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Top Ten Thoughts Obama Had During his Berlin Speech

Through the new Google brain-mapping program, White House Dossier has been able to upload the actual thoughts of President Obama during his speech Wednesday in Berlin. I think you’ll agree, It’s a fascinating look into the mind of our leader.

Here are the top ten thoughts that ran through Obama’s head during his remarks:

1. Hey, where is everybody?

2. Damn Krauts turned up the heat.

3. Uh oh. My potato dumplings are reversing course.

4. At least they still love me in Bangladesh!

5. Hey Germans, see that Brandenburg Gate? You didn’t build that!

6. I wonder if anyone can see me sweating. Nahh.

7. Teleprompter, are you okay? Something’s wrong with teleprompter! Call a doctor!

8. Boy, Merkel sure looks mad. I definitely shouldn’t have told her she has the personality of Hitler.

9. Why do these Germans keep opening their mouths as wide as possible? Must be some cultural thing. Oh, wait a second, they’re yawning

10. Ich bin I’m outta here!


Do you have access to the brain-mapping program too? What are you seeing?

51 thoughts on “Top Ten Thoughts Obama Had During his Berlin Speech”

    1. Upset tummy? I could swear that at first it was his bratwurst reversing course but Keith decided he didn’t want to go there.

  1. There isn’t a day that goes by reading this and other political blogs, knowing so many of us understand that Obama is a buffoon, I wonder, WHY ON EARTH DID THIS MAN GET RE-ELECTED??? It boggles the mind his incompetence. His sheer inability to lead. His need to make us all alike, like Stepford Wives, with no mind of our own, merely robots to defer to his idiotic administration.

    Other presidents have been late-night comedy fodder but this First Family (I even gag at saying that) lowers the bar and is fodder for Americans to joke at. They are the laughing stock of the world – she for her need for luxury, he for his magical smoke and mirror policies.

    I am utterly demoralized knowing we have three more years of his antics and ruination of our country.

    Otherwise, have a good weekend!

    1. Why was he re-elected? Good question. Only ACORN and their ‘associates’ can answer that question. Even Obama, himself, appeared to be in shock after the returns came in so so quickly. Something will always be rotten in Denmark.

      1. Three people are going to jail in IN courtesy of election fraud. The One was on the ballot illegally in 2008. In 2012, 20% of all votes in OH were fraudulent. There’s your answer Girly1. Fraud!

    2. Why did he get reelected? Because not enough people voted for the other guy ’cause they were “scared” of him. Let’s see, “scared” of Romney, “TERRIFIED” of Obama!! I’m with you, HOW did this happen?????

      1. Look at the voter registration rolls in certain precincts. When you can figure out how some places had 120% or more voter turnout, or why precincts in which the Republican poll watcher was ousted from the polling place had not one vote for the Republican candidate, then you’ll begin to understand how this P.O.S. was re-elected.

  2. NSA record Limo#1 Berlin file 1234K880S-2013
    Eyes Only
    B.O.- What a (redacted) miserable excuse for a vacation. Who’s the (unintelligable) (redacted) that thought this was a (redacted) good idea?
    V.J. – You’re the (redacted) that wanted to (unintelligable) at that (redacted) wall. Don’t shout at me, you (redacted).
    Driver. Stop this (redacted) limo. I’m getting out.
    M.O. – Now see what you did. Flapping your (redacted) and for what.
    (unintelligable shouting) (sounds of glass breaking.
    No further conversation.
    End of transcript.

  3. ميركيل يمكن حقا استخدام البرقع لتغطية ما يصل! فمن المحرج أن يجب أن ينظر إليها مع نصف يرتدي أنثى!

  4. #3:

    In the Email version, it was Obama’s Bratwurst that was changing course. No doubt someone such as myself commented that it would be more appropriate to suggest that Obama’s Vienna Sausage was changing course.

    1. For some reason that reminds me of a DC hospital that used to send collection notices that read: If you do not pay, we will take steps that will amaze you.

  5. Brandeburg Gate speeches through history;

    Reagan – “Tear Down This Wall!”
    Obama – “I’m just flappin’ my jaw!

    Kennedy – “Ich bin ein Berliner!”
    Obama – “Alles über mich!”

    Hitler – Now really, who cares what a racist, narcissistic, meglomaniacal
    tin-pot dictator with dreams of bending the world to his will has
    to say? I won’t honor his evil with an actual quote.
    Obama – Ditto.

  6. I think what we have learned or should be learning about the IRS — their efforts to intimidate and limit funding to R Party, targeting Tea Party etc., has been rampant.
    And as I read somewhere earlier today, after the 2010 debachle for the D’s, if they hadn’t rallied the likes of SEIU, ACORN, GSoros, [the list is long], and then several of our Gov’t offices to do their deeds: NSA, IRS, etc., if not just after the ’08 election, then certainly in a huge way in ’10 — they just were not going to suffer this ’12 Presidential loss. Please know the goal of the far left are being served up…now it’s up to us to get serious ourselves instead of casually blabbing about it. PLS call your Congressmen today/tomorrow re: immigration bill vote on Monday. Foks, come ion. I do enjoy WH Dossier and his poking fun but we must also get real serious real fast and fight the good fight starting now. Too much at stake! My faves: No 1 and No 5.

  7. I really didn’t need to laugh tonight. You still made me do it Keith. You must “have the personality of Goebbles” and the SS to force me to do that. Sorry my laptop was sweating….

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