore to Jeddah, on board were 4,500 containers loaded with arms for the Syrian rebels’

    ‘MOL Comfort sank due to yet unclear reasons, sailing from Singapore to Jeddah and after that to North Europe, leaving behind hundreds of drifting containers and a huge aftershock hitting liner sector and all of the maritime industry.

    Even the scale of the consequences is hard, impossible, to estimate, not to mention consequences themselves. This is the 1st case in liner sector, when modern ocean-going liner container vessel (built in Japan!) sank in the ocean after breaking in 2 parts, like a poorly built and managed bulk carrier or over aged coaster. Nothing like this ever occurred, and no one believed it was possible, even theoretically. It just could not happen, but still, here it is.’

    1. The thumb finger is planted firmly on their nose, while the other four digits wave us off. You can be sure it’s not American Pie. Here’s more to make your head spin. Original link is at Breitbart. And lest I forget, they vote Monday.

      The Corker Amendment ostensibly addresses measures to beef up border security. It, however, is also likely to be the last amendment considered on the immigration bill. As such, it has become a 1,000+ page amendment to supplant the current proposal and provide multiple new provisions. It has become the vehicle for ObamaCare 2.0.

      Buried within the text of the Amendment is a seemingly innocuous provision:

      (f) APPLICABILITY OF CERTAIN GROUNDS OF INADMISSIBILITY.—In determining an alien’s inadmissibility under this section, section 212(a)(9)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(9)(B)) shall not apply.

      What does that mean?

      Current law states that those applying for green cards are ineligible if they are either “illegally present” at any point or overstay the terms of their work visa. Such an immigrant, in current law, would have to return to their home country and restart the immigration process. The Corker Amendment wipes away that enforcement mechanism.

      In the current draft of the Corker Amendment, any worker in the country on a legal work visa for 10 years can get a green card, even if they overstay their visa. The Corker Amendment allows immigrants to break the law in the future and still be eligible for citizenship. It absolves prospective behavior, not simply past mistakes.

      1. I have no doubt that the Obama regime is behind the Corker amendment. The commie czars only used the quisling Corker as the front man. Anybody else remember seeing this weasel sitting in the audience of the White House extravaganzas paid for by we plebes? That was probably the 30 pieces of silver it took for Corker to sell out his country’s sovereignty.

  7. When does Obama do something with his girls, other than fly them to other countries but is never with them when they get anywhere?

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