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White House Dossier’s Republican Presidential Preference Poll

Well, let’s have a little fun.

I know this is not quite “scientific.” But I thought I’d get an early read from you on who you like for the Republican 2016 nomination. I think it would be interesting to see which way you are leaning at this point.

Note that below the presidential preference poll are polls asking you about your politics and who you liked in 2012.

Just so you’re aware, your responses are completely anonymous – I can’t even tell who voted.

I’ll probably leave the polling open through the weekend. Thanks for participating!



284 Responses to White House Dossier’s Republican Presidential Preference Poll

  1. There are several names I’d be quite happy to vote for in 2016. I think I’m just completely blown away by those who lean to the left, when I read why they want to continue on the roller coaster to massive deficits and destruction of this once-great Country.

    • I was thinking about asking if we could pretend we are Dimocrats for this poll and vote more than once! Thanks for doing it for me, DeniseVB!

        • After Benghazi there is no chance I would ever vote for Hillary. The few Dem proposals I agree with are far outweighed by the disaster Barack Obama has promulgated on our country. No party willing to foist an imposter like this off on the rest of us deserves anyone’s vote.

        • When the truth finally comes out about Benghazi, she is done and does it really matter that 4 Americans were murdered on her watch. How could she stand beside their coffins and blame a video?

          Good luck with that lying lesbian. No wonder Billy swung his dick around the WH.

        • Personally I wouldn’t urinate on the woman if she was on fire. How quickly you forget all the shenanigans from her years at the Rose Law Firm and the fate of poor Webster Hubble (allegedly Chelsie’s real father). I’m telling you, she’s corrupt. The chances of us ever getting the real truth about Benghazi are zero. Everyone who knows the truth is either dead or has been threatened with grave consequences if they ever dare come forward.

        • ONLY if you choose to make that happen yourself.

          No one is putting a gun up to your head and making you vote for a Democrat. That is YOUR responsibility and YOUR mistake if you vote for Hillary.

        • Don’t think so – she sealed her political fate with that “What does it matter now?” comment. We’re talking about four murders that shouldn’t have happened, and she is telling America that it was inconsequential?

    • “I think you can vote more than once :D Is this a Chicago Poll? /sarc” – DeniseVB

      No, not a Chicago poll. Your vote for any Republican would be counted as a vote for Obama if it were, and counted twice at that just for your impudence…

  2. Keith! Can you add a 2016 Democratic list? Would be interested to see what our friends on the left would prefer at this time. Or what our Friends of Keith would prefer if the GOP doesn’t choose their fav in ’16.

  3. Even though I love Ted Cruz, I hope Sarah Palin runs. I also believe anyone who ran for the Republican nomination in 2012 should not run in 2016. Every last one of them gave up the fight against the establishment’s choice. As far as the 2012 election, I went through several iterations of who to to vote for because the establishment did a really good job of picking the conservatives off one after the other. Went with my first choice – Herman Cain, because of his 9-9-9 plan.

    Personally, I don’t gradate conservatism by degree. That’s how we got George HW Bush’s “kindler gentler” conservatism, George W. Bush’s “compassionate” conservatism, and Romney the “severe conservative”. A conservative is a conservative, just like a liberal is a liberal.

      • I think anyone who ran in 2012 should not be ALLOWED to run in 2016, or risk being sent to Gitmo.

        Paul Ryan in particular should be locked in a closet (maybe the same one I wish Ralph Nader had been locked in in 2000). as the sometimes-annoyingly-right Candy Crowley said, Ryan made it a “suicide ticket”: Romney lost the election the day he picked him. (and yes I DID say it at the time!)

        I’m hoping that Hillary will be knocked out of contention when we find out what really happened on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi. but after Obama’s reelection, I don’t think much of my fellow citizens, who must have IQ levels lower than their body temperature.

    • I admire SarahPalin and think she’s the most extraordinary political figure to appear in years. She hasn’t said anything that I would disagree with, and her political picks are awesome.

      However, the mere mention of her name causes liberals to turn on the knife sharpener. They seem to hate her with a passion that goes beyond reason and makes me believe that hatred is simply because she’s a Repub, and not a Dem.
      The Dems have no woman that comes close to what she can inspire in the voters, and she does it while looking great.

        • Agree and we are stuck with that foul mouthed moron Biden who lied about his college grades, and the death of his first wife!
          “This is a big f______ deal.”

          Feb. 6, 2009
          “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.”

          Why can’t the Demrats tell the truth?

  4. I like Sarah Palin, but don’t think she would be elected if she ran. I hope Hitlery falls again and splits her head open so her pea brain will get smushed.

    Even though I am “lily-white,” I would like to see Ben Carson or Allen West run, but I’m not sure either one will. (Oh, did I say that??? I am supposed to racist because I can’t stand OBUMMER, Moochie, and the two piglets And didn’t vote for the POS either time.)

    I really like Rick Perry, too, but I was raised in Texas. Is that being racist???

  5. A rambling thought or two on immigration/Cartel Ocho and why both sides are crossing the border or is it the Rubicon.

    The 2016 election will not have a black presidential candidate [read: 12-14% of the population who may or may not come out to vote more than once. The Latino population is about 16-17%. Pew results: Latinos voted for Obama over Romney by 71% to 27%.

    It’s all about 2016. I’ll vote for whomever comes as close as possible to fix the fleecing in the next three years. No Fix – No Ticket to ride.

    • “The 2016 election will not have a black presidential candidate” – Sadie

      I would argue that it didn’t have one in 2008 or in 2012. Last I looked, Obama had a White mother, unless he’s lying about that too.

      I know, he tends to forget that. A lot. One of the reasons he hates White people so much is overcompensation, trying to prove his “cred” to REAL “Black” people; another is self-loathing because of the “undesirable” (to him) part of his ancestory.

      To the extent that Obama is VISUALLY “Black”, though, what makes you so sure he WON’T be on the ticket? After all, he’s blown off so much of the Constitution, what’s one more amendment?

  6. I voted for Cruz, but I’d consider a few others, and there are a few I would not vote for: Christie, Bush and Rubio. I just hope the good guys don’t have a bloodbath and that they rally around the one who looks like the most likely to succeed.

      • Why would that mean a Dem vote? I am an old lady and voted in many presidential elections by writing in my candidate. I know the assumption is that it means throwing away the vote, but I don’t agree. If more of us did write ins, eventually someone may pay attention. I am also in favor of adding a category that says “none of the above”.

        • There are several options. As you said, a write-in is one. A minor party, e.g., Libertarian, is another. And a third option for me would be to vote but leave the presidential box vacant. I will not be forced into voting for a ‘lesser of two evils’ candidate.

  7. So where did Sarah Palin’s name go. I came here earlier and voted, told a friend about it, so she came to vote and Sarah’s name not here. She wrote it in. So I come back and it is also not on the list anymore. Is it because she was moving up? I’d like to think the WH Dossier is legit, I read it frequently. What’s up with this Keith Koffler?

    • You are right, Karen. I didn’t even notice her name has been removed. Last I checked Sarah was in the top spot, slightly ahead of Ted Cruz.

      • Yes, that is what I noticed as well Susan, she was ahead and suddenly her name is gone….something fishy here. Glad others are noticing it as well, hopefully the author will look into it. I see TeaPartyAmerican also noticed it.

    • I’m filing a protest with GoDaddy, or whatever, over this blatant sexist refusal to allow MrsPalin be on the ballot, and the refusal of the poll to allow multiple voting.

      Chicago Rules plainly and explicitly allow for multiple votes by any individual who is voting on behalf of another and must be counted. Refusal to allow mulitple voting is a clear example of voter suppression deemed a criminal activity by the NAACP, the DOJ, the Washington Post, and anyone who’s favorite candidate is losing.

      Removing MrsPalin, a U.S.person, from the ballot is proof that GoDaddy, or whatever, is on the front lines of the war on women. Scrubbing her name from the ballot is also a Civil Rights violation and the GLBT people, the ACLU, and the AFL-CIO have all filed Friend of the Court briefs with Chicago Mayor Emanuel who will decide on the merits of our case.

      Power to the U.S. persons!

  8. This poll is a load of BS.

    Earlier today, Sarah Palin’s name was on it and she was a close second to Ted Cruz (who was in first place)….now you’ve completely taken her name off.

    Why did you take Sarah Palin’s name off?

  9. I’m sorry everyone, but Palin’s name was removed because a pro-Palin website was directing people here to vote for her. This was skewing the result unfairly in a dramatic way, since she hardly had any votes before this occurred. So I had to remove her. I think she’s unlikely to run in any case. I apologize if some of you voted for her and now have “wasted” your vote. I promise I’ll run more polls in the future.

    • Keith, I don’t think it is up to you, or anybody else but Palin, to decide or say whether she’s likely or unlikely to run. All the other people in the list (Cruz, Ryan, Rubio, etc) have their own supporters and can easily direct them (supporters) to vote in this poll, the way you said that pro-Palin sites are flocking to cast their votes here. If anything, the way people vote in this poll is an indication of the level/intensity of support these politicians have among voters.

    • Disappointing, but it’s your site. Your results will be skewed, but at least they won’t be favoring of any of the Bushies in the running. Why did you take the view results off of all the polls?

    • You don’t know if she will run or not. Lousy excuse for removing her. Don’t you think pro-“other” groups publish polls to vote for their fav? Besides if your only allowed 1 vote how in the world would that skew the results??? Makes no sense to me.

    • Keith, Sarah has a HUGE presence on the social media sites, and if FB and Twitter were helping her numbers, then that’s a good intro to your blog :)

      Even Gallup has to run Dem polls with and without Hillary’s name on it because those are usually skewered with uber-fans. The sad news is, when Hillary’s left off the polls, Joe Biden wins. The Dems have nothing else!

      I hope you do this again! Just run two polls, one for first choice and one for second choice “should your favorite not run”.

  10. Say it ain’t so, Keith. I was 100% sure that Sarah Palin’s name was listed among the choices. When her numbers started going up, her name disappeared. What gives?

  11. I did not care much for any of those candidates that were running. I wanted Sarah Palin. I knew that none of the candidates had a chance. Romney was the next to last of my choices for the nomination. But I voted for him in the election.
    In 2016 I would be happy to support Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin for the nomination.

    • Without Sarah Palin’s name on the poll, the results will be skewed. Removing her name is Chicago politics. Really disappointed on this one.

  12. Dude, get Sarah Palin back up there. I sure as heck didn’t get the memo from YOU that you had a poll going ’til I someone mentioned it. How else are we supposed to find it??? or is this supposed to be a secret (non-Sarah supporter) Bushies only poll?? So much for real feedback.

  13. I’ve stopped looking to the political system for anything but pathetic entertainment – certainly nothing resembling “solutions” is found from anything emanating from the sewerhole that is Washington, D.C. Steyn was right – both sides are now simply arguing that they are the better manager of the welfare state.

  14. Cruz would be acceptable (though I want to end legal immigration for a while, not increase it) except that he, like Rubio, is not a natural born citizen and won’t come out and say it, thus legitimizing the incumbent and the whole corrupted/blackmailed/extorted establishment.

  15. Where the F is Sarah Palin? all these other pretenders are useless pieces of crap. where were these aholes when the Tea Party started and Sarah Palin was defending them back then? hiding in the closet in their panties…. that’s where.

    Just another piece of crap web site with their head up their butts…. talking about a bunch of panty wearing, bend over and goose me again Republicans.

    • Rabid Palin supporters…there’s little difference in their tactics and the ones on the left as is obvious by your post. Screaming and insulting those who disagree with you and trying to shut them up is about as unAmerican as you can get. If this is what Sarah Palin espouses – good luck!

  16. My first experience with this site. My last too. Your logic for removing Sarah Palin is a very lame excuse. Palin has a very large, strong base of supporters. Since you can only vote once, and this poll was supposedly for fun, what difference does it make if a lot of her supporters show up to vote? Would you have done the same for any of the other potentials?

    I would not rule her out for 2016. And you can be certain if she does run, all the Palin supporters will be energized and vote for her just as we attempted to here. I would not underestimate her or her base. Sarah Palin 2016!

  17. I have been posting on this site with a depressing regularity that makes it obvious that I am not voting in this poll because I was directed her by a pro Palin website. I am not voting for Palin because even though she is nearly 50 and has five babies under her belt she is still hotter than the T-shirt model to the left. As the Obama administration continues to implode, it is becoming increasingly obvious that not only has Palin been right on every issue, she was also more often than not the first and only potential candidate to be right. Who else besides neo-isolationists such as Ron Paul had the wisdom to question the insanity of supporting the Arab Spring?

  18. NO JEB BUSH! The Bush response is so Pavloved into the electorate by now that they’d vote against the second coming of Obama if his last name was Bush, even were he no relation; even if he promised them a open grab day at the Treasury and free Iphone upgrades for life!

    His policies would not be debated. His stance would not be considered. His presence on the ballot would cause a reflexive check for the OTHER candidate even if he said he ate dog once and wanted to take over the economy, abrogate the Constitution, and use the power of the State to punish his enemies while letting foreign actors who attack our country and kill its Ambassadors go free. Jeb couldn’t even beat a guy like THAT!


    • I’m with you, cincycinco. The Bush family are good people, but they have about run the Republican party into the ground. Time for some new blood and some new leadership in the party. Out with the Roves and in with Cruz missile!

      • I think we need some manufactured candidate to pop out of nowhere a la you know who–manufactured, that is, by people we agree with. I don’t ask for much.

          • Well, then it will be someone we know now and I will be holding my nose… I don’t know how to put this without getting creamed–but Sarah Palin can never be elected president! Never.

          • You do whatever you like – hold your nose, stand on one foot, dance a jig – no difference to me. As far as Sarah Palin goes – that is your opinion. Opinions are like another piece of human anatomy, everybody has one.

  19. Jindal/Cruz 2016!

    In reality it is all irrelevant as the media and elite set has crowned St. Hillary as the next president.

    The idea of Palin winning in 2016 is a joke. It is also very doubtful that she will run in 2016. If she is nominated, the only question is will she lose in a blowout of historic proportions or just lose.

  20. OT: the ads you see on this site

    Remember how we were told that all our info is datamined to determine what we like, what we do, and where we live?
    I don’t see the “t-shirt ad” that most of you have, I see ads for auto dealers in Phoenix Arizona.
    On other sites, I see ads for and against certain Arizona politicians or issues that are in play here.
    Those sneaky nerds that rule the internet have followed me all the way from Phoenix to Washington DC to the WHD.
    Spooky, huh?

  21. A paused a little before I wrote in Sarah Palin on the 2016 question – hovered over Rand Paul a little longer before I decided. Didn’t see Scott Walker, just a thought. We’ll see how things progress – it makes a difference who’s running on the other ticket.

    • even with all his baggage I still think that Newt Gingrich would have been a good choice—his personna would have allowed him to behave in a much different way than obama has done over the past 4 1/2 yrs and I doubt if our country would be in the mess it is now if Newt had been at the helm–WAS A SAD DAY WHEN OBAMA WAS REELECTED PRESIDENT

  22. John Thune…..perfect candidate: right on all the issues, never a misstep with the press, squeaky clean, nice “Eagle Scout” persona. Smart and handsome and articulate !!

  23. Rather than voting I am fully behind a military coup and we do not need to wait till 2016 as by then bho will have the country destroyed

    • I am not working for bho. lets just get rid of em all and lets try states rights as the states cant f it up any more that bho has.

  24. Politicians of all stripes have disappointed me in the past 5 years. Senator Cruz is the only male that seems to hold true to his principles. I prefer a lady in the vein of Sarah Palin, Christi O’ Donnell, Rebecca Kleefisch, Nikki Haley, or Kristi Noem.

  25. Republicans: Stand for what is RIGHT. Forget what the Dems tell us that WE need to do. We should not be doing what THEY are doing. We need to do what is right. Use Conservative principles.

    • That is an excellent point. On the subject of the immigration bill I am reading many comments from Democrats and liberals, particularly in the Washington Post, predicting the doom of the Republican Party if it does not support the “legislation”. Why on earth would conservatives think liberals have their best interests at heart? All the Democrats want is a few Republican votes so that, unlike in the case of Obamacare, they can make a spurious claim that they have bipartisan support for this bill.

  26. Republicans will lose unless they stop acting so immature and unite. They have forgotten Ronald Reagan’s “11th Commandment”, I.e., thou shall not speak ill of another Repiblican.

    • You can’t deny that there are two completely different concepts of what the Republican Party is today. There are the RINOs and there are what most people call the conservatives. I, as a conservative independent voter, will no longer vote for RINOs, but I have a feeling that the 2014 elections will shake out which Republican Party is the one voters actually want. If 2014 is a repeat of 2010 (hopefully on steroids), I will support the conservative candidate for the presidency, and at that point, I would agree with you that we must coalesce as quickly and in as civil a manner as possible.

  27. I just want Obama and his ilk out of the WH. We don’t want socialist or Muslims running our country. I want to return to a belief in God, the rights of the Christian-Judeo heritage of our country and I want a Presdent who feels the pain of the average American and doesn’t take off and hides when we have problems and not take his ugly wife and spend a fortune of our money to carry around his kids and mother in law as well as his groupies. I want an honest Presidfent not a con man running our great country. Send him back to Kenya/Indoneasia where he came from.